Oh wow!  congratulations!!  I would say that if the line is still as dark at 13dpo as it was at 10dpo you're pretty good... with my chemical it was only positive for one night and then went back to negative... best wishes for you for a happy healthy nine months!!

PS - we want pics!!


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I am so glad that you are covered!  Hmmm, by coming to these boards I flip flop as to where I live and which is better, but when it comes to healthcare, I am SO glad that I am Canadian!


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I wish you the best... I would just bring it up casual like, like "I am expecting and need this day off for a prenatal appointment".  I'm sure your boss will be totally cool!  I am so blessed that my "boss" (or client, whichever way you look at it!) is also my KD, so they'll know the day I do... I swear KD wife knows my cycle better then I do!


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Feb 13th:   CD11.  No smiley today, but CP was high, soft, open with EWCM.  KD gave us one imsem today, will do another Tuesday the 15th no matter what, then see if we need another this month or not.  Feel gross... Tim thinks he has food poisoning and feels yucky, the minute he said "nauseous" I got there too... good thing about AI - one does not need to "be in the mood"

Feb 15th:   CD13.  No smiley today either, but all body signs still lining up.  Did insemination #2 at 2200.  Have a "non-negative" feeling about this month, even though I still don't have smiley.  KD will give us a dose on Thursday evening as well.   Tim said Cervix was WAY open.

Feb 16th:   CD14, STILL no smiley with FMU, CP still high, soft, WAY open.  Temp went from 36.36 two days ago, to 36.22 yesterday, to 36.12 today... so it's dropping, WTH???

Feb 17th:   CD15, Hello Smiley!  So it looks like I DO ovulate with the full moon!  Temp went upa little bit today, but still way below coverline.  KD should be here in half to an hour and I`ll do my last insemination tonight (then text Tim while I lay with my ass in the air after attempting to knock myself up) and I do think I am feeling pretty good - I am actually nervous about tonight, because it might, just might work!  Here`s hoping I O tomorrow and not Saturday, to give the boys the best chance.

Feb 18th:   CD17, 1 DPO... major major major temp spike today!  Yesterday went down to 36.09 today was up to 36.53!!  Felt O pains in right side all day Thursday before last insem.  Felt O pains all day yesterday in left side, so am hoping this means double eggs and double chance.  Still feeling way optimistic about this month... everything looks good!

Feb 21st:   CD19, 3DPO... still looking good, still feeling optimistic.  Lots of praying to the Goddess, hoping to see a BFP this month!  No symptoms but my usual excessive thirst I always get right after O

4 DPO:  thirsty, tired and minor cramping today.  Otherwise feeling great, still feeling optimistic, and I am getting laid tonight... wooohooooooooO!!

5 DPO:  "Symptoms" today are, a wee bit of constipation, 2 BM today, sore legs (walked the dog for an hour last night) lower back spasming feeling (could be from dog walking) and a weird feeling like I have a UTI in that I have odd twinges in my girly parts, but no increased urination or pain.  CP high, firm, closed, CM abundant and creamy/watery... very wet but white, no scent.  Hitting the second doubting stage of the TWW, but overall still feeling good.  Will test one week from today.

6 DPO:  Legs and back still sore.  CP med/high, firm, closed, still lots of white, wet scent free CM.  Mood swingy today, weather could be blamed as it is gloomy and WAY cold and windy (-7) and Tim is almost 24 into his 36 hour shift now, so I'm always a bit witch when hes not around.  Personal xxx at an all time high in my life, trying not to stress about it.  Def. second doubting now...  Blessed Goddess please open my womb for a child!

7 DPO:  So tired today.  3 zits on right temple, 2 on left temple, a little earlier for break out then ususal, and way more!  Temp spiked from 36.61-36.83 today.  No other symptoms.  Fingers still crossed.  CP med firm closed, same CM.

8DPO:   Temp the same today.  CM same.  CP same as yesterday.  Twinges today, almost felt  like O pain, but on both sides... no new zits, super dry itchyskin super thirsty.  Got dizzy a little mroe then ususal today.

