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Will they be updated to reflect those donors who do have a pregnancy? I looked at my donor (who I am 20 weeks with and had previously reported a pregnancy) shows no pregnancy. When I log into my profile it says to call to report a pregnancy, but I've already done it and don't really want to do it again, but I do want others to know that I was successful with him.


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I am currently almost 13 weeks with this donor. No trouble at all getting pregnant with him.


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We are 2dpiui today


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I am out. Hopefully will try again in June.


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Hmmm, I recieved a forum email right before my iui offering me vials of a donor I was looking for. I wonder if it was the same person.  Luckily I already had a vial at the RE's office for a different donor so elected to wait until after the 2ww to make a decision.


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We are 0dpiui.


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Left the scan, all five are still hanging around. I'm up to 2 16s a 15 and a couple 12/13. I get to take two growth. She didn't seem to rule out this cycle to me. My husband took it differently, so maybe i am only hearing what I want to. She mentioned an increased risk of twins/trips and gave me the boosters and said we may trigger Wednesday for a Friday iui. She wouldn't say that if it wasn't a probability right? She mentioned the clomid was staying in my system. My lining is still thin, so I have to stay on the estrogen patch too.


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Mommy2016 wrote:
perfectmillion wrote:

WOW! I'm jealous! I want your insurance, lol. My clomid and Pregnyl cost more than that! I though I had good insurance!

Yeah, I've been really lucky. I've been using Femara and it is FREE! My trigger shot has been free up until now too, but I've been given it in the office. I think since this will be at home, I have a copay on the cost of the med.

Too bad my insurance doesn't cover IVF. That's the route I'd prefer to go, but it won't happen for me.

My RE won't even give the trigger shot there. They said there are too many FDA restrictions and it's easier for them to call it in. My insurance will cover up to 10k for fertility related expenses (I can even send the sperm reciepts for reimbursement). My Clomid was $25 and the Pregnyl (now that I met my pharmacy deductible) is 84.


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Mommy2016 wrote:

They called in my prescriptions already. Follistim, Ovridel, and Crinone. The pharmacy called me and told me the cost was $1850! I about had a heart attack. Turns out they did not run it through insurance. LOL They called back a short time later and the total cost is $98. Whew!

WOW! I'm jealous! I want your insurance, lol. My clomid and Pregnyl cost more than that! I though I had good insurance!


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I don't think I was this nervous going into my last two IUIs, but this time I find myself worried. Had two BFNs late last year, and decided to take a couple months to regroup and get myself healthier. The last two rounds with Clomid (100mg) my follicles didn't really want to grow. I had to take growth shots for them to grow. Since that time I haven't really lost weight but I have completely changed what I'm putting in my body, I've been drinking fresh juices (made at a juice bar) and replacing a meal with a smoothie with fruits and veggies. I feel a difference in my body and feel much better, so I figured this month would be a better month. I took 150mg of Clomid and on Friday (CD 10) my RE counted 5 follicles that were looking like they were thinking of maturing. 5 follicles mean a cancelled cycle. My lining was also thin, so I'm getting to wear an estrogen patch to thicken it up. She's hopeful that 2 of the follicles will slow their growth due to stopping the clomid. She figures I may still need growth shots but she didn't want to give them to me on Friday because of the risk of them all growing.

I'm sad. I haven't even been told I'm out. But I feel like she's going to cancel me. My husband says it's not a big deal if we have to cancel, so I'm feeling a little crazy because I will be devastated. I've spent four months trying to get to this point. I'm at a point where at work I am busy enough I won't be feeling like I need to test every 10 minutes. I was feeling hopeful about this cycle.

I go in for another scan tomorrow morning.


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I emailed you. I think it's a great idea. I don't really have anyone for support. My husband doesn't want anyone to know we're ttc until we do and he just doesn't get it. He tries to be supportive but he doesn't understand what it's like to go through the meds and the two week wait isn't stressful to him.


