My husband died a few years ago, just as we were about to begin to TTC our second.  I couldn't process selling our vials back then, but feel more ready now.  If you might be interested, please let me know.  Posting to a few forums and our awesome donor facebook group.  If no interest in about a week or so, will contact nwcb for potential buy back.

Thanks so much,

My husband died a few years ago, just when we were getting ready to TTC our second.  I couldn't process selling the vials back then, but am ready now.  Posting to a few forums as well as our donor facebook group.  If no interest in the next week or so, I'll try to sell back to NWCB.

Thank you so much,

We have a few vials of our daughter's discontinued donor in stock at NW.  We are going to ttc at an RE's office this time (last time shipped to home then midwife did IUI in birth center).  It would be cheapest if we shipped all our vials to the RE and used them from there month to month.  Hopefully we'll get lucky and get pregnant with one of these few vials.  But hopefully we'll get really, really lucky and get pregnant in the first couple months.

If so, we have the potential to have extra vials in stock at the RE's office.  I know NW can't accept the vials back under any circumstances per the contract, so have some questions:

1) did anyone ever get them restocked at NW after being stored in an RE (or whatever) office?  Just in case I'm unclear on contract language.


2) did anyone ever sell to someone else (for storage in their RE's office, I guess?) after a situation like this?

I want to make this as not-so-expensive for us as possible, but I also want to make sure that if we do have leftover vials that someone else hoping for this discontinued donor gets a shot at it!

Thanks so much!


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We are Tracy and Michael and we're very much looking forward to our first dIUI in a few weeks.  Michael had a vasectomy years before we were together for various reasons, including that he wasn't tied to his genetics as the only way to have a child.  Fast forward many years, our relationship, and a decision to have children and we decided back in 2008 that a reversal would be the easiest way to go as it would probably be cheaper in the long run and give us long-term control over conception using nothing but us and our own timelines.

The VR worked, fairly, and for a fair short of time.  We conceived with a very low count and motility (1 million motile in the SA immediately prior to conception), but miscarried.  SAs since showed declining and then zero count.

We contemplated another VR as well as adoption.  IVF wasn't really in the cards for us.  Just couldn't imagine me taking all those meds and again, genetics just wasn't all too concerning for us.  So, the decision to move onto dIUI was overall pretty easy. 

Our RE did only medicated cycles and we wanted to try unmedicated/unmonitored for a while, so they referred us "to some clinic in nearby city that we think does it."  It turns out they referred me to our local birth center where I have been seeing those midwives and NPs for well woman care for years!  I also have worked as a doula there, and volunteered there in general office work.  Couldn't be happier to be back with them!

To make things even better, they do the IUI in the birth center itself, not the office rooms, so we'll be kicking back on the queen size bed, cuddling/in each others arms while it goes on.  We are contemplating at home eventually, but figured we'd watch the professionals give it a go first.

This past weekend we finalized our donor choices and have a healthy list to choose from for many backups should #1 not be available or not work so well after many months.

I'm expecting AF any minute now, and generally O around cd18, so we still have a few weeks until we get to do this, and just can't wait!  This is (almost) worst than the 2ww!!!  My RE did a number of tests and fortunately despite my "old age" of 38 (39 next month; hoping for a miracle BFP for my birthday!), my egg supply made his jaw drop on AMH and confirmation U/S.  He said that I "have the eggs of a 20-something" and we're hoping that is true!  Blood levels, endometrium, everything looked great so we're very hopeful that we'll be one of the lucky ones within a few months.  All we can do is wait for now.

You can find me on fertility friend as MissTracyNC.  I'm frequently on VR, MFI, IUI and donor sperm boards.

Looking forward to "meeting" many more of you here!