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Boog (15):

Moose (11):

Tiny (2):

Chubbers (5m):

Always measure from bum to shoulders for car seat fitting.

I haven't read all responses, but Kari, please keep him in a 5pt harness.  Not sure about your local laws, but here in Canada, they MUST be in a 5pt harness til at least 40 pounds.  Moving them early and being caught can lead to a criminal negligence and child endangerment charge.  most are in 5pt harness till at least 6 years old, or should be!

I just updated these to the best of my abilities, if you have something to add, please respond to them... and if it takes me a bit to get at them, please shoot me off a forum email!


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First off, a question.  Photobucket HATES me and my computer.  What's another way to show off my growing kids?

Now for the updates:

Tiny is not so Tiny anymore!  At 27.5 months, she IS still really little, about 33' and 28 pounds, but her attitude makes up for it!  I have never met a child with more personality oozing out of them then I have in my toddler.  Her vocab is in check with a 4 year olds.  Her comprehension astounds me.  Her sheer stubbornness is something that should be documented.  Overall, she's a pretty awesome kid, the perfect blend of "awww" and "if daddy doesn't get home soon I'm going to rip my hair out".  She had her first haircut last week, and looks so much older now, with her gorgeous blonde wispy bangs and green eyes smile

Mr Chubbers, aka Si Si the Smiley Guy, aka baby brother, aka beautiful man, aka drooly McGee... oh where to start with him!  He is now 4.5 months old and the most laid back of all my babies smile  I am so lucky that he is as mellow as he is, as it makes it much easier to schlepp him about while chasing his sister all day.  As long as he can see someone, he's happy.  The kid doesn't sleep, but that just makes him one of mine.  2 weeks ago he was 27 inches, and 16.3 pounds.  Major milestones hit recently are he found his toes the other day and figured out this "sitting unassisted" thing, though his bum is so round he still tips over easily.  Seriously, the boy has booty, him and Tiny are in the same setting size on their diapers, and she's 23 months older!

All in all, life is good smile


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I love Elomi nursing bras, but not sure of their sizing... I have the opposite problem, "normal" band size "tent like I cups"

My first pregnancy was awesome, the next 3 all sucked.  It's hard to remember to be grateful when all you do is puke.  No worries, no one is judging you for not feeling great!


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You SURE you don't want to talk about foreskin?  It's a topic that covers very sensitive material!


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jdiana, wait till they are teens!  Right now in my family I have: a moody 20 year old, a "bored therefore going to get into trouble" 19 year old, a 15 year old who seems to think he makes the rules, a stressed 11 year old with a Science fair due date looming, a 2 year old who no longer sleeps, and a 4 month old who keeps being woken by said 2 year old.  Mommy is counting down till it's 5pm!


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*** That's what is right for me and my family!

*** 2 of the 3 boys are not, though one is getting the procedure done this summer at the age of 20.

Breast feeding!
*** I love it!  Nursing 2 and pumping for a 3rd.

*** Absolutely has a time and place.  Those who need to use it, or those who choose to use it, rest assures, your childs genitals will NOT rot and fall off.

Drinking (while being pregnant/nursing)!
*** MW approved a glass of wine here and there while pregnant (never did before 38 weeks though).  Nursing and drinking, bottoms up gals!  Breastmilk alcohol is the same as blood alcohol.  legal limit is 0.08%, so by the time you are legally drunk, you're milk has about as much alcohol as a dealcoholized beer.  By the time your breast milk can make babe drunk, you likely have forgotten you have a baby.

Expensive clothes for babies!
*** Not for me, we live in hand me downs!

Plastic toys in primary colors!!
*** I have a few, they go well with the stuffed animals, wooden toys and home made things... as well as pots, pans, dog toys and spoons they love to play with.

Processed foods!!!
*** Everything in moderation, my dear!

What other fake topics can I add that people routinely fight over?
*** Whatever you do, do not start a religious debate wink

*all in good fun people.  I really don't want to hear about what any one thinks about Thermisol or foreskin.*
too bad, I told you anyway!


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Boog:  Oranges, apples and apple fritters smile

Moose:  Chips and salsa, Aero bars and apple juice

Tiny:  Tomatoes, blueberries and orange juice

Chubbers:  Burgers and fries, from A&W.  Breakfasts, from A&W.  Iced tea, from A&W.  I think I ate 5 meals a day there when I was pregnant with him, it was the only thing I craved and didn't chak up!


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My babe that measured the most ahead (they ALL measured "big" before birth) was my smallest at 7.2!  Less stress Momma!


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My diapers are cut very similar to Kawaii.  The Supremes are the closest to Kawaii, the AI2's fit a touch smaller, but we also make a supreme XL, which fits from 20-55 pounds.  My special needs 8 year old neice wears them, LOTS of room!


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If that worked, do it!

