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11dpi today and my temp dropped this morning sad not waiting for AF, you can take me off the list.

Good luck to everyone else!


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Anya wrote:

  I'm still using OPKs 3x day but I haven't gotten a positive.  They got darker around my 20th day but they're much lighter now.

I would highly recomend using more OPKs and more than one brand. I have an extremely short surge (which is why my siggy says this is my 3rd well-timed try, the other times I completly missed my surge) and I have to test every 4hrs to catch it. AND even testing every 4hrs with line OPKs I would have missed it the past two cycles because my line tests will be really close but not quite there. When they get close I use the Clear Blue Advanced Digital to confirm. The past two cycles I would have missed my surge completly if I hadn't used the digital to confirm when the lines got close. Idk if you have longer surges but if you are like me then that OPK on the 20th could have been your surge.


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kelleymel wrote:

My insurance provides 50% infertility medication coverage (says the paperwork I have from open enrollment) - but when I did my pre-authorization for IVF meds, my claim was denied because I wasn't married to a man. In 2017.

Did you order it in a different insurance cycle? They change coverage from year to year.

That is insane! I didn't think the insurance companies were allowed to discriminate against people like that. You should at least file a complaint with the State Dept of Insurance (the agency that upholds and enforces insurance law and takes complaints about insurers). They may not be able to do anything but the more people that report BS like this, the more likely it is that it will eventually be addressed.


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I'm so sorry Anya! I just can't imagine how upset I would be. I've had the dewar delivered before with the zip tie not tight and didn't say anything either. I have also had the delivery driver set it down sideways while getting out of his truck so there is no telling what could have happened. Theor site guarantees that they will be frozen for 7days after you get them but it also says the dewar is designed for 2wks so something must have happened.

I'm just so sorry. I really hope after you take a break your fave donors will be back and you get your sticky bean soon.


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Sorry for your loss. I just wanted to say hello and send you lots of positive baby vibes! I'm in the TWW also. I hope you get a BFP quickly like you did last time!


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Congrats! So excited for you!


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RedHeather wrote:

Good luck!

Thanks, I appreciate it! This is my last attempt before medical intervention so I need all the lucki can get! smile


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1 DP ICI today!


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Anya wrote:
April.june wrote:


I think I'm going to look until my own dewar that I can refill next time.  This situation is making me too nervous haha.

I thought it was worth looking in to. I luckily havnt had any problems with tracking ever since I started using OPKs more often but im possibly starting fertility meds next cycle so Im looking into it if my cycle changes. Depending on the cost of the liquid nitrogen refill, you could potentially save a bit just by having one shipment sent out every 3mths or so.

Thanks for letting us know about NWs policy. I really hope you O soon!


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I also wanted to add (Since you are considering paying shipping for an empty dewar), there was a post on this board a few months back from someone who was considering buying a dewar. Obviously, you would still need somewhere to fill it with liquid nitrogen but it may be worth considering. If I remeber correctly, buying a dewar was around 250$-300$.

I personally would consider doing something like this instead of buying a vial you know you are going to send back because I'm pretty sure that would be an additional 100$ restocking fee. (Not exactly sure of the charge)


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Sorry you are going through this. Same thing happened to me a few cycles back and I ended up keeping the dewar for 10 days. The sample was still completly frozen.

I'm not sure if NW would ship you an empty dewar but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Have you tried to see if you can get a refill on the liquid nitrogen? From what I understand, medical supply places may be able to refill your tank so the sample will stay frozen longer. Then you would only have to pay 20$/day for the tank rental.

No experience with this donor but I just wanted to wish you luck in your TWW. Sending lots of positive baby vibes your way!


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Is there any chance they will check for other things like low progesterone tomorrow? I really don't have experience but I had a friend that used progesterone cream (you can buy it otc at GNC) to help her because she had early losses. ill keep you in my thoughts, I know this is going to be a difficult wait.


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Hang in there hun! From what I have read, sporting in the first trimester is normal. Hopefully those numbers will be good on Friday. So the bleeding stopped? That's probably a good sign. Will they get the results on Friday?


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My temp dropped this morning so I'm not even waiting for AF, you can go ahead and count me out.


