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These are awesome. I agree that ancestry is best for ancestry specifics.

One pretty cool thing about 23andme is that there's a great deal of genetic carrier information. You can actually see if you are a carrier for a recessive condition that a donor carries, allowing you to avoid that donor. You can also export your genome free to other sites allowing you to dig really deep for specific locus information.


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I am sorry that happened to you. I am shocked that vials could be sold from a sample with such poor motility. That indicates a frightening lack of quality control. I hope that you were at least adequately compensated, and I hope that you are able to complete your family. And frankly I hope that people considering trying at home will read your post and proceed with caution.


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Oh thank you! you brought tears to my eyes. Kamana'o is Hawaiian and means wisdom, which is what I wanted for my son.


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At 12 5/7, I did not think it was possible. I'm a 'researcher' because knowing more helps my anxiety. I had never heard of this so early. I was in the hospital and got to see him. He was tightly tangled in the cord. He had perfect hands and feet. He wss beautifil. After all tge testing, that was all that was found. Its hard, but i am grateful for the chance to talk about him. His name is Matthew Kamana'o.

arielle wrote:

I'm so sorry. I wasn't even aware cord accidents can happen in the first trimester. I can only imagine how shocking and incredibly sad this must have been for you.


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I am sorry jessykah. I know how you are feeling. I hope that it gets easier for you over time, but I know it is so so hard right now.


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My son died due to a cord accident, which is extremely rare, and so shocking. I am of advanced maternal age, so I think part of me had prepared for loss due to that, maybe not. I dont know. But it felt even more devastating that my son was perfectly healthy.

arielle wrote:

I'm sorry for your loss. No matter in what week you have a miscarriage, it hurts. Do you know a medical reason why this could have happened? I'm asking because I recently had my uterine septum removed, which my RE coincidentally discovered on ultrasound in March. I have had so many ultrasounds before (with other RE's) and it was never spotted. My new RE said this can be a factor when it comes to miscarriages (as can many other things).


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The timing, new-mama, is what suggested to me that others were at least uncomfortable. I did not mean to cause that, and it seemed best to move on.

Thank you for reaching out Future. It did sting a bit that those with concern didn't just come to me directly, but I know that's hard too.

The blessing from this is that i've stumbled on a local group of moms who have lost children. They are at varying stages of still trying again to raising kids. I'm going to try it. Might be good to have someone to talk to or meet with in real life during my next tww.


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Thank you all for your very kind words. I feel much less along reasing this part of the forum, though that too is sad. Thank you.


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i (email deleted) went ahead and left the group. didnt mean to stir up a hornets' nest. i apologize for doing so, and for inadvertently making members feel insecure, unsafe, uncomfortable, triggered, etc etc.

i started an anon facebook acct months ago as a way to diary my journey and to pull in positive support online without having to worry about facebook's historically shifting stance on privacy and use of member info. i'll move on. best to everyone at every stage of this long journey.


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I lost my baby at 12 weeks back in Frbruary. I am just now making it back to the forum and thinking of trying again. I could barely get out of bed for weeks. I work with babies so that made it extra hard.

It's hard because I'm not sharing my journey with anyone irl. In fact I was just about to announce to a few people when my perfect son died.

I am going to try again. I was planning to move to donor embryos last year when I got pregnant. But I think I'll try at home again little longer. I hope that I can get a take-home miracle.


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Not sure if the group is still accepting members, but I'd love to join:
(email deleted)

Thank you!

In other words, "because we can".

Hard to believe that this company has run in the red all these years. I think the opportunity has come to increase profit margin and they are doing so.

What stings is that this comes at the same time when reports of dud vials are increasing, and at least one member has been basically screwed by Northwest's handling of their dud vials.

Bottom line, Northwest no longer has a reason to stand out in the industry. You can insem at home using other banks with a quick signoff from the provider of your choice (fyi, i used the homebirth midwife who will deliver my child to sign up with another bank, before i had lucky success with a kd), and at this point you're not paying much more at other banks and getting a multifold increase in donor choice and track record of success.

Let your $ do the talking.

nwcryo wrote:

Good Afternoon,

With regards to the question about why we increased our price for vials collected in the past.  We have worked very hard to continue to keep our prices as low as we possibly can.  I hope you can understand that with increased regulation and requirements for additional testing on our donors, our costs go up.  For years we have not been charging for those additional costs because it took about that long to obtain the testing and screening on the donors for which we still have inventory.  We would not want to misrepresent our donors to our valuable customers.  I hope that clarifies why the price increase was administered for all vials in our inventory.  Thank you for your thoughts and questions.


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And lets not forget the $200 'transfer' fee, which is just an underhanded way of saying no selling between clients. How much labor is really involved for them to 'move' vials from one account to another electronically?