9 DPO:  Dying here.  Weird twinges again, a few times it felt like someone was sticking a pin in me from the inside out.  VERY gassy tonight.  Tired.  Still congested.  Dizzyish.  CP has not moved.  CM has not changed.  Temp dipped a little bit (36.85-36.74) still way above cover.  Part of me is SO sure this has worked this month, an equal part of me is sure it did not.  Still 3 days still I start testing and I am going nuts.  Lots of knitting to keep busy.  No new zits, still thirsty, and for about the fifth day in a row now I have gotten super bloated after dinner, but tonight is the first time it led to gas.  Painful bloating, Tim called it "morning sickness in the evening"... without the puking part, but so my belly is so hard and tight from being bloated it makes me feel ill.

10 DPO:  For the record, I blame and thank stwrr at the same time.  She made me test.  Heather did too.  They are bad influences... but awesome friends .... BFP baby!!  FOUR brands all say the same thing.  Symptoms, bloated and gassy feeling again, like if could just burp I would feel better.  Lower back pain.  Super excited now!

11 DPO:  Still testing positive, and the lines are coming up FAST and dark.  Thinking this is a sticky bean.  Had a moment of "oooh, thats not a good feeling" this morning when I lit a smoke.  Put it out, felt fine.  Nice!    Still shaking every time I think about it.  Way excited.  VERY bad back pain today, twisted weird last night while coughing and think I threw something out.  Not too bad if I stay sitting or standing or laying, it's just getting from one to the other that sucks.  Twisting weird feelings in lower belly today too a few times, not so much painful as sudden and unexpected.  Guessing this is everythign shifting and saying "heeeeeey, its been 9 years since I did this last".  OMG we are so happy!!

12 DPO: told Mom and oldest sister yesterday.  Told dad and other sister today.  Starting to email people.  Physically feeling great, but did not nap today so even though it is only almost 9, I'm ready for a bath and bed.  Almost passed out ont eh couch at 6, but thats because I am used to napping every day!  Few little twingey feelings today, and boobs are starting to get more sensitive - please don't let them get heavy and huge yet!  If I don't hear back from the midwife tomorrow I will book a dr's appt just to have it on record.

4w4d:  Feeling GREAT!  Been stressed a bit getting ready to leave town tomorrow, insomnia has been hitting me hard again, apparently being super tired and not sleeping is my 1st tri curse, since I remember this from the last 2 times too.  Sence of smell is insane, i can smell everything, and it all makes me gag,.  Not puke, not even feel ill most of the time, but gag.  Boobs are tender now, and nipples are super sore.  Nipples are already getting bigger, darker and they hurt, badly.  STARVING but only certain things appeal to me... white milk, pretzles, crackers and cheese, hummus and veggies, pizza spaghetti... so glad I live in an Italian influcened town.  Won;t be updating this for a week now, still seems hard to believe our dreams are coming true!

5w6d:  First midwife appointment tomorrow.  Smell stil super sensitive, and my nipples feel itchy all the time.  Nipples defintely darker/bigger.  Feeling like this may be much like Moosie, wil be 6 weeks tomorrow and the all day queasies have been bad the last 2 days.  Constipation here a bit too, but that could be from travelling as well, just getting lots of water, bulk and fruit juice in hopes of fixing that.  Not sure if Jen will be doing an ultrasound tomorrow or not (I hope so!) but everything just seems so exagerated this time, perhaps because we were really trying and I knew so early?  What I can eat is still weird too - still loving pasta and pizza, milk and juice, just about anything else is a no-go.   Mmmm, perogies would be good too....

6w3d:  morning sickness blows.  Literally.  Thats all I have to talk about, I am so freaking sick all the time.  Started Diclectin, now I am just nauseated, and only throw up 4-10 times a day, not every time I eat or breathe.  And most of the vomit is smell oriented now, like when Tim farts, or the dogs go out in the rain and come in wet, or I have to scrape dinner dishes, or someone with too much (aka ANY) perfume walks past me in a store, or someone in another province eats garlic... yeah, its that bad... but it will all be worth it.  Will write about the midwife appt later, i thought I had done that and I am too tired and sick feeling to do it now tonight.


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Found out today new KD DOES have the gene for the heart condition, and a very good chance of passing at along.  So, he's out.  Not sure what to do this month, go with DK we have been using, or start chatting up other friend who have offered.

I'm in a relationship with Tim, we are "engaged to never get married".  My kids are Boog and Moosie (Troy and Robyn) and his kids are Tay and Darian, Tay is engaged to Jon, they are expecting our first grandbaby in March, and we are TTC #5, our first together!


