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Here is an update on my sweet baby boy. 
This was him at 16weeks 4 days. All seems well as far as his growth. They told me then that he already weighed 1/2 pound.  I do have placenta previa so I have been on restrictions. My perinatologist is pretty sure my uterus will grow and it will move up.  I was also told I will be induced at 38 weeks for my lovenox injections. His big anatomy scan is in May 15th.

Here is his little hand!

Wishing happy sticky BFPs to all!

TTC #1: August 2017 - ICI BFP- miscarried @7weeks
TTC#2:  December 2017- ICI, IUI- BFP! - Will induce @ 37 weeks 4 days (9/7/18 ) Can't wait to meet my sweet baby boy! Baby here 9/8/18! 7lbs1oz and 20.5 inches long.

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smile So glad you are doing well!!

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So exciting! almost half way!

At home ICI Dec 2017 - BFN
At home ICI January 2018 - BFP at 10dpo
Baby girl born September 2018