And they won't buy back retired donor vials. But hey, if you don't pay your storage fees, they'll gladly list and sell those same retired vials AT CURRENT PRICES! Sold twice, second time for a big mark up!

I do appreciate the forum, it is a wonderful resource. But the mods are members from what I see, so even this is maintained from volunteer member labor.

It seems like NW had a niche with affordability before I came along. But the difference now between NW and larger banks is not worth it, especially when you compare number of available donors. And the quality question remains unaddressed.


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At this point you can spend a little bit more for a lot more choice (and perhaps better quality?) at one of the larger banks. I'm surprised that Northwest hasn't been willing to make some sort of statement regarding improvement in quality control.

For anyone who wants to insem at home, I think you have to question what you're getting here. The larger banks are pretty open about healthcare providers, and you can use a progressive midwife, for example, who would likely have no problem signing the required form for you to insem at home.

I'm happy that I finally took the plunge and tried a known donor. Free and first try success! It's amazing what a difference 5cc vs 0.5cc makes! It makes me wonder if counts were the problem with my bfns.


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ruedeodeon wrote:

I have no fertility issues, and have never taken medications.I remember getting our count when we had the analysis done and it was less than 1million motile sperm. I was thinking that maybe all the other times we did it at home it was due to low count (which it probably was) and I called NW and they truly didnt seem to think it was big deal that our count was lass than 1 million  (i did considering that was NOT the guarantee promised) we went ahead and did the IUI anyways what else would we do? Throw it in the trash and waste our money (they refused a refund) funny how the universe works because it was that vial that had somewhere near 25000 uncountable motile sperm that we conceived our perfectly sweet little guy. (and not to mention our Doc said that wouldnt get anyone pregnant)

Wow! You won the lottery with those odds! I'm glad it worked out for you, but I guess I was hoping to not have to be quite so lucky.


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New-mama? wrote:

Makes me wonder what they send when we do a home insem. Especially when they ask if you are working with MD plus if you are sending to a clinic

This is my fear exactly. How are we to know? I asked for counts this last time I ordered and didn't get them.

There seem to be a lot of bfps lately, but most seem to be ivf or assisted iui. Is anyone having success at home? And if not, why not?

I've got this month and one more home try before I'm moving on to donor embryo FET, but this makes me hesitant to use NW for that, as excited as I was before.


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I am very sorry that you are going through this. I angry for you for the lack of response from Northwest. I am also worried because I am doing at-home ICI and have no way of knowing if I'm wasting money on worthless vials. It would be nice if people using doctors would be willing to post their count numbers. Maybe in a sticky like the intro thread? I know it's no guarantee but it might help those of us trying at home to avoid problem donors. This is scary.


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I'm sorry old mama. You remain an inspiration for me, and for many others here i'm sure.


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Looks like congrats are in order perry261!

I'm hoarse from screaming because CUBS WIN!!!! And I may have ordered a cubs onesie just now, smh.

I'm 7dpo and not feeling my usual symptoms that lead up to af. All I have is crazy heartburn and a strange craving for fish. Weird.

I'll know one way or the other by next Sunday.

Good luck everyone!


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I'm 3dpo and feeling nothing, which is very different from last month when I felt a lot of symptoms for the entire two weeks. Maybe no symptoms will be a good thing? Trying to stay hopeful and relaxed about it all.


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Wow! Congratulations!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am another who has gone back to read your posts. You have given me so mich hope. I wish you a healthy and quick 9 months!


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I just got my dewar too! Looks like we'll be in the tww together. Good luck to you!


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Thank you for responding. I know I shouldn't have, but I've already looked at the donors available, and have my dream combo in mind, perfect for my own family's uncommon mix. I guess I'll find out at my consult, or maybe not, if I get a bfp ????


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I just did my first try at home. BFN. I'm going to try again this month, but I'm afraid that with eggs as old as I am (43), it might not work.

My question is whether anyone would be willing to share their experiences with me using northwest donor eggs?

I will set up an ivf consult later this month if my upcoming try is not successful. Do banks prefer their own donors or will they let me choose to use northwest?



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Ksquared33 wrote:

That's awesome! I searched several times on the forums for this donor and never found anything as well.  We are trying for the first time with this donor this month. Keep me updated and good luck!!!!

BFN for me. But I will try again in a couple of weeks. Good luck to you!


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Ahh! I just registered so that I could respond! I am 9dpo with this donor now. I didn't find anyone using him when I searched the forum before buying. No reported pregnancies yet, but I guess that doesn't mean there are none. Have you tried yet? This is my first try ever. I will let you know how it goes in a few days!