I was irritable with my girls, and weepy with my boys.  how did I handle it?  I do not know, honestly, besides just sitting down and crying.  It did get better in the middle of my pregnancies, then worse again at the end.

If I tried that with my clients I'd be a pretty empty daycare pretty fast!  The only days I charge for that the child is not there for are cancelled days with less then 24 hours notice.  I do not charge for holidays, though I could, and if I did I would not charge for all of them.  Basically, if mail will be delivered that day, it is not a holiday and should not be treated as such.  If she wants to take the days off, that's her prerogative, but she should not be charging for them.  However, if you signed a contract saying you agreed to that, then you may be out those days and money.


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Oh I am so very happy for you!!


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For the gunky ones, its time consuming but blue dawn dishsoap and a scrub brush, then rinse about a million times the wash as usual.  I just replaced my tired microfiber with bamboo, MF will wear out eventually, I think mine did around the year, year and a half mark.


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Sounds like your boobs are working perfectly!  Breast feeding is SUPPOSED to be supply and demand, for some women there is more demand then supply, and others more supply then demand.  Do not look at posts like mine or other over-producers as a benchmark, over production can be just as much a problem as under supply, and drastically upping your pumping output can mess with tiny tummies when they are on the breast.  As long as you are pumping enough for them to eat, and they are satisfied on the breast as well, then don't stress!

BTW, they say the "average" woman can only pump 1-2oz per side at a time, I just can't remember if it was kellymom, LLL or WHO that I read that from.

It does get better.  It really does.  But just like telling someone with morning sickness that soon the nausea will be a thing of the past, telling someone dealing with sore nipples and sleep deprivation that a month from now will be better, well, it just sucks.  I love breastfeeding, but not so much the early days.  Its hard work.  Its time consuming.  It feels like you can't get anything done.  And I now totally get the "just wait" feeling regarding your older child (Boog and Moose are 4 years apart, totally different then 2 years).

So do I have words of advice.  Take it day by day.  Tell yourself "On sunday I'll re-evaluate" or "lets see what tomorrow brings".  See if you can pump for one feed a day just to get out, cuddle Bronx, or have a bath by yourself.  And if you chose to keep breast feeding, keep a food diary for a few days to see if it looks like milk, eggs, wheat, nuts, or any of the other more common things (or uncommon things) are making little man fussier then others. Oh, and if you chose to keep on plugging, know that I am your biggest cheerleader.

Get some good nipple cream, let the girls hang in the breeze, bra-less, sun your nipples if you can.  Seriously, it helps.  Let the milk dry on them.  Make sure you are not getting thrush, call your midwife if you have any burning feelings in your nipples.  Email me to whine.  Stay super hydrated, enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, keep trying pacifiers and letting Ali try to soothe him.  Someday it will happen.  Take the days between now and then one at a time, and when that seems to daunting, an hour at a time.  You CAN do this, its hard, really hard, the hardest thing we do.  Short phase, but man does it suck when in the middle of it!

Our donor conceived are the same donor, but in our family we have 6 kids from 4 different parental combinations... you know what, its not really a big deal!  I think when they are old enough to grasp the concept of donor conceived, they are old enough to understand "donor A was no longer available, so I chose to use donor B to create you, because I wanted you that much and loved you so much from the start".

First baby I was not feeling till close to 20 weeks. 

Second was more like 15 weeks

Third I swear I could feel her moving at 14 weeks.

Fourth I did not feel till 18 weeks, and not consistently till 24 weeks, due to an anterior placenta.  It'll happen, try not to stress!  (and tell you mom to fly a kite, her getting you worried is no good for anyone)

Wiping away tears, your story is a great reminder that even if things do not go as we plan, they all work out in the end.  So proud of you, and of course York is adorable!


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For me, I had a ton of milk, and then I didn't.  I went from nursing Tiny 6-8 times a day and still pumping to having next to nothing by about 12 weeks pregnant.  What was there she told me was "gross" and self weaned to only 2-3 comfort suckle times a day (before naps and bed).  She wound up with a UTI from dehydration before we realized just how little she was getting, and started almond milk as well.  She stopped actually extracting milk from me and just used me as a pacifier as she was going to sleep.  I'm glad now that she didn't give that up.

