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Hi there,

My wife and I are currently researching this whole process and I'm curious as to how long it takes on average to become pregnant.

What kind of issues were encountered along the way?

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I think this really varies with age, egg health, and medical conditions!

I am 39, and conceived this month with IUI.  This is the first month that I attempted at a fertility clinic. 

Prior to my BFP, I had 1 failed attempt using OPK, no meds, and IUI, 1 failed attempt using ultrasound and trigger shot (Ovidrel) with no fertility meds, and 3 failed attempts when taking Femara (5 mgs day 3-7) with ultrasound monitoring and trigger shot (Ovidrel). Each of these IUIs was completed by a Nurse Practitioner/Midwife team, outside of the fertility world, and all with the same donor (from a different bank).

My BFP came with micro injections of HCG, ultrasound monitoring, and trigger shot (Pregnyl), as well as changing up supplementation for egg health, and changing donors.

I am 39 years old.  This was my 6th cycle.  I have friends that conceived on their 8th cycle, and friends that conceived on their 1st cycle.  What helped me was to view each attempt as an opportunity to fine tune and make changes.

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I did 4 self-administered ICI cycles at age 33-34, took a long break, then started with an RE and conceived on the 2nd IUI a few days before my 35th birthday. For the successful cycle I took 50mg Clomid days 3-7.