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Hi everyone. I just purchased 2 iui vials because the ici vials were sold out. Does anyone have any helpful tips for using iui vials as ici vials? And any success stories?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi there! I just feel badly that no one else has responded yet, so I figured I'd reply. I have only tried once, last month. We had purchased IUI vials with the hope of doing IUI at home. Unfortunately, my wife was unable to pass the catheter through my cervix. Therefore, we ended up doing 2 ICIs with IUI vials last month. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful. I will say that it is possible that our timing was off. I was watching my cervix, which started to close before my OPK turned positive, so we ended up just inseminating anyway. The OPK turned positive an hour after we inseminated. We ended up inseminating basically at 0 hours past positive OPK and 18 hours past positive OPK. If you are young and healthy, I'd say go ahead and try the ICI! I'm sure that I have heard success stories before. Wishing you a lot of baby dust - keep us posted with what you end up doing. I'm sorry I don't really have much advice! I would definitely say to put in some sort of cup after insemination so the sample doesn't all fall out. We made that mistake with out first insemination! I found a local OBGYN who will do an IUI for $250 each try, so that's what we will be doing next week!Good luck to you!

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I think chances are lower using IUI prepped vials for ICI because its been washed and removed the semen/fluid that helps it survive into the uterus (thats my very “kindergarten version of understanding of it). So I would think perhaps premium sperm friendly lubricant may help? Like pre-seed?
Thats just a guess tho.
Good luck

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