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Cycle #1.
I used (2) ICI-IVF Vials -
Home ICI - Insemination using the catheter method, and pre-seed.
Inseminating EXACTLY at 24 and 36 Hours AFTER the FIRST blinking smiling face on my Clearblue OPK+.
I tested SEVERAL times a day, using the SAME tester, in fact MULTIPLE testers, because as we all know CB OPK's are easy to use BUT DIFFICULT to decipher exactly when you are going to ovulate (solid smiley face). I started testing CD14. I NEVER SOLELY relied on seeing the SOLID smiley face.

I used the insemination catheter's provided with the dewar. I used pre-seed, before insemination and after. I literally laid in bed with my hips propped for about 2 to 3 hours, after EACH insemination.

I played music and lit candles, I wanted to be relaxed as I possibly could.

It was nerve wrecking at first, but I prepared, read, read, read, read and charted everything.

Good Luck, to anyone and everyone TTC.

For those that READ this and DON'T believe at home ICI inseminations don't work.
There's HOPE, I took a chance on donor #641R, with NO reported pregnancies.

My best advice would be is to do research, chart, BUY 2 Vials at a time (discounted 2 or more), have the dewar shipped at least 2 to 3 days before YOU ovulate/or plan to inseminate.

Use ONE vial for insemination, along with the pre-seed.
Practice using CLEAN catheter's how to actually insert in as far as it can possibly go.

Have Patience & Faith.

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how awesome.
I used the ICI?IVF too and had a +

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My wife and I (me carrying) are going to try this donor in November! We have had two unsuccessful tries with 241 R. So we are switching to this donor next month. (Taking a break this month) I have a three day surge and think we inseminated too early. Gonna try 24 and 36 hours past first opk. (We have been trying 6, 12, & 18 but no luck so far) hopefully 641R will end in a BFP. Only the Ohio viles are left so we plan on using a catheter and placing it just inside the cervix. Can anyone give me any pointers??? Congrats on your BFP’s ladies!!! I hope I can join the BFP club next month!

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IUI* viles not Ohio viles...

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I'm currently pregnant with 641R. I'm due November 6th

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Congrats! That is so exciting! I will be due to ovulate around the 15th of November. We are excited to start trying with this donor! Hoping the IUI viles are as good as his ici viles are!

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In the TWW right now with this donor! Hopefully 3rd times the charm (first try with this donor)

2DPO today

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Are you having a boy or a girl???

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Hello, my name is Julie and I was wondering if anyone had any of 641R sperm in storage they are willing to sell. My wife and I had a baby with this donor and he no longer has any left and still wanted to use him. We are definitely bummed right now.