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I look back at all the effort I put into trying to make sure my baby didn't rely on being rocked to sleep and have to laugh because I now have a 22 month old who sleeps in my arms all night. Most of the time I actually love it, if she wakes in the night and I'm not touching her she says "cuddle with mama!" until I scoop her up. She's very particular- wants me laying on my side with one arm under her and one over her. Really cute but my arm and hip are seriously paying for it. Sometimes I can sneak my arms away but not always- it seems to be the worst when she's cutting teeth (she's on her last two molars now!!yay!) or when it's chilly. I'll admit that she's probably spoiled by most peoples standards but I just don't care. I tried CIO when she was smaller and there's no way I could do it now. I'm sad that I ever did it before.

I guess my question is- if you've had a similar experience with co sleeping when did your kids kind of..chill out and give you a little breathing room? I'm really in no hurry to kick her out of my bed completely. She's not going to be this cuddly  and chubby for very long. I really would like my arms back though.


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"I'm prettier than everyone here" ^ DYING. I probably shouldn't find that so funny but I can't help it.


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I'm lucky in that department! M knows when I tell her to take little bites or one at a time. When she's done with a meal she takes every single piece of food and stacks it on her plate then hands it to me lol. I think it's more normal than not for toddlers to cram food in their mouths though. I've seen it a lot. My main problem is her taking the removable part of her tray off of the main part and squishing her food in it. Grrr. Or feeding the animals. The other day she threw an entire yolk of a hard boiled egg half across the room to the cat yelling "here kitty, egg! Yum!"

M is a few months older but I guarantee if I were to bring her to daycare she would cry every day at drop off for a long time. It's just her personality. She's a mamas girl and she never is left with anyone. I started school 3 nights a week a while ago and when we'd drive to meet my mom for the switch she would cry "no mama, no school!" We live with my mom and she still was upset about it (we would meet somewhere near her work to switch cars so I could get to school on time). For the first few months she cried every time, weather we met or my mom came home. My mom started telling her "mommy goes to school and reads books then she gets in the car, drives home and gives M a big kiss!" That actually worked for her, knowing where I was going, what I was doing and that I'd be back. Now I say "ok, I have to go to school now, can I have a hug and kiss?" And she gives me one and says bye mama. She doesn't even care that I leave now lol.

You're more on the attachment parenting side of things,right? I think maybe it can be harder for babies who are used to constantly being with mom, not being left with a mix of people, having their needs met immediately to adjust to daycare. I worked in daycare for years and we definitely had kids that cried at drop off for months. One kid even cried literally all day, every day for two months until we all threatened to quit and they kicked him out. So we definitely had tons of crying at drop off that stopped shortly after parents left but only one who actually would cry all day. It actually was abnormal to have a toddler be dropped off and not cry.

I also have to work around nap or pay the price. She's a much happier kid when she gets the rest she needs. If we skip nap she's like some feral animal. If its an activity that I want to do ill time it so she falls asleep in the car but she's still a little grumpy. I tried to make her be flexible but she just wasn't. She was never one to nap in the stroller or while being worn- she hated being worn actually. Then I was left with a screaming overtired kid. I've always been jealous of people who's kids will nap anywhere.


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I think there was a post about this already but what are your little one being? What were your favorite toddler costumes? I'm thinking M is going to be Peter Pan but I'm not sure yet. She LOVES Peter Pan. She wants to watch it all the time. She hated swinging until I mentioned she was flying. She said "Peter pan fly!" She's been sold on the swing ever since haha. Plus it looks really easy and inexpensive to make smile

Tell me yours!

She's a cutie smile I must be doing something wrong though because being a single parent is incredibly hard in my eyes! Much harder than I thought it would be.

You all are reinforcing that I need to just potty train M. If the kid can tell me "mama- biiiiiiiiiiig poop!" And has figured out how to lay down to be changed without squishing said big poop into her butt she's probably capable of using the potty haha. Ill be watching these posts


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I don't have a son or any penis in my life but I just had to say- that whole comment from start to finish had me wondering if it was real. Hearing an adult call a penis a weenie makes it hard to take anything that follows seriously. Comparing a dogs tail or a mole to your child's penis is not even a fair comparison. For what it's worth no I wouldn't remove a mole from my baby's face or do any procedure I didn't have to and ill admit I'm pretty vain. I also don't agree with chopping pieces of puppies off. I'm not for circ or anti-circ since I don't have a personal investment in the topic but the argument for circumcised penises being more attractive? I haven't seen any penises winning beauty pageants lately...circed or not.

