LOL Shanny, I thought Tiny pooped a lot as a newborn, so we counted one day - 17 poops in one day!  I can sympathize, but at least BF poop doesn't stink!

Sticky, stubborn baby dust sent from Jose to you!

I'll be watching for updates, best of luck to you all!!

chandraandamanda used cohosh, I believe, they would know more then I do!

Coco, I hear you on the supplements.  I take: antinauseant (or I'll be throwing up all day still) and EPO first thing in the morning.  Lecithin and cal-mag a bit later.  EPO, my anti anxiety pill, more lecithin, prenatal vitamin with dinner.  More lecithin (it helps with my pelvis) more EPO, flax and another anti nauseant before bed.  I swear some days it feels like I don't need to eat.  Plus I have been drinking "labour tea" a friend made for me, it's red raspberry leaf, nettles, and some other things that are all supposed to improve blood flow to the uterus.  So far none of it is doing squat though!


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emlklg444, I feel for you!  I still have 2 weeks till EDD, being on your due date must be even harder!  Aren't the "practise contractions" that keep you up all night but amount to nothing fun?  Every day I wake up in the morning with that pressure where I don't know if I am going to start contracting or sh!t my pants, and by every afternoon its stopped, only to start again in the evening and keep me uncomfortable all night.  Good thing our precious bundles are worth it!!

Could be.  Instead of worrying about it, enjoy his healthy gain now, and the lack of poopy pants to change!  Tiny hit a point where she was only pooping once every 10 days, it was glorious!

OneSmallStep wrote:
babybaby wrote:

that black cohosh tea can induce labor.  i know i already told you this, cocobay, but if anyone else can use that tidbit of info., i thought i'd post it here, too.

Just to mention, and I honestly can't remember if it was blue or black. But we almost had DW take that on advice from a health food store employee who swore by it. It's a good thing we didn't though because as it turned out DW needed the opposite one. If she had taken the one we got, for her it could have caused higher bp. Even though it works great for other women. So I'd check with your mw before taking it. smile

I thought you were supposed to use both of them together?  honestly this is one I have never tried, and am scared to!

Get her to put her butt up as far as possible propped on pillows, put the swimmies JUST inside the cervix, then use the cup as a cork!  Its ok to feel like a newbie, it's stressful!


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I have used a known donor, twice, and can tell you this.  If you have ANY reservations, don't do it.  Period.  Thank him for his offer, but just don't go there if you are not a thousand and ten percent sure.  And then be more sure.

We had a very early miscarriage, and had told no one we were trying, so it sucked to go through that alone.  Both babies we have now announced within days of the BFP.


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Thanks OSS, send all those extra "baby now" vibes into the universe for me please!

oldmama, no Tiny was a week and a half early, though yes I was pretty miserable near the end of her pregnancy, it was nothing like this one.

Had some kliller cramps in the middle of the night.  Just need that cervix to move forward and thin out so get this party started... come on little man!!!


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Coco, I pumped an ounce of colostrum yesterday while hooked up to my pump for about 10 minutes, then Tiny wanted to nurse seeing my boobies were out, so she finished the job for me!  I am SO glad that you are having a great end-of-pregnancy.  I was like that with Moose, where I felt amazing right up to her birth (but not the first 8 months!) and it was SO much easier then this!

K&H, sadly, you may be on to something.  All 3 of my older kids were born 3-8 days after the full moon... but I really do not want to wait till the new moon.  Pardon the TMI, but I am pretty sure my vagina will fall out if he is this low, for that long.  Forgot to add midwife apt stats to the upper, will do it in a minute, but he's fully engaged with the widest part of his head at the narrowest part of my (broken) pelvis already, I'm long, thick but super squishy and 1cm.

babybaby: thank you!  I hope it's not long either.  Selfishly, because I am in pain.  Out of curiosity, I want to meet him, and because Tim is off work now, why waste his parental leave with no baby?  Also, my dad will be here in 10 days, and he'd rather see a baby not a belly smile


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I know I'm not the only one near-due here... who else is getting frustrated?

Had a midwife appointment yesterday, she said she would not be surprised to see me go this weekend.  Of course then I was crampy and back-achy.  Went grocery shopping, and for a walk, cramping stopped but my pelvis is on fire!  Hence the reason it's nearly 4am and I've been up for 2 hours already... insomnia, aches, I'm tired but can't sleep, can't get comfortable, but apparently can't just go into labour either!

