Topic: 2ww symptom check in!

I am 3dp5dt and am having all sorts of fun symptoms. Unfortunately, I’m on PIO injections, estrogen patches, hCG, Metformin, and estradiol. So I’m sure many symptoms are from this daily cocktail! Anyone else having symptoms in the 2ww?

Consider yourself TMI warned from here on!

2dp5dt: light cramping all afternoon (started before transfer with PIO), minor headache that night, strong smelling urine (seriously burnt coffee! Also started with PIO), insomnia, copper taste in mouth a couple of times for about 10 mins each time, tender boobs, no CM

3dp5dt: more of the same plus increased CM, painful nipples for 20 mins this afternoon, no more insomnia but vivid dreams, tiny bit emotional

Re: 2ww symptom check in!

Ok. Time to add some symptoms and asking for opinions.

4dp5dt: more nausea most of the evening, a rash on my thighs (not like me at all!), wicked constipation before bed

5dp5dt: tiny bit of cramping, nausea all evening, either starving or not at all interested in foods

6dp5dt: almost all symptoms gone except for nausea all afternoon

7dp5dt: woke up starving! All other symptoms pretty much gone. 1 episode of vertigo after bending over, teensy amount of brown spotting

Now here’s the real question. I’ve been POAS the last few mornings and last 2 evenings. I had a hCG booster on 4dp5dt so I’ve been trying to monitor testing the hormone out. I wasn’t able to get the EXACT same tests, but they’re very similar. The pink tests are PM and white are AM. Tonight....the test line got darker??!! Please weigh in!!