I know there have been posts about this before and how awful it was. We had two really bad blood draw experiences that I've shared- one at about 5 months and the other at the 12 month lead/anemia test. They never got a vein either time and it was traumatic. I never went back for it but we live in an old house so I felt like we should do it. We had her 18 month check up today (we don't vax so she doesn't know anything about needles) and I decided to try it again since the dr said they do it at 2 again so we could just meet in the middle now. M is at a point where if you explain what's going to happen when she does something new it usually goes a lot smoother than if you don't. So when it was time I told her she was going to get a poke in the arm, it was going to hurt a little, then we would go get a treat. She sat in my lap, let them tie her arm then stick her with the needle for two tubes of blood. She never cried or said anything-just watched them do it. They got it on the first try! From my personal experience- 6 months made a huge difference. If you can wait until your baby is a little older it seems like its a lot quicker and easier. Obviously it might not be that way for everyone but luckily it worked for us!

So my sweet little girl is currently missing and I have this new sassy one in her place wink She used to be really sweet to other kids but all of a sudden she's just mean! Ok, well maybe not mean but she's being a toddler. She's not around kids a lot but when we have play dates she will shriek and take her toys from them. I always make sure to let the other parents know NOT to take the toy from their kid and give it to her and I tell M nicely that when so and so is done she can have a turn. She's usually fine and will move on but will do the same thing two seconds later. Yesterday we were at an indoor play place she hadn't been to before. There were only a few other kids there but anytime another kid would touch anything she may have played with since we'd been there she would screech and charge at them. She tried to hit one kid. I know this is all totally normal toddler behavior and I'm all for letting kids work their issues out but I won't be that mom who's kid terrorize the play place while I sit and watch.

What are your favorite methods for redirecting this kind of behavior? So far I just go grab her and tell her everyone can play or try to show her how to play along with whoever she's trying to take a toy from.

Also- sassy behavior at home- how do you handle it? For example- my mom watches her 3 nights a week while I'm in school (we're also currently living together). M will be so mean to her sometimes. Sometimes if my mom even looks at her she'll scream "no gaga!!" Or she'll swat my mom in the face if she doesn't like whatever she's doing. I feel like the best bet is to just completely take our attention away from her for a minute so she realizes that she's not going to get a reaction but I also feel like it might be smart to address the behavior. She's 18 months old now btw. I'd love to hear what methods worked for you!

I used to take the little girl I nannied for there! Such a great place. Oh and when you were talking about the other daycare that does all the extras- it sounds like you're talking about the chain that has a few locations around the state? Starts with a T? I don't want to publishly bash them too bad with their name since maybe they've changed owners/management since but I used to work there. Not a good place at all. One employee forgot an 18 month old on the playground for at least a half hour before anyone noticed. In the middle of winter. She wasn't fired and the parents weren't even notified. They would understaff rooms then shuffle employees around if the licensing people showed up. Those are only a couple of examples of the things I saw there :-/

Everything I've ever read/heard says a basic potty is best! We have the same one mommylove posted and M does well with it. I think if it looks like a toy then they are going to use it as a toy, you know? If it looks boring and serves one purpose only then I think it's easier for them to understand what it's for. I'm torn between trying the 3 day naked method with M or waiting a few months. I really think she gets it and she knows pee and poop but she has an anatomy issue were I have to be careful she doesn't get constipated. She's really stubborn and will hold her poop if things aren't just right. Most times she asks for the potty or happily will try it but there are times were shes very "NO NO NO potty!". If you find that he's holding his poop to avoid going on the potty I'd be careful. It can cause some pretty serious issues. I would definitely introduce it so he at least gets what it's for and isn't afraid later.