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jessykah03 wrote:

My first appointment is on 3/3 , my doctor will not see me until 8 week sad

sorry for such a long post

That's quite all right, keep the details coming lol. 3/3 seems like a while away but it will pass quickly. You can't maybe tell them that you had a previous early loss to get seen sooner? I'm sure everything will be fine but that would make me anxious too.


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OkayBaby wrote:

Girl, pick that box up next time!! Lol take out a little stress!! I always picked mine up at 8 am from the hub. It took out the anxiety of missing the shipment or ovulation window if time was tight. Just an idea .. I know not everyone can or is close enough. I figure the less middle steps between me and insems were the best tongue

The hub is 45 min away from me but TBH, I may do that next time. Lol, it would be better than waiting 4 hrs in my room by the window.


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Also... Any symptoms? When did you get a bfp? When's your first doc appt? Did you OPK this cycle?

Sorry if I'm being too much, I'm just living vicariously through all you pregnant ladies so any info you want to share would be welcome here Lol.


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pikespeak wrote:

Congrats! If you don't mind sharing, did you find your donor through the known donor registry? I have been on that site for a few days but haven't found anyone I like yet. I probably need to be more patient lol.

I understand if you want to keep it private but I was wondering the same thing. I would love to have a generous friend that could help but I do not so I have been on that site a few times but would be interested to hear if someone had success with someone on there.

I said this on your other post but I'm just so excited so I want to say it again CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really am super thrilled for you.


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I personally don't have any experience with this but have you considered making a book? I have heard of parents doing this to explain their non-nuclear family, but it might be a good idea for your situation also since you would be able to have it say exactly what you want. I forgot the website I heard mentioned but I'm sure you can find many companies that will do a personalized book. Sorry I can't actually give you a book suggestion but I like the idea of a personalized book and plan on doing a few for my LO if I am ever lucky enough to have one.


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Congratulations!!!! I am so happy to hear this. I took a break for a few months from the site but I remember the difficulty you were having with timing and OPKs so I am just thrilled that you finally got your BFP! Sending lots of positive vibes for a sticky little bean!


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RedHeather wrote:

Yay for good timing! Hopefully it will pay off with a BFP!

It definitely has been more quiet lately. Lots of long-time tryers got pregnant or decided to take a break, and there haven't been many new folks.

I didn't see your post before... I guess that explains why the board is so silent. it is great that several of the people who were on here TTC 3-4 mths ago seem to have their BFPs now. I just hope I'm next.

Slight update for my own sanity:
4DPI today and I'm thrilled about my timing this cycle. Positive OPK @10:30am, insemination @10:30pm and the next morning I got my temp rise! Now just waiting until 8DPI to start peeing on sticks!


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Congratulations! That is super exciting news!!!


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I'm sorry it didn't work for you this cycle. Thanks for the encouragement, I really hope I got the timing right.


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This board used to be so much more active. I guess all those October BFPs have moved on lol.

Just dwelling in my anxiety and wanted to post a quick update.... I am 2dpi and feeling all the progesterone symptoms from Ovulation today so I'm thinking I may have actually gotten the timing right.  TWW anxiety is the worst!

Is there anyone else in the TWW?


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I'm am officially 1dpi today!


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I like Mabel Vivian out of your choices.


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I spoke too soon... I got a flashing smiley this morning @6 then took a regular line test @10:30 and it came out super close so I took another clear blue digital test and got my peak. I wasn't expecting it to be a positive bc the line test wasn't quite there yet. I guess I should just go by the CB digital?


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Thanks! I will be symptom spotting like crazy. Which I know is completly pointless because I have had EVERY pregnancy symptom at some point and I've never been pregnant lol.

Got my flashing smiley today at CD13 and I usually O CD14/15 so the OPK side of things is turning out to be less stressful this time.


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Thanks! I'm trying not to think about it but it's impossible.


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Thanks for responding. It's nice to know I'm not alone. It finally arrived! Now on to stressing over OPKs lol.