How was TTC while nursing?  I tracked my cycle which was still weird for about 5-6 months before we actually TTC'ed... and then it worked on the first try!  I didn't find it changed my CM or anything like that though, which really helped.

Now that little man is here, and milkies is back, Tiny is quite happy to have it again.  Right now she still only nurses to sleep.  What's helpful is I have that with her, but she IS capable of going to bed without as well, so nights like tonight where she will be up late (late nap) Daddy can get her to bed after I go with the baby.  And it's something that not just for the baby, when he nurses, she often climbs up for a sip from the other side, and we praise her for being such a good sister  and sharing her boobies.  Besides the fact that my poor nipples feel like they've been rubbed with sandpaper for the last 8 days, I'm super glad we're tandem nursing.  But I'm also super glad that Tiny is only nursing a few times a day and is night weaned, I think 2 on there 18 hours a day would be too much for me!

aplusa wrote:

Absolutely beautiful!! What an amazing shoot.  And Tiny is getting so big and gorgeous herself.

Dang, I thought my babies were gaining well, but 8 ounces every two days?! Can I ship Oliver and Luca to you for some breast training?! wink

LOL sure, come on over!  I'm nursing both Tiny and the Chubbers, and pumping for a neighbours newborn, the more the merrier!


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I am so glad everyone is doing so well.  Congrats again!

Anything Sandra Boynton!  All my kids have loved her cute, colourful books, and they are a pleasure to read, so flowy and rhythmic.  We actually need to find another copy of "Snoozers" because Ivy has read it so much it fell apart!

Thanks everyone!  I pulled out my newborn picture last night and showed Tim, he said "who took that picture of Silas?", he is definitely my boy!  I am getting such a kick out of seeing myself, and our older kids in him, as he has a little bit of everyone, and even though it is not biologically possible, he looks a LOT like my step son as well!

A few sneak peeks from Silas' first real photo shoot, 19 hours old.  The last week has been pretty awesome.  He did a number on my back and pelvis, both before and during his birth, so I am more sore then I ever have been in the post partum period, but it's manageable.  He loves his boobies and nurses like crazy - so much so he's gaining about 8oz every 2 days!  Basically, he's a super sweet, cuddly little boob monster, and we could not be more thrilled with him... even Tiny likes him now!







Besides the 20 week ultrasound, I had no testing in the 2nd trimester for any of my babies.

LOL, ^^ this, exactly... do not take pregnancy as a straight path to follow, at best it is a meandering wander through the woods, stopping at strange symptoms along the way, missing some entirely, circling back to others over and over again.  And just when you think you have it all figured out, it changes again!


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One picture up in "Trying a pic", for some reason photobucket hates me and I can only do one at a time or I get frustrated with it shutting down on me.  Will try to do more later... or look me up on facebook (pm me for info) I have pics up there


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Photobucket hates me, so hopefully here is one shot of Silas.  He's really bruised from a difficult presentation pared with a super fast descent, but now at 4 days old it is only the bridge of his nose that's still blue!


Change happens!  What you described is exactly what I had every single time.  Embrace the fact that you are getting rounder, it is your body making room for your sweet baby, and before you know it you'll actually be showing smile

So glad to hear all the positive updates smile

Same donor, same uterus, same timing as our first babe (who took 5 months) and #2 was conceived first try.


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MNmommas wrote:

P.S. How are YOU doing? Baby W came out "waving hello" like Silas and that made DW tear, although W was 8lbs 8 oz so a bit bigger. Did you come through unscathed? I hope you're able to get some rest.

I needed one stitch for a tiny tear, and am feeling pretty bruised down there, but overall the relief of him being on the outside is greater.  I'm averaging 2 doses of Advil a day to keep on top of afterpains and swelling... btw, for anyone interested, afterpains are a b!tch by the fourth delivery, as strong as decent contractions!


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That's the best place for him to be!!  SO happy for you  big_smile


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Moosie is totally in love, he can't just lay somewhere if she's around, she's got him!


