Mine isn’t showing either.

I’m having the same problem. There was a message at one point that said to call if you need to ship a vial, but hopefully the inventory view will be available again after the new website upgrade.


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If you know someone with vials, you just need to type up a form that you both sign agreeing to the sale, then submit it to NW along with copies of photo IDs and pay the transfer fee (which was $200 when I did it last week, despite the fact that the site says it has gone up to $400). You can e-mail NW and they’ll tell you what needs to go on the form. For payment to the seller, most use PayPal, but whatever method you and the seller agree to is fine. When you go to pay the transfer fee, it’s under “merchandise” in the purchasing center.

I would e-mail NW. Maybe it’s a glitch, or maybe the vials are on hold for some reason or designated for siblings only.

There have been a few posts from ladies who had success with this donor. If you search the full forum (selecting all the boxes in the search screen), the posts should come up.


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An RE might be willing to sign off. They’d want you to do the preliminary bloodwork, and they might suggest going straight to IUI, but they’d probably accept if you want to do a few tries at home first.

Would your ob/gyn be willing to sign off on the required medical form? I don’t know about CCB, but most banks can ship directly to you as long as the dr signs off.


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I did 4 self-administered ICI cycles at age 33-34, took a long break, then started with an RE and conceived on the 2nd IUI a few days before my 35th birthday. For the successful cycle I took 50mg Clomid days 3-7.


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It would be unusual to ovulate so soon after peak. Typical range is 24-48 hours. It’s better to have sperm waiting on the egg (vs inseminating after ovulation), so your timing is probably still fine.


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Good luck!


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Technically the “gestational age” is 2 weeks at the moment of conception, because they include the 2 weeks the egg was growing before ovulation, so you are already at 4 weeks gestation when you get to the end of the 2 week wait. Nevermind the fact that most women don’t have perfect cycles!

There are some due date calculation apps that allow you to enter the conception date, so it may be worth trying one of those. That’s what I went by, though in my case it was only one day off vs calculating by menstruation (I had the IUI on cycle day 13).


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Woohoo! Congrats!


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I wouldn’t worry about the line staying the same for tests that were, what, 12 hours? apart. Hope you get a nice strong initial beta!


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All the others require a doctor to sign a form before the vials can be shipped directly to you.



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Have you used medication for any of your tries? I conceived on my 6th try, which was an RE-assisted IUI with Clomid+trigger. Before that, I did 4 at-home ICI cycles with no meds and one RE-assisted IUI with trigger only.

If you do move on to IVF, though, you can use any type of vial. It’s more expensive if you use regular-size rather than the smaller IVF vials, but with the total cost of IVF, it’s not that much of a difference.


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A lot of the “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” stories are women who were on depo provera, so it can happen. I don’t think there’s any way it could cause a false positive. And since you’ve already finished it, there shouldn’t be any additional risk to the baby. The biggest risk is inducing miscarriage, but that likely would have happened by now.

I did 4 at-home ICI cycles before starting with a fertility clinic. My 2nd RE-assisted IUI was the lucky one that resulted in my daughter (who is now 2 years old).


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For most states they don’t. There are a couples states (NY and GA, I think) that require it by law.


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I had implantation spotting at 9 dpo, then got BFP at 11 dpo.


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Congrats! I got my first BFP at 11 dpo, which resulted in my daughter who’s now 2 years old.

How has your experience been with having different donors? Any difficulties? Advantages?


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So sorry for the negative. I hope the next try is the lucky one.


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Good luck!


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I would e-mail them. It may have been a technical error or something.

Congrats on your pregnancy!


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Sorry you're having a tough time today! Just keep in mind that grief doesn't have a time limit, and it's not a linear process.

At the very least he should have told you ahead of time and made sure the niece knew to stay away from the baby. I wouldn’t expect them to stay home over a cold (vs something more serious like the flu or a stomach bug), and I would have probably still gone to the event but reminded the niece to stay away from baby and asked everyone else to wash/sanitize their hands before holding baby. My daughter has a strong immune system, though (started day care at 12 weeks with no significant issues). If she were immune-compromised (such as a preemie), that would change things and I’d probably stay home or not want anyone holding her.