ETA:  Midwife stats after being made into a human meat puppet yesterday.  Baby boy is fully engaged.  The widest part of his head is at the narrowest part of my (broken) pelvis, making most positions feel "grind-y".   Also feel like he is going to fall out of my bum at any minute, and coughing or sneezing put a lot of pressure on my perineum.  Cervix, however, is still quite far back, long, thick, but super super soft and squishy, and 1cm.  Basically meaning, with my history, I could have this baby in 3 hours or 3 weeks.

Just needed to whine, sorry!

No advice on preseed, but we did use the cups.  What we found worked best was if Tim aimed the swimmies at my cervix (tip of syringe JUST inside os) pushed them in slowly, then he held my ankles up and apart while I stuffed the cup in still in my bum-in-the-air position... voila, no spillage, ever!

babybaby and scifimom, I applaud you!  I have a husband, and there is no WAY I am having sex right now.  We tried near the end with Tiny, and I literally felt like her head was RIGHT THERE and it was so uncomfortable.  I haven't even bothered since this baby dropped.  Evening primrose oil has similar prostoglandulans, you can take it orally or vaginally, all it does is help soften the cervix, won't induce you.

My three very different answers smile

Boog:  42w2days, 9ish pm, my water broke (Thursday night).  No contractions, just slapped on a pad, wateched a movie then went to bed, knowing I had a Dr's appointment in the morning, and I may as well sleep.  9am Friday Dr confirmed yes my membranes had ruptured, told me to go home and come to hospital when uncomfortable.  Felt "off" all day, like I had to pee constantly, but not real crampy.  Dr called me at home at 7:30pm asking where I was.  Told her I was not in pain yet, just felt restless and like I had to pee all the time!  She told me to come up to the hospital.  Went shopping for new jammies and slippers first, then headed up about 9pm.  Was checked, no progress (long cervix, 1cm).  Was given a sleeping pill and scheduled for induction at 9am Saturday, approx 36hrs after ruptured membranes (but only 2 vaginal checks and my temp was fine, Boog was looking good on monitors).  Woke up at 4am feeling menstrual crampy, which quickly escalated into contractions that I needed to really internalize and focus on.  Got very quiet and pulled into myself for his labour.  Was told I could push at 6:30, promptly fell asleep and was OUT for an hour, woke at 7:30 screaming "I have to push" and he was here at 8:14.

Moosie:  I had been having mild contractions (more like hard BH with minor cramping) every ten minutes for 3 days before my EDD.  Had been sitting at 50% effaced and 3cm for 3 weeks before my EDD.  Woke at 8am on my EDD and my sister (I was staying with her, my ex husband worked 2 hours away, and I needed to be able to get to the hospital) commented that I was turning pink with each cramp.  I called my ex at work at noon and told him to come home now, not at 5pm as expected, but honestly did not think I was in labour, again, I just felt off, restless and weird.  He arrived at my sisters at 4 and we headed to the hospital.  5pm check, 3cm, 50% effaced, I could still talk through my contractions, therefore I was not in labour, but my blood pressure was high, so they wanted to monitor me for a bit.  6pm, no change.  7pm, no change.  8pm, no change (I read a lot of magazines, talked with my then hubs and tried to convince the nurses that I might not be in labour YET, but it was coming, I just KNEW).  At 8pm they accused me of doing something to keep my BP high so I could stay even though they could use the bed for someone else.  at 8:18pm my water broke.  Then I screamed like a banshee, kicked a nurse, cried, grunted and howled, and Moose popped out at 9:05pm.  Oh, she's the only one I recall losing my plug with too, about 3 in the afternoon.

Tiny:  I was DONE.  I was miserable.  I wanted to meet this baby.  Was told by midwife at 4pm on Oct 31 that I would be pregnant at least a week more.  I cried.  I came here and complained.  I made dinner, and took my biggies trick or treating.  MW had checked me, so I was crampy but not contracting.  Came home at 9pm, had the kids in bed by 10.  Watched TV with a heating pad on my back from 10-11 then had a hot bath.  Went to bed about midnight, but could not get comfortable, my back HURT!  Told Tim at 1am that I could nto sleep, my back was killing me.  He called the midwife, she told us to meet her at the hospital so she could give me something to help me rest.   By now I was contracting, but they were short (20-30 seconds) and not consistant.  Got to the hospital, went to triage, chatted with midwife for a bit and she decided to check me at 2am.  Told me I was not leaving the hospital without a baby, I was 3cm and paper thin.  I rocked, swayed, cried a bit, moaned and Tiny was born at 3:16 am, born at 38w4days.

So here I sit, 37w1d, obsessing over every cramp and contraction, waiting it out like you, because I know there is no way to REALLY know, until its just about time!


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My 22.5 month old does not sleep 7 hours straight yet.  You are one lucky momma!