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CD2 (Feb 4)... went cross border shopping today and got sticks to pee on every day of the month if I want to!  Going out tonight to meet up with the guy who has offered to donor for us this month to make sure we are all on the same page.  Still have C as a back up if M decides he's NOT into it all, but since he offered, and Tim DID explain how we would need him, when we would need him etc, I feel pretty good about it.  Not to mention... 6'10 and 330 pounds, our child would have a great shot at being tall (everyone in the family is tall {but me} so I don't want this babe to feel left out and be a shrimp).


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3 DPO... Tim`s optimism is slightly catching, but not enough.  Had tea with R today... he asked me to give him another 3 months to get through is divorce etc before he commits himself one way or the other.  15 years of friendship, I can give him another 3 months.  I will know for sure 100% when he does make up his mind that it is a well thought out thing.  Until then, hoping C will still help, cuz I am still pretty sure I am out this month.  BUT - it is a good month to describe what I am feelign without overanaliyzing everything!

2 DPO - FOUL mood
2 and 3 DPO - sharp pinching feelings in cervical area... just a few, but enough to notice.  Super thirsty - this I have noticed is a `just after O`thing for me for the last several cycles.
3 DPO - feeling cold, even though the heat is on.  Headache, could be from change in barometric pressure.
4 DPO - awesome day!  Went swimming with Tim, Darian, Troy, Moosie and Emily, then out to dinner at BP's.  Uterus felt like a golf ball in my pubis while inthe pool.  Heartburn like crazy after dinner, and painfully gassy.
5 DPO - moody day.  Headache is back with a vengence all day, and everything is annoying me.  The dogs bark too much, shed too much, the kids are playing too loudly... I just want to cry today and don't know why.  Tim says he is more optimistic and excited this cycle then any other, I broke and told him I am afraid to get my hopes up again.
6 DPO - moody again.  Felt shaky/dizzy this morning, was in a good mood most of the afternoon, got super shakey before dinner and then was just cranky.  After blood sugar leveled out again I have been in a good mood, but this headache is STILL HERE!  CP has moved up a little bit today, and temp has been level - literally 3 days in a row now of 36.61... that has never happened to me before!  Maybe it means I am sleeping better?  Oh, and starting to get frustrated that FF has me at 7 DPO and I am pretty sure I am only at 6.  Olfactory halucinations today, smelled my brothers cologne outside this afternoon, not sure if that is related to TTC or not, but it really shook me up.  If it's not my mind, it was someone playing a cruel joke on me, but even that very few people know what kind of scent he wore.  I think it is my mind being cruel to me, because I miss him so badly.

7DPO - still slightly moody, but more energy today.  Basically, nothing.  Little crampy today, could be gas.  Shakey thing wasn't too bad today, headache is still here but eased a bit through the day.  Gas in evening - beans for dinner!

8DPO - moods much more under control today.  Walked downtown this morning, came home sweaty and shaky.  Ate oatmeal and felt better.  walked to Tims work tonight, felt fine.  Morning walk resulted in second BM of the day (not sure why I feel I have to put this here, but I do)  Right breast feels little tender today, but I don't take that to mean anything anymore, as I get sore boobs from PMS.  Or I could have squashed it while sleeping.  Headache better, hardly there today.  Still gassy, probably dinner! (colander).  CP has moved up higher again, can JUST barely reach it... so high end of medium or low end of high.  CM a little wetter then sticky, but clumpier then creamy.  FF charting tonight is going to be fun...

9DPO - had an urge to test today.  Squashed it fast.  Breast tenderness, not as much as last night.  CP has noved down to what I would call medium.  CM is sticky.  Feeling full-ish and slightly crampy.  TWO zits on my forehead this morning, damn sure AF is coming.  Oh, and charting earlier this evening then usual, since I am going out with the girls tonight!  Spoke too soon - nipples feeling itchy and electrical now... breast tenderness always seems to be worse in the evening for me.

10DPO - So tired today - probably from being out till 4am with the girls!  Absolutely nothing today... a little BT starting again this evening, this cold is killing me, I cough every time I lay down.  Some cramping that was pretty intence this afternoon.  FF says AF should start between tomorrow and tuesday, I was thinking Thursday (or Wed night).  Now I know I will be watching more closely and it will be driving me nuts, I never should have looked it up.  At least this cycle is almost over so I can start the next.