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Mini-birth story. Friday we had our midwife appointment at 1pm, and Jen our wonderful MW gave me a good stretch and membrane sweep. She also sent us home with an herbal induction drink, but told me not to drink it until she called, because L&D was pretty busy right then. We got home at 2 and contractions started shortly after that. I did some dishes, some laundry and then it hit HARD. I laid down on the couch for a breather, which lasted 12 minutes before I called my sister to come get Tiny. We got to the hospital and into our room at 3:55pm.

MW checked us (at my request) to find I was at 6. 20 minutes later she did a quick internal to see head position because he had felt a little off centre, and we were at 8. Shortly after that I started feeling pushy and she told me to listen to my body. I bore down gently for a contraction or two, then gave it my all. Water splashed everywhere, and sadly was full of meconium. Then Silas' head and left arm were born together as he had his hand over the top of his head, and both shoulders needed to be pushed out together. I think I pushed about 5 times, but wasn't counting, it was SO INTENSE! Silas Anthony Jordon made his grand appearance at 4:39pm.  * pounds, 6.6 ounces, 21.5 inches long.

Here was where the bad news was, he took one good huge gulp of air and cried briefly as his body was emerging, sucking in all that poopy water. So change in plans, he needed to be suctioned and have a little breathing assistance in the form of free-flow room air for a bit. Apgar scores were still 8-8-9, he was just sluggish getting that gunky fluid out and breathing steadily. They moved him and I to the special care nursery where he was monitored for the next 6 hours or so. It was bring and stressful for me, but I am thankful they had him hooked to the monitors on my chest, so he spent that whole time skin to skin with me.

At 11pm we were moved back to our own room, and just before 2 Saturday afternoon sent home.

He is doing great, he's a champion nurser and pooper, and wants to be cuddled most of the time. He is really bruised from his fast delivery, and we need to watch for jaundice because of that, but he's pretty much perfection. He is a real snuggler, wanting to be close to someone all the time, which is such a hardship for most of us!  Tiny is not super impressed with him yet, she calls him "real baby" and doesn't like Daddy holding him, but we're making a point of spending extra time with her, and praising her for "sharing her boobies" every time he nurses. The big kids are all in love with him.

I'll try to get pictures up, photobucket doesn't like me, but I'll work on it!

Yay for mucus and bloody show!  I've been obsessively checking when I wipe, because for me the bloody show is what tells me "this is it".  Hope to see the next update being a birth announcement smile  Know I think of you every hour, girl!

Dark beer
Steel cut oats
Tons of water
Protein, make sure you are getting butt loads of protein a day
Brewer's yeast
Flax seeds

And RELAX!  Stress and weight loss are two of the major contributors to dwindling supply.  try to breathe and not think about it smile


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Yep, I ordered the bamboo inserts directly from Alva.  Tiny is proportionatly tiny, she's just a slight child, in about the 10% for height and weight (32 inches tall and 25 pounds at 23 months)  I've just recently had to stop snapping the rise snaps up as she's gotten a bit longer in the torso, and she hip snaps are on the second to tightest.  We also double stuff (one bamboo, one microfiber) I wonder if that helps, because it thickens the between her legs area?


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Sounds pretty normal for a 4 year old for me.  In fact, daycare dude is going through this right now  as well, and it also drives me batty.  And, again, I have done the mimic thing, it's not pretty and I feel 4 when I do it, but sometimes it is the only way to get the point across of how silly it is.


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Tiny has skinny little legs and I've never had poop blow outs with my Alvas, though the bamboo did help with the toddler pee blow outs we were having before I switched.  Maybe just play with the snap settings till you find whats perfect for you?

babybaby wrote:

i'm thinking both yours and goobie's babies should come tomorrow.  that way they'll be libra snakes just like me AND have the same birthday as mine.  smile

Oh, I think I can speak for both of us when I say this would be an excellent idea!

I had my membranes stripped with both Boog and Moose, and it didn't do squat with either.  With Tiny I had my cervix stretched (no strip) and she was born 11 hours later.  With Jose I have been stretched 3 or 4 times already, and nada.  I *personally* think it can help if you are ready to go, and if not, it will just make you a little crampy.

