Topic: Our Journey K&C

Hi! We are K (28 yrs old) and C (34 yrs old).  We have 2 fur babies - both beagle mixes and are ready to bring a human baby into our family.  We are newlyweds in our second month TTC.  We have chosen Donor 4677, and are trying a few rounds of at home ICI.  Last month was unsuccessful, so we just placed our order over the weekend for our second set of vials to be delivered next week.  As we all are, I'm hoping this month will be the lucky one.

I have started a journal privately, but I want to post some of our story here to share with anyone who feels like reading it.  I will be updating this a little at a time to get caught up.

Re: Our Journey K&C

So, this is our second month.  We started last month with charting, temping, OPKs and then the insemination.  We had planned to chart a few months before purchasing sperm, but my job put a few things into perspective so we decided to go ahead and start now.  C started on Prenatals, EPO, and FertileCM. We used 2 ICI vials from 4677.  We inseminated at 12/24 past peak OPK (using Clearblue Connected).  The first one was in the evening so we just used the syringe and preseed, and she stayed elevated and laying down for at least an hour.  Orgasm after insemination.  The next morning, we used the Stork OTC, preseed, orgasm after, and only stayed laying down for about 15 minutes since we had used the cup and it was time to get ready for work.
FF decided that she didn't ovulate until the 2nd, but her peak OPK was on the morning of the 31st.  So we inseminated 31st (PM) and 1st (AM).  I'm thinking this might be why we weren't successful.  This month, we are bumping it back a bit.