Topic: 329d Vials?

Hi everyone i was wondering if anyone has any vials of 329d they no longer need. Sadly our 1st try for #2  from 329d ended in a very early mc.

Sept '14 iui's- BFN; Oct '14 ici & iui- BFN; Nov '14 iui as ici- BFN; Dec '14 iui's-BFN; Jan '15 Break; Feb '15 iui's- BFN; Mar'15 iui's BFN: Apr, May-Break, June '15 iui'es-BFN, Jan'17 iui-BFP with baby girl.

Re: 329d Vials?

My wife and I are also looking for this donor.  We have a daughter who was conceived using him and are looking to make our family complete!