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Ours goes by the calendar year.  Jan 1- Dec 31 of 2011 will all be in Tiny's class when the time comes.


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mommylove wrote:

I'm far more concerned about taking over the counter medication and passing that on to my nurslings than a small amount of wine.

My midwife often tells me to go home and have a glass of wine.  In Europe they do not stop wine and beer consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and have a LOWER instance of FASD then we do in north America.  Just moderate!


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Note on the nipple shield.  In the first 6 weeks or so, you will be producing more then he needs, IF you can wean him from the shield before the 6 weeks mark when your supply starts to regulate more, and he has to work harder for milk transfer, then awesome.  If not, people have successfully nursed for months using a shield, but it is more likely to cause early weaning and less effective milk transfer.


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Scientifically, about 2 hours, per drink.  So if you had a glass of wine at 9pm, the alcohol would be so minimal by 11pm as to not really register.  A better rule of thumb is "if you can feel it, baby can too", so if you have that pleasant wine warmth, beer buzz or downright drunk going on, it'll be in your milk.

If you really want, you can get little dip sticks to test to see if you have alcohol in your breast milk.

Me personally, I do not pump and dump.  I rarely drink never more then one at a time, and it never bothered Tiny when I did have a drink (in fact, the Yule she was not quite 2 months old she slept really well if Mommy had a Kahlua in hot chocolate in the evening).  But that's how it affected MY kid.  With my last 2 nurslings, I picked a time where if we had a sleepless night it was not a big deal, and had a beer (dark beer is good for milk production) or something and just timed to see how long I felt the effects (can change due to hormonal changes) and how it affected baby.  Moose always got hiccups if I nursed within 3 hours.  Tiny was never affected.

Let me know if you want my links, I don't have time to search in the morning, but I have information I can copy rom my textbooks for you!


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Excellent news!!

Kari wrote:

When Juliet was younger she'd sleep anywhere, anytime.  Now she's quite particular about where she sleeps.  I wonder sometimes if it's because she's a stomach sleeper vs. back sleeper.  Justin was a back sleeper and still sleeps in the car seat on occasion, but Juliet prefers the knees tucked under her and butt in the air position, which is impossible to achieve in the car seat or stroller.

This is how Tiny sleeps too!  She's also the type that if we are out and about she will NOT sleep, no matter how tired she is, which leads to an overtired cranky child later in the day. 

I think you need to look a lot at your child's personality.  Boog I could take anywhere, if he was tired he'd sleep.  Moosie would sleep in the stroller or carseat, or being worn/held a lot, which was a god send with a 4 year old around.  Maybe Tiny would sleep better if I had done tha with her from the start, but I run my own daycare, and my daycare dude sleeps at the same time every day, so she fell into his nap schedule, and now I cannot break it, its just not worth it for my sanity!


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The only thing I can think to suggest is to up your protein intake.  I noticed with both my last nurslings (one whom was a chubba chubba, and one who was thin!) that my milk seemed richer when I ate a lot of protein.  With Tiny I'd just dip into the peanut butter with a spoon a few times a day, and she started gaining faster smile

Kari, I get that!  Every play group, childrens story time, anything like that in this town seems to be from 11-2... my kids sleep 11:30-1:30!  So we either miss out, or have late naps then late nights.

The scheduling gets much better after naps are no longer needed.  I personally missed nap time when my biggies got bigger, because I liked laying down with them during the day smile  But yes, as I sit here blearlily sipping coffee because tiny napped late last night, thus as up late last night, and now already today our whole routine has been thrown off, I can totally get where you are coming from.

Awww, its a sweet baby bump!

HopingforBFP, I said it before and I will say it again, you had the MOST amazing belly with Luca!

Tiny loves balls and books.  Big balls, little balls, balls of yarn, anything spherical.  And any book, mine, hers, a magazine that came in the mail.  I'm thinking Christmas will be easy for her this year, because she honestly does not care!  For her birthday we are asking all her friends and family to chip in on an outdoor climbing thingy with a slide, because "climbin" is her other obsession, I swear she can scale the walls!

I love that wooden castle puzzle game, might need to look into that!


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When we had just one child, we loved our Dodge Neon.  Small, good on gas, good trunk space.  For only one child, my only real requirements would be 4 door, since getting into the back of a 2 door is awkward!


