Topic: Question about age and pregnancy.

So our little sweet man has turned 3 he’s wild and kind and bright and at first I was cool with having just him, but the older he gets the More I want him to have a sibling to grow old with. I have 3 siblings and we may not always get along but we have each others back. I want him to have that. He would make the most amazing brother to another.

So. I’m very much on the fence with going through the  insemination, pregnancy, birthing, infancy and All the worries but I really want this for him, going through it all again would be fine and I know I can handle it but then I start to think about my age.  I’m 33 and will be 34 in October I guess I want to hear reassurance from older moms and if pregnancy was harder and if it was harder to conceive I want to hear thoughts and opinions

Re: Question about age and pregnancy.

I'm 33. I'm old?lol. I had no trouble conceiving....but I had other issues....I am 36 weeks now and my second ttc cycle worked with a healthy pregnancy. You can always get your day 3 hormones looked at to get a picture of what might be going on. My fsh was 6.7 and all other levels were fine. My doctor didn't do an AMH test on me.

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