Topic: Using more than one donor?

Has anyone used more than one donor's supply in the same cycle?  Of course, the issue is not knowing for sure who the father is if a conception happens.  I have purchased one vial of a particular donor because that's all that was available.  But since shipping is pricey, I wanted to select another donor as well to try more than one vial in my next cycle.  Anyone who has done this have any thoughts or feedback?

Re: Using more than one donor?

I'm 36 almost 37 weeks with my two donor in one cycle baby. I don't know who the genetic contributor and I feel it is my biggest surprise left. I used two vials of one donor and two vials of another in a cycle. The baby is healthy, and I might be able to tell with blood type who won. I plan to run DNA on him later to be sure.
I didn't really care about which donor won. I just wanted a healthy baby and he is so far.

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Re: Using more than one donor?

Thank you so much for your input and I wish you and your new bundle of joy the very best!