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I'm waiting for UPS and going absolutely crazy! I've been sitting next to my window since 8am and its now 1:30pm. All ther previous times they delivered befor 12:30. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm nuts because every time a car passes I can't help but look out the window to check. Also, I'm starving because I don't want to go to the kitchen for more than 30seconds just in case they don't ring the bell. I'm suddenly realizing that TTC stress and anxiety cannot be avoided. 

I guess I just needed to vent lol, sorry you guys.


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Can you please add me to the trying in January list?

Vials are shipping out today!!!!

Thanks to everyone that responded. I decided one well-timed try wasn't enough so I am going to try again this month and maybe even next month. I just kept going back to the thought that a 5% chance is better than waisting another cycle.

Wish me luck! I know I'm going to need it.

arogers470484 wrote:

This is a tough decision, one that really does depend on finances.  If your financial situation allows it I would say try at home some more.  I can only really tell you my story and that is that at 32, with only using ovulation predictor kits for about 2 months before trying and not tracking my temperature, I tried 2 ICI vials 12 and 24 hours after a positive opk and received a bfp on the first try.  I realize that I am very lucky to have succeeded on the first try.  I would still start looking into a doctor but if you can, keep trying.  Good luck!

I think you and the rest of the PP are right, my finances are okay and I am thinking I'll try a few more months at home. While doing that I will schedule some labs with my regular doc and take it from there after I get the results. Last month I felt like I was going to O so I took one OPK and caught my LH surge so hopefully I'll have an easily trackable cycle this time too.

arielle wrote:

I'm at a point right now where I think doing at-home ICIs are a waste of time for me. I have tried so many times at home (some of the tries I even used 3 vials) and it has never worked. I have also had 3 IUIs done at a clinic and one of those tries worked, but it ended with ectopic pregnancy surgery.

Yesterday I went to a new RE and she is awesome. I told her my horror story from the other clinic (that I wasn't monitored even though it was a medicated cycle) and she was shocked. She said if they had monitored me, I'd most likely still have both tubes now. Anyway, she said it was also a big mistake that that clinic put me on a medicated cycle because I produce plenty of eggs on my own.

My new RE said that it's a sad fact that many single women and lesbian couples are treated as though they are infertile (with medications) even though it's totally not necessary.

But what is also a fact is that unless you can get the ICI sperm as close to the cervix as possible (or slightly into it) when doing an at-home ICI, it probably won't be successful. That's because it's such a tiny amount. This is why I decided to no longer try at home and only do IUIs from now on, but unmedicated. I'll only have an ultrasound before, but no clomid and no trigger shot. My new RE also said that it is quite likely the medications played a role in my ectopic pregnancy. So if it's not medically necessary to do a medicated cycle, think twice before signing up for it. I was perfectly healthy before I went to that "fertility" clinic, but now I have to work with just one tube because of their neglect.

That being said, if I were you I'd probably go ahead and try at home in the months leading up to your doctor's appointment (but only if finances allow). I'm saying this because this is what I have done in the past. It didn't work for me and looking back, I wish I had known my new RE much sooner. But at least I can say that I know for a fact I gave it enough tries at home.

So sorry that happened to you! That is one of the reasons I wanted to try on my own initially; it seems doctors are handing clomid out like cold medicine to a lot of people who don't need it. The more i think about it the more I realize that I feel the same way you did. I feel like I have to know I at least tried on my own before moving on.

perry261 wrote:

I'm the opposite of most. I tried with an RE first and got a bfn. Then I tried st home and got a bfp but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage. I tried 2 more times at home. The first was a bfn and the 2nd was a bfp.

Wow, that is a great BFP success rate! I think some women have a greater chance than the textbook 5% and you are definitly one of them. Stories like this make me realize that I should probably try a few more times to actually give it a fair shot at working.

RedHeather wrote:

I think it ultimately depends on your financial situation. If doing a couple more times at home won't impact your ability to move forward with the RE, then maybe it's worth a shot. But if you're on a tight budget, or if you find at-home tries too stressful, it might be better to wait.

The TTC thread has been less-active lately, so I wouldn't read too much into the lower number of BFPs. I bet if you look at the percentage of BFPs based on the number of people trying, it all averages out.