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Could you move me to May? Got a little delayed and my scan isn't until the 29th... so the absolute earliest I'll go in for IUI is the 1st.

Yeah, the numbers on the two vials I got were no where near the numbers of some. Both vials we've used are from the same donor and were 10.1 and 12.4 I think. I know they were 10 and 12 for sure.


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che_arami wrote:

thank you ladies for continuing to try and help me with this! I think part of the problem is that the law in ohio requires them to cover fertility testing, but not ttc. as in, they'll figure out why you can't get pregnant but not help you try to get around it sad
haven't lost hope though! I just started with a new primary doc so at the next visit I may talk to him about who he sends folks to for fertility matters and go from there...

How far are you from Cincinnati? That's where we were going to go had I not found my RE. I've heard amazing things about them.


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I know I am digging up an older thread, but my insurance covers fertility to a certain amount. It may be because I am an employee, but we definitely have some plans with it. I know OH (and CO for that matter) is one of "our" states. It is BCBS. May be worth a look.


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Please add me to April. Getting back on the horse.


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hoping4number2 wrote:

They just apologized for the delay and said it was unavoidable, due to storms in KY (which is where UPS headquarters is). They stated that they couldn't do anything, because the storms were considered a natural disaster, and they don't refund for that. I was furious, and hadn't gotten any resolution.  So.... I went to their facebook page and posted a very thorough review of their crappy service, and indicated that the box I needed was full of human medical supplies necessary for a medical procedure, and the procedure was now being delayed due to their lack of follow through (again, keep in mind... my dewar was NOT stuck in KY.

As someone who lives VERY near World Port (UPS' massive headquarters) I would HARDLY accept foul weather in Kentucky as a reason for much of a delay. When there is inclement weather around here UPS trumps ALL. Rain delays? That UPS plane will take off before your commercial flight. Snow? Nothing is stopping UPS... things UPS wants are cleared before most roads are.

Also, if anyone ever wants to call out UPS customer service  for blaming delays on weather here, I'll be happy to play weatherwoman, lol. They don't play the weather problem with me anymore. My address is not Louisville but the county line (Louisville is all of Jefferson County) is literally down the street from me and I work in town.


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So we came up negative in December, which was using the last vial we had for a donor who is no longer donating. We found a new donor, who I really like. He is also a different blood type than the previous, which is really basically me guessing based on what my sister and dad say are their blood types trying to guess mine, since I asked my PCP if she would run the test and was told no, that if/when I got pregnant they'd do it (which made me mad). I can't donate blood due to restrictions based on where I've lived. We had to skip January because Cycle Day 1 fell Christmas week and they were closed and said on the voicemail it'd be a missed cycle. We have to miss January/at least early Feb due to work issues (impossible to get time off the beginning of the year in health insurance) I have PCOS and was really struggling to produce follies on 100mg of Clomid, so not sure what the next plan is medication-wise (I did 5 days of 300iu of "growth" shots from the trigger and it barely got me a big enough follicle. I'm leaning toward asking for injectables, but am hesitant, because if they don't work, I'd have to do them again.

Biggest thing that worries me, and it may be completely normal, and is actually the reason I started the thread in the first place, my RE does donor IUI at 38 hours post-trigger. Both previous IUIs I had cramping the day before (the first time a LOT of cramping, the second moreso the evening after trigger) so I'm curious as to whether we're missing the window. I've thought about ordering an extra vial and having it shipped to my house to cover my bases, but that's kind of expensive to have to pay two shipping fees. My OB-Gyn suggested Pregnitude which I've taken on and off before. I'm also trying to use the two months of forced waiting to lose weight healthily (I'm pretty fat, I could stand to lose quite a bit).

What would you do? Should I talk to my doctor about the cramping the day after, or is that considered normal? Should I ask about Femara or go straight for injectables? Should I buy that extra vial and ship it to my house?