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We had the beco butterfly 2 and M pretty much hated it and I found it super uncomfortable. I can see why you want a different one. She's not a big toddler, 23 pounds at 18 months and I felt like she was too big to fit comfortably MONTHS ago and sold it!

Shanny- does the one you linked let the baby kind of have more freedom? M always hated being worn because she doesn't like feeling confined/strapped close. I think she might tolerate or even like something where she had some room to wiggle a bit.

I feel your pain lol. Mine is 18 months and she's very difficult. I don't say that in a negative way but she's very active, very vocal about when she doesn't like something and very strong willed. She hates being strapped into anything so she's a carseat screamer and going anywhere in the stroller is hit or miss. Usually miss. If I were to just leave her she would scream and scream til she was to the point of throwing up( haven't tried it but I know from how she is in the car). That's not fair to her or anyone within ear shot so I usually end up carrying her. In the last few months she's slowly started sitting nicely in the stroller. Well my friends have kids that would gladly sit in the stroller or car for hours. I've heard "why don't you just let her cry, she'll get over it"-they obviously weren't in the car the time she screamed for a solid hour and 40 minutes or "why don't you tell her in your firm voice that she needs to sit in it? K understands my firm voice"-from a friend with the most laid back 9 month old ive ever met. Oh, ok. Ill let you try that one.
I'm really weird about people telling her what to do or anything like that so people know better but they definitely give their unwanted advice about things they don't understand.

Mika is 18 months old now! The dr has been telling me since she was basically a newborn that she was going to be a handful and she was right! She's so strong willed and has a 0-60 temper. She doesn't forget anything. Despite my best efforts she is Dora obsessed and will walk around singing "Dora Dora Dora" all day long. She loves to sing and will sing you a song about anything- basically she'll just repeat a word in a high pitched sing songy voice while she sways back and forth. My favorite is the umbrella song-" brella, brella, brella"

She loves books, pop-pops(Popsicles),and STICKERS-she could sit all day and stick them to everything. Usually her legs. Nothing is safe from the stickers.

She's recently started saying "I love you too" when she hugs you. She knows all her body parts and loves to point them out. If there's more than one of something she'll say "more", I love that. Nose, mouth, eye, more eye. She's learning her numbers, letters and colors-so far everything is 2,B, or Yellow.

She's a hoarder. When it's time for nap or bed she gathers up all the random things she needs to sleep with then has to pile them on herself just right or she can't fall asleep.  I think we're starting to potty train, she just seems like she gets the concept and is very into talking about "pee-pee" and "poop" (at target today a man put his toilet paper on the checkout belt without a divider-the cashier rang it up with our stuff by mistake and when I told her it wasn't ours Mika yelled "no no no poop! No no!". Someone save me, I'm in trouble when she can talk more)

Sorry for the long winded post smile here are some recent pictures.


This is the first time she noticed her shadow..she didn't like it


Putting on her makeup wink

Not a big fan of anything being stuck to her...the beach was a big fail

She loves to point out slugs and says "eeeeew"


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Mika was always like that. She still is until she warns up to you and even then she usually wants just mama. It never bothered me really (the not wanting other people to hold her) and I never made her. If someone tried to hold her and she protested or acted like she didn't want them near her I didn't hand her over. She's 18 months almost and is super confident, will chat with people, try new things, approach random kids and try to hug or kiss them. She still doesn't want to be held by other people though. She actually screamed for an entire hour and 40 minute car ride the other day because my friends 2 kids that she doesn't know very well were in the back with her sad


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A onsie maybe?


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I love callum!!


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Are you going to breastfeed? Forgive me if I'm naive on this but wouldn't you pass the immunities on through that if you got the shot after he was born? I personally would never get any vaccine while pregnant but I don't particularly trust them at all so maybe I'm biased.

Idk about the necklaces since we don't have one but I just wanted to say how adorable baby A is! Wow! Beyond adorable.


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I took her back to the dr this am because on top of everything else she hadn't had a wet diaper for about 15 hours and has been so grumpy. I was worried about a uti. We still didn't get into her reg dr but it was a different one than before. She said both ears look fine, probably no uti just a little dehydrated. So glad I skipped the antibiotics!


