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Topic: Selling vials!


My wife and I successfully got pregnant our first round doing IUI without any fertility drugs with this donor. We are due this fall and need to part with some of our vials to afford maternity leave.

The vials are IUI from donor 241R. He has great pregnancy success rates.

At this time we are putting 4 vials up for sale for $400 each, 2 for $700 or all 4 for $1300 plus the ownership transfer fee. We will provide you the donor’s photos as well as extended profile.

I’m happy to answer any questions I’m able to about the donor if you ask below.

Re: Selling vials!

Can you post about donor?
Just basics, like website
Thank you

Re: Selling vials!

I had tried emailing you @figtree, but wasn't sure if your settings would allow.
I would like to purchase the vials if they're still available.

Please let me know - thank you!

Re: Selling vials!

I am interested in the vials you have for sale. How can I gather more information/contact you?

Thank you!