I'm driving myself crazy.


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I am out.  Stopping progesterone and waiting. Going to take a couple months break.

tinydancer wrote:

yes this is a VERY sensitive dollar tree test because it had a + more obvious than the first response yesterday. however I did take a first response today and its slightly darker and not squinty. so Im indeed pregnant. thinking my hcg is under 10 tho cause the digital was negative but still had 3 + tests today.

Yay! So glad it's legit for you!

tinydancer wrote:


Is that an off white dollar tree? I have had issues with them this cycle (positive 9dpiui but negative after and on all other tests). The white dollar tree said my trigger was out but apparently not.

HOPEFULLY not same situation for you. I am at 12dpiui and feel like I have lost my confidence for myself . So, that means you need to have a sticky one!


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Off white gave me a faint faint second line today. My trigger was showing out in the white color but I am assuming there was something hanging around the off white can detect. So frustrating. I keep telling myself that next time (if it doesn't turn positive) I am not testing until day 14. I realized earlier that last cycle on 9dpiui it did the same thing. Was positive 9dpiui on the off white and negative on everything else.


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My bunch I got was a combination of those tests and the white ones. This morning I pulled a white one. Blindingly negative. I am hoping there is a difference in the sensitivity between the old and new since the new white ones aren't marked with the sensitivity. I am going to get FRER when I go to the store this morning. Last night I was so encouraged this morning feeling not as much.

I tested out the trigger using the $ tree brand and had a mixture. The white ones got the lucky draw when they read no, so now I'm worried that the off white is more sensitive and still picking up trigger (which was done on the 5th).

Updated I got a FRER and it was negative this morning.


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So I bought up the dollar tree tests. This morning I took one that was white and got a blazing negative... tonight's was off white (both are New Choice) and I had a second line. Has anyone ever found one to be more reliable than the other (I also used white when I got my negative on the trigger) I guess I am just worried I'm getting excited for nothing. I am only 9dpiui (over 11days past trigger). I thoroughly plan on peeing on more tomorrow. Wondfo says no though.. I am extremely hoping this works this cycle as my grandpa was told his cancer had returned and has less than a year maybr down to months to live and I  am desperate to be able to tell him we are pregnant before we lose him.

Sorry for the test this morning, I dug it out  of the garbage when I saw a line. Top is this morning bottom tonight.


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Mine was out 10 days past trigger


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According to the price list looks like $375 up from $350, so not bad.

My trigger finally tested out this morning. Yay! Super emotional last night (I am watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and cried when Rory graduated from Yale) no implantation bleeding but hopefully it is too early for that. Still nauseous. Forced myself to eat dinner last night. StI'll having some cramping which I am hopeful is a good sign, since I don't usually cramp before AF (although I don't ovulate on my own so it could be part of actually ovulating).

Today I've had some right sided cramping (6dpiui)... I'm hoping it's a good sign... of course Dr. Google says appendicitis, lol. Also having a runny nose with a sore throat. That could also be the lovely spring we're having in Kentucky.

I'm at 5 days. Been nauseous on and off since 1dpiui, and extremely oversensitive. No real cramping though, feel very full.

Nothing much keeping me busy, lol. Testing out my trigger.

OkayBaby wrote:

It was likely a "delay due to weather" right?  That seems to be ups catch all for all delays and you can't prove it wasn't = no refund, no way. It's pretty awesome NW is will to help you out though. Hope it all works out for you! I was right there last month with an early O and a late package, I know the stress!!

I have actually won a battle with them on that. I live in a tiny town just outside Louisville  (where Worldport is) so even though I can see the city from my front door I don't have a Louisville address. They tried telling me there was bad weather in Louisville as the cause for the delay. I was able to fight them and win because obviously I knew the weather in Louisville.


