Topic: $220 vials, transfer fee INCLUDED, last chance dont miss out!

Great Savings!!! 5 vials for $1100

1 IUI, 4 ICI (IUI vial may be used for ICI)
Donor 9216

This donor is no longer on the web site but I have the profile and a handwriting sample.  I would love to see these vials get used.  I got 2 BFP’s with this donor, once on the second try and after that, on the first try.  Donor had high counts in vials all three times I used a vial.
All five vials can be yours for a totally of $1100.  $700 to met the seller and $400 to NW cryo for the transfer fee. 

This makes each vial $220 vs. $525.  Over 50 percent savings!

Donor highlights include:
Height, 6 foot, 1 inch
220 pound
Black hair, straight
Brown eyes
Almond shaped eyes
Has two children of his own
Right handed
Celebrity look alike listed as Amaury Nolasco
I can provide more donor profile details upon request. 

Please email me at