I am sending oodles of labour vibes your way sweetie.  I know how uncomfortable and anxious you are, and TOTALLY understand the "why isn't my body working?" thoughts.  Totally.  Try to keep in mind that since B was a section, your body has never opened before, so your cervix thinks it is a first timer.  Most first timers go an average of 10 days over, which is nothing but pure and unadultered hell by the hour, but it is normal.  I have every confidence in you, your body, and your midwife that your baby boy will be in your arms very soon. 

Have you tried a good cry?  Seemed to work for me for both my girls, just as I hit the "I can't do this anymore" stage and lost my cool, they were born shortly after that.  Not working with this baby, my body has figured out my tricks wink  But a good release of tension might be whats needed to kick start things.


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I've been thinking of you too Coco!  Not gonna lie, at this stage I['d only feel a wee bit guilty if I beat you, but having once been way overdue (Boog was 18 days late!), I get what you're feeling!  Hopefully the massage and all that will help coax little man out!

All my breastfeeders had suckies in the early days.  One suggestion is to make sure when she is sucking on it to make sure her little lips are flanged out, like they need to be on the breast.  I'm not sure about nipple confusion, but I do know it hurts when they develop a lazy latch from sucking close mouthed or with their lips turned in (top and/or bottom) from the soother.  As long as they are duck lipped out like on the breast, much easier!

Adding, I was blessed that all 3 of my bios have switched from breast, bottle, soother, finger, whatever with no issue, I know this is not the case for all.  And I do try to wait till at least a week to introduce anything other then breast, so they get all that lovely colostrum and transitional milk.  Also, if she seems gassy, have you tried eliminating things from your diet?  It could be something you're eating that's upsetting her tiny system.


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Congratulations, hope all are doing well!

Haven't reads the other comments, but I giggled when I saw this because I can relate.  It does mean I DO everything for my child, but they still ask!

beyondobsessed wrote:
MNmommas wrote:

njmomma, I always think "ninja momma" when I see your screenname

Me too!!

Add me to this list too!

I have been my stepdaughters birth coach twice now, and both times even she has said "I need to go to the hospital" and I've told her to wait, there's a certain point where all of a sudden the noises you make are different and its just like "oh hey, I thought before was it, nope, THIS is it".  Of course the hours/days/weeks leading up to that can be tricky to tell sometimes.  No one cares if you have a few false starts!

alex76 wrote:

I'm worried I won't even know when it's actual labor.

3 times I have thought the same thing, and 3 times you KNOW!  Now I still have that fear the fourth time around that I won't "know", and though you may have a few false starts, real labour feels totally different when it's active!

Thanks all.  I'm pounding back the fluids (and peeing every time I cough because of it), resting as much as possible, eating as healthy as I can, and avoiding the world for fear of turning into a homicidal manic.


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Come on out York!  I'm waiting for you, your mommies are waiting for you, your brother is waiting for you... just come out!!

So, Coco, how you feeling?  How's your cervix?  Sore labia yet?  Had the runs lately?  LOL sorry, could not resist, you may slap me.


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They are gorgeous, you are amazing, and I am jealous!

Congratulations on your perfect little men smile

I've been having exactly as coco described.  Earlier in pregnancy BH were just tightenings with no cramps.  As babe got bigger, I'd have mild cramps that went with them.  Now I get tightenings, and I get cramps, and sometimes I get them together, but they are sporadic and "walk talk and breathe though-able", unlike real contractions which get worse and closer together.

Suggestions on any relief?  Nose that is alternately stuffed and running, itchy eyes, sore itchy throat, cough, tight chest, body aches.  Nausea is back full force too, so I've been throwing up just about everything I eat the last 2 days, so all cures must be tummy gentle!


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Call and have it checked out, but it's probably all going to be just fine


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Can't wait to see pictures of them!  congratulations!!

My dad started calling me Goobie the day I was born, 32 years later I don't think he has ever called me by my real name.  Most of my family calls me Goob or Goobie, so it was something I knew I would not forget smile

Is it wrong to say I'm jealous?!  can't wait to see pictures of your little men!

Loads of luck!!