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Fingers crossed that most of them are chromosomally-normal!


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Those are great numbers! I hope lots of them make it to blast!


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What brand of pregnancy test are you using? Maybe try a different brand/type in another day or two. First Response Early Results and the Clearblue Digital with weeks estimator seem to be the most sensitive based on what I've seen here and on other forums.


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How annoying! I would just keep e-mailing them every few days until they get it done.


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I think it was less than a week for my pregnancy report to be approved. Have you logged into your account to check? They didn’t notify me when it was approved.


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Yay for baby doing well! Sorry about the HG, though -- I hope you start feeling better soon.


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Donors tend to sell out quickly, so its best not to get overly attached to one donor, especially in the beginning. If you're finding too many options, though, it can help to narrow down based on a specific trait you'd like, even if it's not really a "must-have." I wanted a redhead, so I never had more than 3 too choose from. The one that worked was my 3rd choice.

You should get a refund regardless of when you reach them. As for timing, 24 hours is the typical recommendation when using one vial. For my successful cycle (RE-assisted IUI), I was supposed to have the IUI at 24 hours post OPK+,  but it ended up being 28 hours due to scheduling issues. I was 34 at the time.


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I'd be worried about his unwillingness to do a sperm analysis, assuming you'd be the one paying for it. But I never used a known donor, so I have no clue what's typical in that realm.


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Chemo shouldn't have a permanent effect. Radiation might, but I'm not sure how likely for males. I have a female coworker who is a cancer survivor, and the radiation treatments basically fried her ovaries, but that was for colon cancer, so the area being targeting was near the ovaries.

The guy should have received information about effects on fertility when he was going through treatment. Have you already talked to him about donating, or is this someone you know who you are thinking about asking?

I ended up making connections with relatives of both my parents half-siblings. Well, for my mom we know for sure it was her half-sibling (she was the result of an affair and knew the name of her biological father). For the one related through my dad's side, the genetics seem to indicate the connection is through a half-brother, and my dad was told growing up that he had 2 half-brothers, but he doesn't know their names or anything about them.

For the connection on my mom's side, the guy (a grandson of my mom's biological father) answered enough questions that I was able to confirm the connection, but he stopped responding to my messages after I explained the situation, so I took that to mean he didn't want further contact.

Did your dad just recently do the Ancestry report, or had he done it a while ago and just got notification of the new match? In any case, I'd probably wait a week before reaching out. That way, if the woman didn't already know she's donor-conceived, it would give her time to ask her parents about it (though my guess would be that she already knows).

Then, if she still hasn't sent a message by next week, send her a short message (or have your dad do so) stating that your dad was a sperm donor and you are open to contact.


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"Past pregnancy" means pregnancies resulting from sperm purchased through NW. The only way you can know what type of treatment was used to achieve the pregnancy is if you connect with the family individually (i.e. through the forum).


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Excellent news! Best of luck with your FET!


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Great numbers so far! I hope you end up with lots of frosties!

For the initial search, you may want to just select "dark" complexion and see what you get. Since there are so few non-white donors, you'll end up seeing most of the darker skinned donors. Then, if you don't find anyone you like that way, expand to "medium" complexion. Finally, once you've narrowed it down to one or two, purchase the childhood photos (assuming they're available) to verify the coloring is along the lines of what you're looking for.

Just as an example, my donor's hair color was listed as red, but in the childhood photos I could see that it was a light orange-y red, whereas a previous donor I tried had darker truly red hair. It didn't make a difference to me, but it shows that the written descriptions can't convey everything.


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The fasting number is the hardest to control via diet, so if those have been high, that's probably why they jumped to insulin so quickly.

Regarding diet, it just takes a lot of (very frustrating) trial and error. Once you figure out which foods work for you, you won't have to worry so much about carb-counting.


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Sounds like your timing was perfect. Good luck!


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It's too bad you couldn't get any vials of 507R. He was only active for a short time, unfortunately.

I used 1586 for 3 of my at-home tries, but didn't have any luck.