I will be courteous, respectful, and helpful when possible. I am aware that these forums are placed here voluntarily for the benefit of past, current , and future clients of NW Cryobank. Abuse of this forum includes any type of personal attacks, or foul language. Abuse also includes advertising or promoting ones own sperm, other sperm banks or web sites selling competing product and service. I am aware that NW Cryobank may assign moderators to monitor forums, who will have the ability to remove postings found to be breaking the rules of these boards and will have the responsibility to report such actions to the administrator. NW Cryobank reserves the right to remove any post and or ban any user of it's boards. Please do not forward or share purchased donor profiles or photos. This information is critical information provided only to clients who have purchased those from our website. Information can be compromised by resending this information.