I fill my washer with hot water, and 1 tsp blue Dawn.  Wash as usual, one cold rinse.  Then I re-fill washer with warm water, detergent and RLR and let soak overnight.  Run through washer.  Then wash one more time with warm wash and cold rinse no detergent.  Works great for my bamboo.  I hated mf so much because of the stink issues.  When you're ready to buy inserts, let me know, I sell charcoal bamboo inserts, and hemp inserts which are super thirsty and don't funk up as badly, I might be able to get you a discount smile


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These are the diapers I sell,and I love them.  Pockets or all in 2's with snap in liners, I use only the supremes or AI2's with the charcoal bamboo inserts, they are AMAZING on both my heavy wetters.


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Please come check out my page and I can answer any questions better there.  I was a die hard Alva fan, using nothing but on my 2 fluffy bottoms, until I tried the product I agreed to sell... and I'm thinking that pretty soon my 40+ Alvas will be the backup stash!

I personally like these even better then the Rumparooz and Fuzzibunz I had, which I destashed because I preferred the fit of the Alvas.


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I rarely have time to come here lately, but wanted to spread the word (if I am allowed) that I am now selling cloth diapers for a company called Hip Huggers.  I say this not because I sell them, they are superior to any other diaper I have bought.  I get 2-3 hours out of an Alva with one bamboo liner for Si, or an Alva with 2 bamboo inserts for Tiny, and with one bamboo from Hip Huggers we get 5-6 hours out of a diaper before it leaks (yes, I made them each wear one till it leaked just to find out, checking them constantly).

This is a Canadian company, but I can and will ship anywhere.  Here is the link to my page, and from there there is a link to my distributers page so you can see what's in.  Just this week the new All In Two's came out, I should be getting mine this week for trial, as well as the supreme pockets I rant and rave about.

Oh, and we also sell wetbags, laundry bags, reusable snack bags, mama cloth, boobie covers, leggings, hats, ties and shoes for infants and toddlers, teething necklaces, a whole bunch of stuff!



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I love my pockets for both kids in diapers, the OS makes it easy because I only need one kind of diaper for both of them.  I mostly use Alva, and have recently started selling Hip Huggers brand diapers, which are FAR superior... and I'm not just saying that because I sell them!  I only have 3 of my own (till next week) and can't wait to wash and re-use them.

I currently have 36 diapers on the go for 2 in diapers, and I wash daily but have enough to only wash every other day.  I hardly get on here anymore, but if you are interested in seeing the ones I sell, send me an email.

Being young does not equate being unable to raise a child.  Keep us updated.


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sounds normal to me, but glad you're getting it checked out


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What was her diet like before?  Half my family is dairy free, you can make most everything dairy free, and I'd be happy to share recipes and idea with you!

I liked Bummis covers over my fitteds.  I agree Alvas are not the best choice for covers, if you're buying Alvas why not just use pocket diapers?  You can stuff them with prefolds though!


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Fenugreek always makes me eat like mad, and gives me wonky blood sugar levels, as in they bottom out for no good reason if I stop eating for more then half an hour.  But I can only take it for 3 days or so before it upsets my stomach so badly (the fenugreek or the constant eating, IDK) that I have to stop.  Chocolate chip cookies with steel cut oats in them are so much tastier smile


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A penis doesn't get into your cervix either, and lots of babies are conceived the old fashioned way!  Keep your hopes up!


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Wow does she EvER look like Riley!  Welcome Emilia!


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Congratulations!  does she have a name yet?

If you have a chance to do a KD again, try insemming a little earlier.  Both my KD conceived babies were timed the day BEFORE my smiley, due to them being inconvenient months, and trying to just get the little buddies in there with a hope.  Just a thought, and good luck.

Our photographer likes to aim for 6-10 days


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Yay!  And I didn't even ask when I was talking to you yesterday *head smack*  Congrats!

TxMoms2B wrote:

Well you won't find a catheter at any of those places or a syringe with a luer lock.  BUT the syringes that they give away for children to take meds have a nice elongated tip.  You could just skip the catheter and place the tip of the syringe near the os of cervix and then place instead cup.

This is how both my AI babies were conceived!


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K&H wrote:

Never pull her away, we always learned to "feed the bite" (not in relation to breastfeeding, but it works the same).  Press her face into your breast when she bites and she will instinctively open up to breathe, releasing your skin.
A couple of rounds of that and hopefully she'll stop.

Yep, this.  And what worked for me is exactly what they tell you not to do, and that's yelp and jump.  Scared Tiny and she learned pretty quick.  Of course now at 25 months she's nibbling once in a while again as an attention thing....

At 3 Boog was 35ish pounds, and Moosie was over 40.  I doubt Tiny will hit 30 pounds by 3 though smile  As long as your child is following their growth curve, don't worry about what the scale says!

scifimom wrote:

Unfortunately, the main daycare teacher got used to the disposables and seemed disappointed that I brought back the cloth, lol!

