Topic: Selling 2 ICI Vials of 754P (Aqua Blue Eyes)

Donor 754p Available!

I have 2 vials of ICI for donor 754p, price negotiable. Also, have childhood photos. I will ONLY share the photos with the buyer. Please email me at:

Donor Code: 754P
Ethnic Origin:Dutch, French, German, Swiss
Blood Type:AB Positive
Hair Color:Brown
Type of Hair:Curly
Thickness of Hair:Thick
Eye Color:Blue
Complexion Relative to Race:Medium
Bone Structure:Large

Interests: Collecting books and records, dogs, fishing (being out on the water), playing baseball, and writing.

Donor Communication (Type): Open

Past Pregnancy: Yes

Staff Impression: This guy has a pair of the kindest eyes ever seen! The aqua blue color is so remarkable. He is also very easy going and considerate, you can tell he knows proper etiquette.

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Re: Selling 2 ICI Vials of 754P (Aqua Blue Eyes)

My partner and I are interested. If you would like to talk more please email me at crowsandcolumbines@gmail. We are hoping to try this cycle. Thanks!