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Bus drivers that work with children need to have a special criminal records test done.  And they don't have time to pull the bus over to rape the kids.  Just try to ignore them smile

I'm not single, but had a lot of "just me" pictures in my first maternity shoot 2 years ago.  Sitting on a rick by the river, hands on my belly, leaning against a tree in a pile of fall coloured leaves, just rubbing my belly looking down at it, practically naked laying in a field with the sun beating down on me (very goddess like!) so many things you can do.  Google maternity pics, you'll find tons.

scorpiogrl7 wrote:

Well, the good news is I have only gained 2.6lbs so far, so it must just be rearranging my innerds.  But I am about a size 14 not pregnant, so I'm a little scared of how big I will end up.  Plus the whole not being able to exercise except "gentle yoga" and walking.

This was a big one for me... I'm a 16/18 not pregnant, and HATE the numbers on the scale, but just remember, no matter how big you get, a pregnant belly is FAR different then being "big".  I'm over 50 inches around right now, and yet everyone tells me I look fabulous.  Maybe they're just afraid I'll eat them if they piss me off.

Keep in mind you are also retaining fluids, your internal organs are being squished around, and you're probably more sensitive to being squashed into pants right now.  So even though baby is still happily behind your pubic bone at this stage, your bladder and intestines are not up higher, and you have more blood.  Is it "normal", well for you, yes yes it is!  That's the joy of pregnancy, you're normal changes from day to day, but I'm sure it's more common then people think.

I wasn't in mat clothes that early with my first, but second, third and fourth, yes!


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Welcome back, the kids are gorgeous!


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Both my biggies used to need to be stripped naked for meal time, and hosed off after.  My eldest was the worst,. he was by far the messiest eater I have ever met.  I don't remember when it got better, but at nearly 15 he's pretty clean now!

My 11 year old got much neater by about age 3.

Tiny is almost 2, and some days she eats very neat, and other days are a lost cause.  I think it's just age and personality, not purposely being messy.


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Aww, I'm sorry you're having a rough go sad 

I also eat what I want, and not worry as much as I had in the past, my midwife has never once commented on my lunch meat usage, even though I told her I went through a boloney stage!


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With Boog I had my membranes stripped multiple times in the 18 days he was late... didn't do anything.

With Tiny the midwife just checked me, and played with my cervix a bit to see if it was stretchy yet at all (still closed and long) and she was born 11 hours later (10 days early)

With this pregnancy I had an ultrasound at 13 weeks, because MW could feel my fundus already and wanted to rule out twins.  Otherwise, standard practise here for an uneventful pregnancy is one ultrasound around 20 weeks, and that's it.


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Glad to hear its getting better!  If the milk blister does not pop with exfoliating, you can pop it with a sterile needle.  It SOUNDS painful, but really is not.  Personally, I could never exfoliate the buggers away (I'm prone to milk blisters), they can suck!


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Lunch meats are just fine as long as they are steamed to a specific temperature, which Arby's are.  You and babe are fine smile

Oh good grief!  This test has been available in Canada for a while already (what I used as the digi's for both my latest pregnancies) and I never thought of using it to check for miscarriage.  I think if you're going to be obsessive, you'll be obsessive no mater what test you have!


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What a wonderful moment!


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Lansinoh or Medela nipple cream always works best for me.  Or plain old coconut oil (wipe off before pumping for your preemie).  The tho0ught might turn YOUR stomach, but a few drops of blood in the bottle will not turn Bailey's, it is entirely safe for her to drink what has been pumped from that side anyway.  Tun your suction down for a few days, let that nipple hang out in the air (get some sunshine on it too if you can) and after pumping express a drop or two and rub that milk into your nipple then let it air dry.  Make sure you never have a damp nursing pad on that side.  It will heal, I promise!


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annerbones wrote:

Thanks guys - I don't mean to sound like I am whinning or complaining.  I am just seeking advice from a group of moms who I know do everything in their power for their children.

I say go ahead and whine... parenting is HARD and you've been thrown a loop a lot of us can't even fathom.  We cannot appreciate the sun without some rain sometimes, and I stand by we cannot be happy all the time without b!tching sometimes too!


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babybaby has a point, which is why I did not hyphenate.  I have 2 legal last names (as do our kids), so if you can't find me under one, I'll be under the other!  For some reason this is apparently easier to find then a hyphenated name in databases and such, though I don't understand why.  It also means that I don't NEED to use my 15 character last name all the time, but can pick and choose which of the 2 to use as fits the situation.


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Yeah, 2 of my nieces and one of my nephews were nicu preemies, and with the really tiny one she had to be kept away from outside stuff for a while, that's why I was wondering!

Oh sweetie, I'm 35.3 weeks pregnant and still inspect, it becomes habit!  I started "peeking" over three years ago before our first donor baby was conceived!


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Is she allowed gifts from the outside world yet, or still in isolation?


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Sounds like you are in good hands.  Try to relax, stress will just make that BP go up.  And enjoy your extra 10 weeks off smile