That's really too bad.  Are you not paying her to watch your child?  Because if you are, then she can use whatever diaper you want her to!  Flushable liners to make the poop easier to deal with (I buy Kushies at WalMart, but just ordered some of the Alva ones from their site since they're half the price) and a wet bag, and how is it more difficult or involved for her to deal with then disposables?  Remove wet diaper, stuff it in the wetbag, put dry diaper on babe, send wetbag home with mom. 

Sorry, no one slept last night in my house so I am cranky, but this is a pet peeve of mine, my sister is the same way "cloth is so hard, don't you have any REAL diapers for when I watch Tiny?" and I always wonder how it is so hard for the person who simply has to change it, provided you're not asking your daycare provider to wash for you!

(PS, I am a childcare provider, and prefer my clients using cloth, that way their disposables are not in my trash!)

As long as they fit, theres no reason you can't use different inserts!  I stick to alvas because they are a good price!

Yep, 2 inserts in there is pretty bulky.  We do one MF and one bamboo in Tiny's diapers, and she's got a pretty bulky tush, but it does the job instead of constant leaking.  I don't think it matters too much which is on top and which is on bottom as long as they are in the pocket, or at least I have never paid much attention to how I am stuffing and if one way works better then other or not!


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I run a daycare from my home, and a small bonus, craft supplies, or a gift card for a coffee shop are always welcome!  I'd say with 5 providers, no more then $10-$20 a person.


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I was told no more then 2 cans a week, I craved tuna with Silas!

My sister was comfortably, easily and successfully induced with all four of her babies, her labours ranging from 11 hours (first) to about 5 with the fourth.


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shauna2710 wrote:

I got married too young the first time. However my first marriage taught me a lot about myself so I wouldn't change it for anything.

this exactly, for me too


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I check here about 50 times a day just to see if theres been any arrivals!

#1, 42 weeks 4 days, 4 hour labour
#2, 40 weeks, 47 minute labour
#3. 38 weeks 4 days, 1 hour labour
#4, 40 weeks 3 days, 45 minute labour

All my babies were spontaneous labours, only with #1 did my water break before contractions.  With #3 and #4 I did have cervical checks with a "stretch" the day I went into labour.


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Awwww, look at that baby grow!  You are adorable!

*stands up and applauds aplusa*  Because that girl deserves a little recognition!

Back to the OT, yep yep yep.  Yes, some women do have low supply, insufficient glandular tissue, or make lots of milk that is so low calorie their babies cannot thrive on it.  Because our bodies are not perfect, all the time.  But I whole heartedly agree that MOST women make sufficient milk for their baby/babies.  Come on, my body just made a HUMAN, I'm sure it can handle sustaining it for a while longer.  That's what it was meant to do, and most of the time, that's what it does.  I'm not one to bash formula feeders, by choice or chance, how YOU choose to feed your baby is your business and no one elses, but I will share articles like this, and am studying to become a lactation consultant because I want to try to change this trend of not trusting our bodies.  When a problem arises, then let's look for medical support, but if all is going tickety boo, then don't try to fix whats not broke!

It saddens me when I hear of those women who DO have low supply issues.  Not all bodies work perfectly all the time.  Ears are supposed to hear, but I'm deaf, so I totally "get" that things can fail, boobies too.  But it angers me when "I didn't have enough milk" is tossed around as an excuse, when it has not been looked into, or you know full well the mother would rather be drinking (yes, I sadly know a few like this).  Because every time one mom says "I didn't make enough milk for my baby" then another starts to wonder "what if I don't make enough?  AM I making enough?"  And we start this nasty self doubt spiral all over again.

Thankfully, I know my girls do what they are supposed to do.  Right now they are happily producing milk for my 5.5 week old, my 2 year old, and the neighbours 7.5 week old  smile


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Change the little white membranes on the yellow valve parts, they sometimes last forever, and sometimes need to be switched within a month or so.

Sounds like she's resting up for her grand appearance.  Hang in there!


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Welcome to the world little one!


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A properly fitted bra will be a lifesaver.  I'm an I cup (yeah, yikes) and I totally get the "bag of rocks weighing you down" thing.  A good fitting, proper, supportive bra will be amazing on not only neck and back pain, but will also help with the tenderness that comes with the rapid growth.  Hormonal tenderness, well that should pass as you get closer to your second tri, sadly you just need to wait that part out.

And not to be a party pooper, but how much your boobies grow doesn't have much to do with whether or not you'll be able to breastfeed.  But as you already induced lactation, you know you'll be able to smile

I have no experience with Knickernappies, but to me it sounds like either the inserts are dead (are they microfiber?) or they are just not a good fit on your little one.  I'm lazy, so if it were me, I'd just use the other ones smile


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Ours have our first names, because mine is my stocking from when I was a kid, so I made Tims to match.

I had that too... erm... at least, it's starting to go away now that the wee man is 3 weeks old....


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How is it possible my Tiny girl is 2 today?!  Will add pictures to this after I get the biggies off to school, photobucket just shut down on me again!