11 DPO - tired again... have a cold and it's kicking my ass.  Backache, gas, wicked cramps.  Fully expect AF tonight or tomorrow morning.  Killer headache too, and can't stop coughing.  Looking forward to the kids going to bed so I can too.  Only odd thing is my cramps feel more like O pains then AF cramps this evening - sharp, take my breath away, but off to one side rather then centered.  Breats still tender, nipples feel electric.

12 DPO - The cold is still winning.  Every time I cough or sneeze I feel like I am going to pee my pants.  Nose is stuffy too.  Still really sharp off center pains, like O, ranking 6-7 on the pain scale most of the day, eased off by late afternoon, now they are still there but not as sharp.  Breasts slightly tender.  Back super achy.  Gassy after dinner.

13 DPO - Cold is getting a *little* better.  Painful bloating after dinner AGAIN!  Sharp O like pains still ther, but way less frequent.  Breasts still tender, temp still high, CP has moved higher again!  CM is sticky.  BFN today, and as of 8pm this is the longest LP I have ever had... what gives?  Just by looking at my charts, I would say AF is still 2-3 days away... ugh!!

14 DPO - I'm still here.  And even more confused.  Temp drop today... coverline is 36.41, I went from 36.67 to 36.57 today, which would lead me to believe that AF would start between 5-8pm tonight, since thats when she's showed for the last 12 months.  Nope, nothing.  Minor cramping.  Major gassiness yet again after dinner, makes me think of when I was pg with Boog.  Round two of cold kicking my sorry ass from bed to couch and back again.  AF is officially late, and still testing negative.  Now I don;t know if i should buy something other then dollarama tests or just ride it out.  Tim started 36 hour shift tonight, almost looking forward to having the bed to myself tonight, at least if I cough all night I'm only disturbing the dogs.  Feel like a negative nelly, cant seem to shake the blues though.  FF is claiming that I am 15DPO and getting all excited, stupid computer program!

15 DPO - AF showed at 1400.  Not sure what my body was doing this cycle, but as bummed as I am, I am on track for next month.  Tim talked to a buddy today who offered his services, and we will try him out this month.  Feeling positive about using a new donor, hoping for a fast BFP with him.


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LOL yes I def. wished I was not an F cup the other night!  But if it works to gain our dream, it will have been worth it.

Not feeling very optimistic about this cycle at all.  I think I was way too late.  Oh well, having tea tomorrow with R to talk about his possibly being a KD for us (he was our first choice but was going through a nasty divorce).  Man I have been in a foul mood today though, had terrible dreams all night last night, raging migraine today, and the snow just keeps on falling.  I'm actually counting down to AF so I can start next cycle in a better frame of mind.


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Wow what an emotional month!  Decided to mix up the timing a little bit, normally get smiley on monday and inseminate that night and the next night.  This month, after re-looking at all my charts, decided to do insems tues and wed instead.  Of course, this is the week that KD is working early morning shifts and his wife is on nights... so he's up at 530 am and she doesnt get home till after 10pm.  Tuesday night she texted me at 1030pm... KD is sound asleep, she's tried everythign and can't get him to wake up and do his thing... she feel horrible... I feel horrible.  Me being me, I over react, freak out, count myself out for the month and cry myself to sleep in Tims arms.

Wednesday, KD calls me, he feels horrible, can we work something out?  I already had their son for an hour on Wed afternoon, I told him to go home and do his thing and bring me a sample when he picked their little guy up... which he happily did.  Was SO cute about it too, apologized like crazy, looked about 6 years old handing me the cup... normally it is hs wife that does the hand off.  Now for a new dilema... Tim is at work and I have a vial of fresh sperm... so I do some gymnastics, lay on the bedroom floor and lift my butt up onto the couch.  In this upside down, boobs suffocating me position, I use one finger to find my os, then slide the syringe in beside my finger till the tip is just inside my cervix.    Slowly squirt the swimmers in, then withdraw syringe and put in Instead cup while still upsdie down.  Stay in that position for another 20 minutes to let gravity help... texted Tim while ass to the sky in the bedroom, two dogs staring at me, and my breasts around my ears.  Cursed myself for not bring a book, or at least grabbing the remote!

