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I am looking for a little advice.  We have just completed try number 5 and it was a BFN, again.   We have been discussing moving to IVF but I just checked inventory and our donor only has ICI and IUI left.  We really like this donor and don't want to give him up.  Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with not conceiving this many times in a row and then it working?

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Re: Advice IUI v IVF

Have you used medication for any of your tries? I conceived on my 6th try, which was an RE-assisted IUI with Clomid+trigger. Before that, I did 4 at-home ICI cycles with no meds and one RE-assisted IUI with trigger only.

If you do move on to IVF, though, you can use any type of vial. It’s more expensive if you use regular-size rather than the smaller IVF vials, but with the total cost of IVF, it’s not that much of a difference.

Re: Advice IUI v IVF

My positive was either the 8-9 try. I did 4-5 on my own, two with an OB/gyn and 2 with a fertility clinic. I did a variety of interventions. I think once everything was said and done I probably spent almost as much as I would have on an Ivf cycle or at least a mini Ivf cycle. If I decide to try for a sibling in a few years I would probably go straight to the fertility clinic if not straight to Ivf

TTC attempt 1: ICI Dec 2015 BFN/Attempt 2-3 IUI Jan&April 2016 BFN/Attempt 4: 1ICI 1 IUI May 2016 BFN/Attempt 5-7: ICI-June, Sept, Nov 2016 BFN/Attempt 8-9 iui April 2017 BFN.
May 2017 IUI BFP!!!!