Topic: Any BFPs/pregnancies for 410Z?

Hey all.  My girlfriend and I ordered vials of 410Z yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else has used him and has gotten a BFP, currently pregnant or has a living child?

Attempted the TTC game from 2013-2015 with much heartache and one c/p.  Pulled out almost all the stops, including two fresh IVF cycles and two frozen.  Diagnosed with endometriosis and have had two surgeries since 2013. 

Fast forward three years and a divorce later, my girlfriend and I are holding out hope that it just wasn't meant to be for me in my previous life and we're giving it a go at home.  Maybe we are crazy, but we sure do have some hope.

Re: Any BFPs/pregnancies for 410Z?

Hi I am 27 almost 28 weeks pregnant and I used 410Z and another donor also, so I won’t know until baby is born and I see his blood type to know if it was possibly 410z.
There is one other couple pregnant but they haven’t posted updates they were behind me by a few weeks. All else has been quiet about this donor.

TTC #1: August 2017 - ICI BFP- miscarried @7weeks
TTC#2:  December 2017- ICI, IUI- BFP! - Will induce @ 38 weeks (9/10/18 ) Can't wait to meet my sweet baby boy!