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Mine hurt and was bothersome for about 6 months. Even after that time period for a year or so I would get sudden sharp pain or weird sensations at the site. Of course there is still numbness at the incision site but it hasn't bothered me now for years.

While I have no personal experience, I have a close friend who is one of two moms to their daughter. She shared this with me a few weeks ago saying that it was totally how she felt. Her and her partner actually went into counseling after their daughter was born because of feelings like yours. I think they are very rational and normal. I would just make sure you communicate with your partner so she knows how you feel. She may also have many feelings of jealousy because she is not genetically connected to the child.

http://www.gaycitynews.com/articles/201 … 700974.txt


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This is the best news I've heard today. Thank you so much for sharing!!

M is December 10th. I hate it. I went back and forth that March since I REALLY did not want a December baby. I went ahead thinking it would take a few months to work and wouldn't you know it...BFP tongue

Of course I wouldn't trade M for anything, but I really wish his birthday wasn't in Dec. It's right in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas. For his birthday so many people couldn't come because of xmas parties, events etc. Plus that time of year is so hurried and frantic.

Obviously nothing I can do now smile But I would avoid it for baby #4.


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The twins LOVE LOVE LOVE Just Dance. It's super cute to watch and even play smile


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Definitely! This HAS to be her time! No one I know deserves it more!!


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I would call, but I started swelling early with M. I didn't have ANY swelling at all with the twins. With M I started around 18 weeks. I kept the pitting edema until delivery but NEVER had a problem with BP or eclampsia. Obviously something to keep an eye on, but nothing that automatically means something is wrong smile


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What everyone said - absolutely not! Do not pump unless you are term and trying to jump start your labor. Doesn't make sense anyway...you want the first BM to be colostrum when (s)he is first born. If you start pumping early you might take that away.

SMBC to twins (4), M (1) and starting the process of adoption for #4


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Welcome! I am in NC too....in the Triad smile

What is the reason for the recall. I can't seem to find it?

Yep, wear them. Don't worry about what others think.


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I am Jamie (30). Growing up I knew that I never wanted be married, but I did know that my 'purpose' in life was to be a mother. I told my parents as a teen my plans to use a donor and I think they didn't quite know what to think.

I actually started my journey to SMBC-hood when I was 23. I didn't have a strong desire to be pregnant, so I started with adoption. On August 31st 2004 my son Zachary was born. There wasn't a happier moment in my life up until that point. I was completely in love for 6 months and then my world crumbled. Just before the 6 month waiting period, his parents changed their mind and when he was 6 months and 1 week old he was removed from my care. I have not heard anything about him since. I went to a very dark place and pulled together all my strength to move on.

That year I started TTC. On my third home insemination I got my BFP! I immediately became sick as a dog and lost 60 pounds in about 10 weeks. At 11 weeks they did an US to make sure everything was okay and to my shock there were TWO BABIES!! This was an unmedicated cycle and twins do not run in my family. The rest of my pregnancy was just as miserable (further weight loss, non-stop vomiting, PICC line, IV fluids at home, living off Ensure) but of course it was totally worth it. S and K were born on Valentines Day 2006.

The twins made me work for them! (colic, reflux, no sleep, miserable!) so it was awhile before I even thought about another. Once I made the decision I was going to start TTC #3 in May of 2008. Unfortunately in February of 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and again my world crumbled. After waiting a year to see what a life with MS was going to be like, I decided to TTC #3. On my second cycle I conceived M.

M is totally my 'reward' baby. He is the best, happiest, most laid back baby ever. There really isn't anything else I could ask in an infant. I was able to have my nearly unmedicated VBAC, breastfeeding has gone awesome and he slept through the night at 14-ish weeks.

I have decided I am not done. I don't do pregnancy well and seem to be miserable the entire 9 months so I am thinking of trying to adopt again. We shall see.


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I don't know if it mommy brain or I am losing it, but with all the success stories and families posting on this side, I can't seem to keep track smile

Introduce yourself here, giving as much, or as little about your journey as you are comfortable smile

I had actually wanted to have Max the same month as the twins. The twins and I are all February babies and I thought it would be cool for the whole family to be in February. Of course thats not how it turned out, but it would have been neat if it had.

Great idea! nyx...I can totally see the resemblance!

Here is my family at three months....S K M and Me. I think everyone still feels that M is my look-alike


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My name is Jamie. I am 29 and TTC my third child.

Initially I started my journeey with adoption. I took home my son, Zachary, at two days old and was in love smile Just before he turned 6 months old his birth father changed his mind and I lost Zach. I immediately turned to AI.

I conceived the twins on my third attempt (fourth cycle) when I was 25 and delivered the twins just before my 26th birthday. The twins were spontaneous (no meds) and there was no history in my family - talk about shock!

I wanted to TTC last May ('08 ) but I wasd diagnosed with MS in February and I needed to wait a year until I TTC to see how I responded to meds. I have had an uneventful year and have been given the go-ahead to TTC again. I am currently on my 2nd cycle and hoping for the best.


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Here is the official introduce yourself thread smile

Share your story...as much or as little of it...so that others know your journey and what brought you here smile