Topic: Not donating donors?

Have any of you not been able to use the same donor for a sibling? What did you do? Did you use another donor, decide against trying, or is there a way to use the same one? I plan on trying this year and am looking into my options.

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Re: Not donating donors?

I used the last vial of my daughter's donor and I ended up miscarrying in August of 2016. I am finally going to TTC towards the end of the year and we will just be using a different donor as her donor is no longer active.

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Re: Not donating donors?

Im not sure which donor is actually the genetic contributor to my little boy. But if it’s one of the donors-he’s sold out and retired.
If it’s the other donor I have a chance to buy more vials.
I figure in a few years if I really want a sibling but they aren’t full genetic siblings because of vial availability, then that’s okay.

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