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Yes! Update is that I'm 21 weeks pregnant with an extremely healthy pregnancy. Both babies are growing at a normal and equal rate. Oh! And we are having a GIRL AND a BOY!!


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Yay twins!!!! Congratulations. I am currently 10.5 weeks pregnant with twins too! We had about the same fertility treatment, almost exact! Can't wait to welcome our twins into the World!


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Alright ladies, wanted to bring you an update. I am 9 weeks (as of tomorrow) pregnant with dichromatic twins! I of course don't have a gender update this early, leaning towards at least one girl, but we are over the moon excited.

Just a reminder, my wife and I sought out a successful fertility clinic in our area, bought one vial of 8843 IUI (over 20 million washed sperm) and received a super positive HPT two weeks later.

I know that a lot of women want to conceive at home, but I definitely feel through my experience it can be way cheaper and super successful through the clinic. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


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That's fantastic cata888. Congratulations with your little one.

Yogibaby, I wish you the best of luck with all your testing! Sending all the positive vibes and baby dust your way! In regards to why we picked 8843, first we were limited to CMV- donors. I tested negative and needed a negative donor. Second he "spoke" to my wife and I. His profile just stood out from the others and we really valued his essay questions. Ended up buying his childhood photos and full profile. Everything reassured us that he was the one for us.


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Thanks @yogibaby. Have you conceived with this donor?


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I just found out I was pregnant with this donor! @cata888 is your almost 7 year old from this donor?


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BFP!!!! I still can't believe it, I'm in shock!!!

So here's my story:

I purchased an IUI vial of donor 8843 and it was sent directly to my fertility doctor. I patiently waited for my period to begin my next cycle and the countdown was on. After an Ultrasound appointment to measure my follicles, I had two viable follicles forming, approximately the same size. A few days later I injected my trigger shot EXACTLY 36 hours before my IUI. Wednesday, October 25th I went in for my very first IUI with some much excitement, but a little nervousness as well. The doctor came in and reported that the sperm count was very high (over 20 million) and he usually only required a sample to be 10. I stayed so calm and collected during the procedure and then waited for 10 minutes before packing up and heading home. The next two weeks were nail bitingly slow. However on November 3rd I began having symptoms. By November 5th I was 90% sure I was pregnant, however I wasn't suppose to test until November 8th. My goal the entire wait was to literally wait to test till day 14 but on day 13 I woke up at 3am with the most elaborate dream that I was pregnant. I just couldn't take it anymore and I literally took a hpt at 4 in the morning. Sure enough the test was positive. On day 14 I went to my fertility clinic for blood work and my hcg level was 401!! Definitely pregnant with a really good number! Looking forward to the ultrasound in less than two weeks!

Can't wait to hear about more BFPs with Donor 8843!


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How did it go?! Two mamas here too! We are currently in our TWW...so excited!


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TWW!! We will know soon enough if the IUI was successful. Did you ever TTC with this donor?


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Just received my very first IUI with Donor 8843. Has anyone received a BFP using this donor? Anyone expecting or hoping to expect with a July due date?


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Any luck?