What a wonderful success story. Congrats!!!


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IUI is a beating. I did it at home and spent a month gathering stuff for it. Lactated ringers, speculum, sterile gloves, sterile gauze, sterile catheters etc.
I only did it also last time because it was the only vials left for that donor and I wasn't going to lose most of the count just getting past my cervix. I was also starting meds and worried about hostile cervical mucus.

I think ICI is better without meds than IUI. ICI will live longer than IUI. Your timing has to be pretty spot on for an IUI insemination. Meds can make for hostile cervical mucus and lining issues. With that being said, I needed the meds personally for a better ovulation. Meds can also help control timing for IUI.

I had a natural cycle with a bfp and ICI inseminations. Ended in miscarriage. I did do Maca. It is an adaptogen and helps regulate hormones.

General rule of thumb on insemination. It is better if sperm is waiting for the egg. After the egg is released the surface starts changing within hours to become more hostile to sperm. (Making it harder for their heads to breakthrough barrier and release DNA).


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So far so good. Yes that was the bean at the 8 week appointment. It was a super milestone for me as I had never made it that far before. My doctor said risk of miscarriage was less than 3% at that time.
Nausea has been terrible. I just put on sea bands yesterday and they seem to have helped.
Next appointment is not for another two weeks. So just trying to take it easy and not stress.
So much patience. Patience in TTC, in tww, and then pregnancy itself. I think I might be growing as a person. lol.


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Praying for a sticky bean for you!


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Sending you good vibes! Baby dust!


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You had cramps and EWCM that is really important. Maybe possible. Temping helps to confirm ovulation.  But I would just try not to worry and relax for the tww and write down everything you did. Hopefully it will work and you won't need your notes. If not you could try to make modifications for future attempts. Baby dust! I hope the end of two weeks bring you a bfp.

My doctor would encourage you that literature suggests it is really better to have sperm waiting for the egg.
ICI estimates are that they live 12-24hours (conservatively). They might live longer the potency they say drops off after 12 hours.

It sounds like you know what you should do. The choice you can live with.

My unmedicated bfp cycle I tested at 7am + and really dark not beginning of surge but was pretty sure I might have had a + test during the night at like 2am or something while I was asleep. By that evening my surge was gone.  I was drinking a lot of water due to summer time heat in Texas (August) . Usually it(surge) sticks around at least 24 hours on the strips but not that time.

I went ahead and inseminated two hours later (OPK) for the first time. Then again 6 hours later I think and again 8 hours after that. I had ovulation pains during that time but then the next day too I believe.

I got pregnant but miscarried not really because of insemination timing (My doctor insisted timing was fine)  but because of follicle maturity and possible clotting issues I am 95% confident that that was the reason. In short sperm seemed to not be problem.


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Thank you all. :-)

Ovulations pains are tricky... you can get them before during or after.
It is possible to ovulate soon after detecting your surge from OPK.

What timings were you planning? 12 and 24 with two vials? ICI?


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8weeks1day measuring ahead. Heart rate in 160s. All is going well as I am just trying to relax and take it day by day and think positive that all will continue to go well.

Thank you all for your support. TTC and pregnancy takes a lot of patience and has the potential for heartbreak as well as fulfillment of hopes and dreams. I wish baby dust for others on this journey. 


i used these but not early. I think I used them starting 18 dpo. Used Frer and Cheap Walmart tests first. Note: The line doesn't progress darker nicely not like FRER and other tests. My 7 week preg pee test was the same as my 5 1/2 week preg test. I figure it's part of the dye not being great at distinguishing higher amounts of hcg. Not reassuring if you wanted a gradual darker line for peace of mine from previous miscarriage. I started to freak out at first and then realized that on forums they talked about how the line doesn't become significantly darker later.
I have used the clinical guard before (from Amazon)  and been pretty happy with them. No evap lines early. Depressingly a negative is a negative no false hopes.
I almost bought the clinical guard and at the last minute decided I would try the wondfo ones from before.

Sounds promising! I hope this is your month!

Here is my last BFP chart. I didn't chart in the very beginning (first few days) because I didn't want to be neurotic and then I changed my mind and started charting cause I couldn't help myself.  I had a dip 6dpo. I quit temping once I got a few bfps.

You can check it out with the link.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B991Rx … sp=sharing

12 and 24 is great. If I had two vials I would definitely pick those times!


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Thank you @2HopefulMommies!

Fingers crossed for you! Wishing you two the best! Baby dust I hope you get a bfp! :-)

It is a hard to tell because there are so many variables (anatomy, cervical mucus, follicle size, hormones, sperm, possible immune issues).
I imagine your timing was fine in my mind. The fasted swimmers they say can get there in 45 minutes the slower ones take hours at 12 hours supposedly ICI lose potency.
I did acupuncture before my inseminations, juicing fresh vegetables for extra nutrients, and yoga.
Garlic( I would eat a clove a day in the week of ovulation makes for copious mucus) , grapefruit, pomegranate and lots of hydration and alkaline vegetables for cervical mucus. Extra progesterone after 2dpo for a boost.