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What shanny said! I gate checked my car seat and they actually broke it. I'm glad it was something obvious so I didn't keep using it not knowing. Britax also makes one of the things your carseat can snap onto using the latches and the baby can sit right in the seat when you go through the airport


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Thanks for reassuring me! It's hard when most people I know don't understand why I wouldn't just give the antibiotics just in case. I try to stay away from the Tylenol and ibuprofen, especially when she has a fever- I learned that here btw so thanks for that! I did break down and finally give her ibuprofen last night before bed because she's also cutting eye teeth which has been really painful for her. Her temp has stayed around 99/100 today so I think (hope) that whatever is going on is going away. It's been brutally hot here the past two days which were not used to so I think that's added to her not feeling so great. I know that I've been SO lucky when it comes to her health. I'm always thankful for that. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have a little one that gets sick often. It's so hard to see them like that and probably even harder always wondering if you're doing the right thing. I'm going to make an appointment with her regular dr first thing Monday to check the ear. Thanks again smile


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She'll be 17 months this week. Shes only ever had 1 cold, this is tough!


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I'm sorry for the wall of text btw! I'm posting from my phone and it's hard to make paragraphs.


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Quick rundown of symptoms-For a few days M had a little runny nose that basically just dropped down her throat, not down her face. Wednesday morning- M vomited for the first time ever. Just once and didn't seem bothered by it. I thought maybe her morning drink just didn't settle right or the snot in her throat made her throw up. Later that day she had almost diahreah but not quite. She was a little more tired than usual. Thursday she has a temp of 101.6. I took her to the doctor but this wasn't our regular doctor. I've found this doctor tends to jump the gun in my opinion. When M was almost 6 months he ordered blood work and a cath because of a 100.6 temp. He looked in her ears pretty quickly and said that the left one "didn't look quite right" and that it looked like the start of an ear infection. He said he wanted to start her on antibiotics since it was almost the weekend and I'd likely be back if he didn't. She has very small ear openings and her dr usually has to use a tool to scrape wax out of the way to even see in there. This dr just looked very quickly. I'm not at all confident she has an ear infection. She's not messing with her ears or having trouble when she's laying down. I picked up the script just in case but haven't given it to her yet. I've read that about 80% of war infections would clear up on there own anyway if it did happen to be one. She still has a temp of 101.6.

If you weren't confident in the diagnoses of ear infection would you treat anyway or try to wait til Monday to see your regular pediatrician?

I tend to agree with what was said above, but at the same time I find myself getting royally pi**ed off when there are kids that are down right naughty/rude/aggressive and their parents don't say a thing or are nowhere in sight. I'm not talking about toddlers squabbling over a toy or the random angry outburst where another toddler pushes mine. I'm talking about bigger kids that should probably know better. I think there needs to be a little of both ways of parenting. If a parent is just sitting off completely ignoring their kids while they act like total animals I think that's an issue. If you're stepping in every time there's a minor problem between kids I think that's also an issue. I think it also depends on the age range. When it's a group of young toddlers playing I'm much less likely to hover or intervene than when there's a mixed age group. I get a little upset when we're somewhere for mixed ages- for example we went to a farm yesterday that has all kinds of wooden structures to climb through and in but signs posted everywhere that you aren't to climb ON TOP of them. My daughter was trying to play on the train so I tried to direct her to a section the older kids weren't in. (she's 17 months). She finally climbed up and was playing when a group of 6ish year old boys came stomping through, jumping off the top onto the spot where she was sitting. They almost landed on her more than once so I finally took her to play elsewhere. These kids parents where no where around which I find pretty rude considering its a place for all ages to enjoy. At the same time, I understand theyre kids just having fun but if you're kids don't know how to follow rules and watch for other children you should be watching them.

I don't know, I feel like there should definitely be a little of both. I think a parent should guide their kids so they learn to be respectful of others but at the same time give them space to have the interactions they need to learn from. So in my opinion it varries depending on the situation.