I'm by no means rich but I'm comfortable right now financially. I think the price increase was just unexpected and jarring. I actually found out at work today that I'm getting a 300$ bonus next week. I should probably take that as a sign and stop worrying about it.

kelleymel wrote:

We tried at home 8 times before going to the Dr. Here's what I would do differently: your well woman stuff is covered by insurance 100% at your OBGYN (at least for now) and a lot of the testing is just your copay , so ask your Dr to run as much testing as possible under your insurance: hysterogram, pelvic ultrasound, blood test (FSH and AMH). If every single thing is perfect, I'd probably skip the RE. Your Dr may even prescribe a couple of months of clomid to help you along. If your tests show fibroids, polyps, blocked tubes, endometriosis, low ovarian reserve, or PCOS then go directly to the RE.

We wasted a lot of time and money trying at home. It probably wouldn't have ever worked for us. i wish we had gone to the regular Dr sooner.

This is a really great idea. I'm going to call my doc on Monday too see what type of preventative tests they can do through my insurer.

It really is difficult. Someone mentioned in another post that they are worried about NW giving out low count vials to at-home inseminators and that has me worried too.

Honestly, even though a 30% increase in price is crazy, I feel like I'd sell everything I own to at least try. I don't know if my emotions are getting the best of me but I am leaning towards just doing it.

I wish I could have the sperm count tested somehow and still do it at home. I would feel better knowing I'm at least getting a good specimen. TBH, after the price increase and the reports of bad counts, I'll prob be using another bank when I do move on to IUI. I just feel like I am wasting time and precious eggs every cycle I don't try.


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Sry I'm late hearing the news but I am SO excited for yall. I took a 2mth hiatus from the site and got all teary when I saw this!!!! Congrats!


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Congrats! Your post just gave me a little hope!

I have an appt in April to discuss IUI w/monitoring. I wanted to try on my own bc my cycles are pretty regular but I missed my O two of the three times that I tried. With only one well-timed cycle, I know a BFP is uncommon and I really feel like I haven't tried very much at all so I am wondering if I should give it another go before medical intervention. I would be doing one vial ICI unmedicated. I have been temping and using OPKs so I have more confidence in timing this go around.

I was going to purchase today but I think seeing so many complaints recently about quality and not too many BFPs since OCT really got me bummed and focussing on the fact that at best there would be like a 5% chance, right? Then again, 5% would be better than 0%. I just don't know if it's worth it. especially with the 30% increase in price.

Sorry this is so long and I'm doubly sorry to be a negative nancy for anyone trying. I am really just struggling with making the right decision. My head is saying that the odds are against me and I'm scared of messing up the timing. My heart, on the other hand, wants to try more than anything in the world.

Would you wait a few months for better odds? Or do you think one good try really wasn't good enough and it's worth another go at home?


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Can you put me on the list to try in December please? I know it's still far off but it makes me feel better to see my name and know that I have something to look forward to.


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I've only had to email them once but they responded quite quickly. Call them and talk to them directly! You can always go to the BBB but I doubt that will have any impact, I've gone the route before with a few companies and it's really a joke. I'd be blowing up their phones!


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Wow! It is wonderful that you are willing to help these girls but if their mother is giving you temporary guardianship because of domestic violence or abuse then she probably needs help too! I work with crisis and assault victims and I know it can seem as though this mom is choosing a man over her children but she may legitimately be scared for her life if she leaves or just not know how to leave. Abuse can be paralyzing. She is obviously trying to make some accommodation for their well-being so maybe she needs some help herself to get out of this abusive situation? I really hope everything works out and I know you have the mothering experience to do this but I hope the mom gets the help she needs too.


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Congrats on you package arriving! I remember when I got my first package I took a pic of it lol. I havnt had sucess yet with two well-timed insems @24hrs and I think I need to shoot for 12-18hrs past +OPK like you are doing so I think your plan sounds good. I'm also considering using clomid next time. Good luck!


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Wow, that's disappointing! I'm so sorry you are going through this. Did your Drs office wash them or were they already washed vials? Either way, if be upset but I'm just curious what NW is going to say.


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I've been away from the site for a week or so and I am just thrilled to come back and see this! Congratulations!!!!  So excited for you!


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Can you take me off the TTC list please? I'm going to take a break but I'll be back for the dec/jan list!