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That would freak me out. I'd never succeed if we went in blind. Neither cycle was I ready when I was supposed to. Last cycle was 5 growth shots and this cycle was 7 because my follicles didn't want to play nice. Looks like if there is a next cycle we'll be changing it up, although I think I would like to try Femara before going injectable (currently do 100mg Clomid)


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Just as an fyi, since if I recall people using the dollar tree tests, I just left there and they said the purple new choice ones won't be hitting their shelves anymore. She said she thought it was nationwide (I am in Louisville) so I *might* have bought all off them they had. They had a pink box from like Assure as the replacements.


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Just had our IUI so we are 0 days.

A friend of mine tested negative on all of her tests... she took test after test and all were negative, then she started her OPKs, and they were flaming positive. Still no positive HPT, she went in for her annual exam, and her blood showed she was in fact pregnant... ultrasound dated her around 6 weeks never did get a positive HPT. She's now more than halfway through.


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Good luck! We triggered (finally ready) last night, for IUI tomorrow!


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We had a scan on Saturday and there were two follicles on the left side, nothing on the right, neither large enough. Took 3 "growth shots" (200iu of HCG) which last month made the follicles grow, this time, neither follicle on the left grew. But I had a follicle on the right which appeared and was measuring 14 or 15. So now I get 2 more days of 300iu and scan again Thursday morning and hopefully trigger Thursday. I took 100mg Clomid 5-9.

Has anyone else had issues with follicles not growing? My RE apologized for having to scan again, but I told her I'd rather spend $15 (my copay on the ultrasounds) than waste my last vial (he's not donating anymore).


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Could you move me to December? If all goes well for my Tuesday scan we will trigger then.


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We are officially out for this cycle. Hope to try again later this month.

I started having problems yesterday.


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I know "officially" the answer is 2 weeks, but when do you start testing? I just had my first IUI (3dpi) and the wait is KILLING me.


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Fingers crossed!


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We are having our iui today (Wednesday 10.28.2015)


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So glad you had a good visit! Hopefully everything comes back great!


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Went back for a scan today, the eggies grew. Even on my left side which surprised me because they were TINY on Thursday.She seemed surprised too. She had to think for a minute because she didnt want me having a million kids (her words, which was nice because I was worrying there wasn't hope for me but tells me she is optimistic for success), but decided hopefully 3 of the 4 will ovulate. I am skipping a day on the growth shot (to hopefully make the oNE that is trying to catch up stop trying). She said they want to see 2-3 but didnt want to cancel now. Taking one tomorrow night then triggering for an 845 IUI on Wednesday!


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Good luck! I hope you get a great plan and get to start ASAP!


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So I had my scan today, 4 days after my last clomid pill. I had 5 follicles but they weren't ready. I have a 16 and a 14. I now have to give myself a growth shot tonight and tomorrow and then scan again Saturday. I was hoping I'd be ready and not have to miss work.


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YAY! Good luck!


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If you can get a job in the health insurance industry, many of those include IVF coverage. (Ours does and I have a couple friends at competitors and theirs do as well.) If you are in the Kansas City area, I know that there's at least one major insurance company that staffs in the area.


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Nope,  this is my first cycle. Well, I took 50mg one cycle before we found out my husband did not produce sperm. No clue how that worked.

I've been treated for PCOS because I have moat of the clinical signs,  and my doctor said 2 out of 3 major symptoms and you likely have it. She's written articles on pcos and done studies on it.


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I work for an insurance company. I know that in our area (where your doctor would call that needed authorization for tests, etc) and I know that for the things I do, the ONLY person that can reject a treatment is a medical doctor. Each test/procedure has a CPT code, and when we get a request after they're entered into the system and a nurse reviews it initially to see if it meets criteria. If it doesn't it gets forwarded to the medical director.

You should be able to call and get a member advocate to help answer your questions. I know we have several of them in our area. They tend to know more than the traditional CSR who won't ever be able to see *what* says "this is fine, but this is not!" You *may* even be able to get a hold of the criteria yourself or at least find out what criteria they use.