Topic: 850R IUI vials anyone?

Hi everyone.  I have one son with this donor who is now 1 year old and I am starting the process to hopefully conceive baby #2.  Does anyone have any of 850R's vials for sale?  He is no longer donating and I would really like them to be full siblings with only one set of medical mystery genes.  lol

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Re: 850R IUI vials anyone?

Hello we recently had a son with donor 850R he’s 15 weeks now. We did get some vials for #2 but we don’t have any for sale. I seen they have ici vials still if you are doing iui you can ask your doctor to wash them for you. We are a two mom family and I think it would be awesome to connect with you maybe chat and share photos of our kids smile I’m thinking of making a secret fb group for diblings of 850R if you’re interested please let me know. My email is would love to chat with you.