I found this article very interesting and it did change how I handle some things.

http://moms.popsugar.com/Should-You-Tea … e-27333250


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I don't know anything about this brand but safety first has a deal on this infant seat, normally $170 on sale for $68 with free shipping. Someone on another board said they called and the date of manufacture was last week. It says $75 but when you add it to your cart and check out its $68

http://safety1st.djgusa.com/en/djgusa/o … t-car-seat


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I used tinfoil for a while. I'm pretty sure my house looked like a methlab or something from the outside but it made it pitch black in there! I decided it did look really awful so I put black poster board up. Not as effective but much better than just regular curtains.


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Thank you so much for the details! Definitely the kind of information I was looking for. Its good to know that it might be a better fit for one type of personality over others. M is most definitely not the quiet sit and watch type. She's the climb on every surface, scream as loud as she can just to hear her own voice, hands on type.

We're doing music together right now and she's "that kid". You know, the one who's always doing stuff only other people's kids should be doing. She gets up and wanders around, checks everything out, bangs on the heating register like a drum during the whisper song. It doesn't bother me because I know she's only a baby and just curious. It does sound like that type of schooling might not be right for her in the preschool setting. I think I'll go to a parent orientation to get some more information at least. I really never thought id consider anything but public school. Now I just really don't want to send her there.

I forgot that I actually bought a new mattress when I was pregnant, in my first trimester. It definitely stunk like chemicals. I also got a memory foam mattress topper as a gift when I was about 8 months pregnant. It absolutely reeked. I slept on both and my daughter was born perfect and is still in perfect health at 16 months.

I had no idea that this could even be an issue until after I did some google research about crib mattresses, off gassing, etc. Now that I'm aware of the dangers of these chemicals I most definitely wouldn't have made the same choices, but I'm a worrier. What I'm getting at I suppose is that chances are you and your baby will be just fine with whatever choice you make but I understand your worry. I beat myself up a lot about things like chemicals in plastics, pesticides on food, and plenty of other things. What's helped me relax a little is knowing I'm doing the best I can with the information I have. There is always going to be something to worry about and sometimes you feel like no matter what choice you make there isn't a best one.

Do the covers come off the couch cushions so you can wash them? Could you maybe rent or borrow a steam cleaner? I'm not sure if that would do anything but maybe look into it? Good luck smile


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They have a wheel attachment you can get to clip the carseat to. The you can strap the kids in and pull them along. Beats carrying the carseats! I personally wouldn't check them, I'd carry them right on board for the kids to sit in. I made the mistake of gate checking the carseat last time we flew and it was broken when I got it back. You never know how much force they're using when they toss the carseats around which could simulate an accident and break something internally. Probably a bit overboard but carseat stuff is really important to me.

I think new couches are all sprayed with the things you mentioned. Mattresses too. This kind of stuff stresses me out too but I don't have the financial means to buy new organic untreated furniture at the moment, nor would I know where to look. No real advice but personally I think you're better off with the old one.


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Does anyone here have any experience with Waldorf schools? I've been looking into alternatives to public school out of curiosity even though it's very early. Id love to hear your thoughts/experiences on the topic!

Climbing. If she can't climb it she has no use for it. The only mess that makes is my sanity though.


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I put her in two piece pjs and clipped it on her pj pants and diaper then buttoned her onsie over it. False alarms were next to never and this was when she was rolling on her tummy and could stand.


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M is a great eater. She will eat anything you put in front of her or at least try it. And try it again. Today she ate a piece of lettuce 3 times then spit it out each time. I made chocolate chip cookies the other day and offered her one. She cried until I peeled her a orange, then tried the Cookie after she ate her orange. I actually cook seperate meals because IM the picky one. I live of crap like pizza, bagels, just junk. I'm trying to get better but I just never want healthy things :-/ I do always make the baby healthy food though. I don't know how I ended up with such a good eater when I'm not.

Lol I did try that. We were there for about 3 hours, I asked to have someone sent down and they said they don't do that. I'll ask again this time though

They told me the reason they switched to a vein draw from the finger/heel prick was because they were getting a lot of false positives which caused people to have to come back for the draw. Insurances didn't like having to pay twice for the procedure so they just started doing a draw on everyone. The idea of going to a nicu/pediatric ward is great but our hospital won't let you. I asked and they said it wasn't an option, even after all the sticks when she was 4 months.