So now I am in the dreaded TWW again... I am not so confident about this month, not out, just not solid on it... normally smile comes monday evening, temp rise not till Thursday.  This month smile on monday evening, major temp dip on tuesday, SLIGHT rise (just above normal, big rise from tuesday, but not above others in the last 2 weeks) on Wednesday, and a record high for the month so far today, Thursday.  Fingers crossed...  Keep telling myself that it could still work, even though I had O pains all day yesterday that ended before insem... KD is young, his swimmies strong, and this increases my chances of having a boy... we'd be happy with either, but Tim wants a little girl, I would rather another boy first.  Either way, this babe will be the tiebreaker (if we manage it this month).  Going to try to stay sane, but also started knitting a baby blanket - if this works babe will be born in october (Due on my step dads birthday) and will need a warm fuzzy blankie.  I'm also notorious for starting something then setting it aside for a few months when it is half done!


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Yes, chemical pregnancy, but ended so early and BW numbers so low we can try again already this month... holy crap it's only 12ish days till I O!


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Oct 29, first IUI @2215
Oct 30, 2nd IUI @0730
- cramping for about an hour, intermittent cramping and "full" feeling for rest of the day.

4DPO - breast tenderness
6DPO - SO TIRED!  Cramping low in belly and gassy
8DPO - puked while cleaning up dog vomit - could this be it?  Spotting before bed, possible early AF, possible implatation, possibly just from DTD.
9DPO - felt yucky and groggy all day, breast tenderness pretty much gone, spotted a little at 0800 and then again at 2100.
10DPO - AF

TRY #2
Nov 22 AI with KD @2200
Nov 24, 2nd AI @2100
FF says I O'ed on the 23rd... not much for O pain this month, gut says 24th though... will add like FF says
6&7 DPO - BMx2 each day
8 DPO - feeling constipated
9 DPO - cramping all day.  Super tired.  Sugar lows for the past three days resulting in lightheadedness.  Gut feeling this month did not work.  Waking up plugged for 6 days in a rowm, feeling like coming down with a cold.
10 DPO - 24 hours stomach bug
12 DPO - BFN
13 DPO - BFN
14 DPO - BFN, AF started @ 2030

TRY #3
Dec 20, and 21st, AI @2300 both.  FF says I O'ed on Dec 23rd, but I think it was late on night of 22nd due to O pain.
3 DPO Cramping (Christmas day - ugh)
11 DPO - Oh my... is it??  THAT is a faint line on that dollar store test!  EDD will be Tim;s 41st birthday if it is!
12 DPO - testing BFN today.  Want it to be positive so bad, but I feel in my gut it is not going to be... I SAW that line yesterday, but can't get excited till I see another one.  Cervix has moved up, temps still high, nipples SUPER sore, and Tim says they are darker looking and way heavy (boobs, not nipples!)  Very mood swingy today.
13 DPO - still BFN, still mood swings
14 DPO - AF should have shown last night or today
15 DPO - Still BFN, hope way down, temp dip, AF started at 1800 (Jan 5)
At least I did way better at keeping my mind off every little detail this month!

January 6, calling this CD1... went to hospital for bloodwork, suspected chemical pregnancy, find out tomorrow.


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Welcome aboard!  This place is fantastic, I have only been here 3-4 months myself, and I miss my gals when I don't hear from them for a few days!  Also there is people who are at all stages, those who have kids, those who don't, who's gone the Dr route, who is just at home... so no matter WHAT you ask, SOMEONE will be able to offer some insight!  And we al undertand the ups and down downs of TTC, so when you're giggy - we'll get giddy with you... if you're down, let us know, and you'll be amazed at how people will circle around you and lend you a shoulder and offer their own experiences. 

Good luck to you for a quick BFP!


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I have no idea - but my dad fathered my baby brother when he was 54, so I think it still works for guys as they get older!


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I'm from BC, and am excited to be joining you here!  Bit of background, I'm 29 and have 2 kids from a previous marriage (8 and 12).  My partner (T) is 41 and has 2 kids from a previous marriage (16 and 17) and we are expecting our first grandbaby from his 17yo in March.  Due to a vasectomy 12 years go (before me) we need to use donor sperm, and as we live on the Canada USA border we found NW and are hoping for our first D-AI in November!