Same type of situation happened at our 1 year checkup. I thought it was a heel or finger stick until it was time to do it. I let them try once and they didn't get it so I left. When she was 4 or 5 months she had a slight fever so they ordered blood work. It was an awful 4 hour ordeal with multiple people trying. I was sent to the hospital because they said there were people who specialize in babies. They couldn't do it either. At the first lab they actually got a vein but the woman pulled the needle out by mistake with her ring. I still get mad thinking about that. So anyway, yesterday we had her 15 month checkup and I told her I didn't get the tests done and she printed the orders to take to the hospital. Now I'm also torn because its the same place that couldn't get a vein before. If they're going to be having these tests be standard procedure then I wish they would have someone available who at least has experience with babies. The girl who was in charge at the hospital when we went at 4/5 months asked if M wanted a juice box and tried to give her silly bands(rubber bracelets). When i said she was too little she said oh I don't know anything about babies! Clearly.

I personally will never fly with an infant in arms again, mostly because you have to check or gate check the carseat. Last time I flew with M I gate checked her infant carseat and base. When I got it back it was broken. The seat was stuck in the base, no amount of force would get it out. I later found out that even when you gate check a carseat they are really rough on them. They toss them around like they're luggage which is so not safe. I was lucky that the damage to ours was visible and not internal. Just something to think about.


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Mine likes to eat hair. Cat hair, human hair- she doesn't have a preference. She just finally learned that the cat hair is yuck and takes it to the trash instead of her mouth thankfully. She's most definitely put a diaper in her mouth a few times. I've let her have chocolate way more than I should admit- she recognizes the sound of a 3 musketeers wrapper. Today at the playground she wouldn't follow me down the path to the car so I kept walking ahead thinking she might actually care (fenced in and safe, I'm not a bad mom I promise). Well she didnt care and ran in the other direction to grab a gross dirty sports bottle. I got to her just in time before it went in her mouth. Yuck.

Yay congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear more.


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Oh man, anything except sniper! Yikes. Love all the others except cadence.


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And I feel you on the napping! It sounds like we have similar issues with sleep. I feel like I'm more tired if I nap with her because the second I fall asleep she's up then I'm groggy all over again!


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You know, I'm still dealing with broken sleep at 15 months and it sucks. She now sleeps with me and will wake up crying multiple times a night some nights. Not really crying but just crying out. She goes right back to sleep once I tell her shh and I do too but that being jolted out of a sound sleep over and over really messes with me. I find that if she's extra tired it doesn't help her sleep better at night. She might pass out faster but it makes for more night wakings. She also shows no signs of reflux-never really spit up, never seemed to have any issues but lately I've been wondering if she really did have silent reflux long after we thought she outgrew it. Maybe try a rock and play sleeper? He might be to the point of being too old but maybe worth a shot? It might not be good once he can sit/roll though. M had the best sleeping pattern when she slept in hers. I did let her CIO when she was around Rivers age but only after trying everything I could. It took once then she slept great for a while. We got through all other sleep regressions somehow but around her birthday she refused to sleep in her crib and I just couldn't let her cry. So she moved into my bed. It might be a mistake, she might be dependant on it now but I don't care. I think shanny had some great advice about weaning him off a couple feedings. I know nothing about breast feeding but I did do lots of reading on sleep. Maybe if you laid with him but didn't feed him he would learn to self-sooth a bit? I know that helped M learn to put herself back to sleep during night wakings. I used to just feed her everytime and it got to the point where she would wake just for a sip of milk-she was bottle fed. Idk, I'm rambling but I think shannys advice was good smile


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I was just reading a news story about how the jarred foods contain levels of lead that they don't disclose. Beechnut was one, I don't remember the rest.  I'll see if I can find it.


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I don't even think the swearing at the child is the major issue, I think the fact that she showed up alone is the issue. It doesn't sound like a one time thing either since she said the little girl wandered off again later. If a 4 year old showed up at my house without an adult i would most definitely call the police. I called about a dog that showed up at my house without a human so maybe I'm nuts. Where I'm from I can't imagine a little kid being outside alone. I live in a very safe state also.