As for advice I imagine you have to look at your financial picture. Would you prefer to spend on more vials for at home inseminations? 
Or look into assistance with a doctor or RE to check and make sure all is happening as it should in your body also an investment.( I spent over $1500 on testing)
Even with normal ovulating cycles with proper timing where sperm meets egg there is only a 20 percent chance that will result in pregnancy.
My last cycle that resulted in a bfp (fingers crossed it continues to go well) my doctor told me it wasn't common for it to take on the first medicated cycle ( clomid + trigger). I performed the inseminations ( I did ICI and IUI) he provided the clomid and ultrasound monitoring for the trigger shot.
My follicle wouldn't have released a properly mature egg without clomid assistance. In previous cycles I always ovulated on my own but without viable pregnancies due to an immature egg being released (we think).  If it hadn't worked I think I was going to wait a few more months to save money again and try one more time at home but with just two vials but medication and ultrasound monitoring with my doctor again.

I hope it just works for you the next cycle and you get a bfp with a healthy full term pregnancy.

Yay! Smiley! Sending baby dust thoughts your way!

Keep testing multiple times a day and make sure she isn't drinking too much...
My first time ovulation was a day late. I got the smiley a day later than I expected. Wonder if it had something to do with ordering over a grand worth of swimmers? lol.
I think they only charge $15 extra for each day you hold on to the dewar. I would hold onto it and keep testing.


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I had one where 11dpo in the am it was negative and I cried. 11dpo in the evening faint positive and 12dpo bfp. You aren't out until AF shows.


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Thank you RedHeather!  I had first appointment at 6weeks1day today. Heartbeat was about 130. I am hopeful this rainbow baby sticks!


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Earliest I have gotten a bfp is 11dpo.
Wait and test again. :-)

I usually would use the Wondfos like OkayBaby suggested. Wondfos every time I peed and Clear Blue to confirm.
I think the first time trying I didn't have wondfos and I was burning through just clearblues. It was pretty expensive. Careful drinking too much water while testing for that lh surge. But after you get it drink like crazy cause it helps your cervical mucus.

If you like your timing go for it.
If I only had two vials I would do 12 and 24 if I was sure I caught the beginning of my surge but that is just me.
If you are temping this cycle ,you can see when your temp starts to rise and between the +OPK and temp shift get a better idea of when you ovulated from the temp shift. (Temping is a pain and there can be variations based on sleep and etc. I do it, but a lot of women find it too tedious.
My non medicated cycle right before this bfp, it looked like I ovulated within 24 hours between cramping and a temperature shift. I am 32 if that helps.
Whatever you decide, it is an exciting time and I hope the end of the tww brings you a positive! :-)

With my two bfps- First ended in miscarriage - about 2 hours after very dark positive OPK in early am (I think a first positive happened while I was sleeping) then about 6 hours post opk. and then about 15 hours after opk. That cycle I had a short LH surge it only was in my system for less than 12 hours.

With this last one( praying it continues to go well)  I had the trigger shot so it was different. I had four vials to play with. I didn't want to pay storage fees and wasn't sure on when I would try again.
One vial ici 12 hours before trigger cause I wasn't sure if I would get the trigger shot. ( Dr. said said if my follicle wasn't the right size he wouldn't give it) 
One vial iui about 10 hours post trigger
One vial iui 24 hour post trigger
One vial  ici 33 hours post trigger
If I only had 2 vials I would have done 12 and 24 hours. The other timings were because I had the vials.


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I have had a cycle where I never got a flashing smiley or high fertility and then went straight to peak. It just means you get your estrogen surge with your lh surge instead of a little before.
Good luck! Hope this one is the one.

I wouldn't worry about the high days. You certainly haven't missed it if AF is still here.  Lots of women get a lot of high days. Before clomid I would usually just get two or so. One time I didn't get one at all but might have been due to not using first morning urine. On clomid once I started testing I was getting high days.
Just watch for the peak or lh surge.
I always have the dewar there 2-3 days before I need it. The last time I ordered it it had to sit at UPS due to non weekend delivery and Christmas holidays. It stayed frozen and it had already been out a week before I used it everything was still nice and frozen.
I think I thought was going to need it CD12 and had it there by CD10. So maybe have it there at least two days before you think she might ovulate?
Hope all goes well. :-)

Is she getting a high with the clearblue opk? I usually confirm with those.
Once I got a darker second line on a wondfo two days before the legit surge. But it was an anomaly and the clearblue was negative.
Is she taking clomid? That can make you test high fertility sooner. I got lots of days of high fertility on clomid.

Anyways the high fertility days aren't as important as actually showing your positive lh surge or your peak (non blinking smiley) . I would use the wondfo opk starting a few days before I thought I would need them and then I would  use a the clear blue digital and had a Clear Blue fertility monitor for the actual confirmation of a smiley and the old fertility monitory would show the egg icon. I would test at least twice a day when it was close to ovulation.
How are her other signs? Egg White Mucus? Cervical Position and open/closed ness  if she or you can feel it? How long are her cycles usually?
The dewar will keep for 14 days.

Does any of that help?


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I had a true bfp 11 dpo with the tests getting continually darker. I tested out my trigger got a really faint positive 8dpo and slightly more less positive 9 dpo and a negative 10 dpo. I cried (alot)because I thought the 9dpo test wasn't the trigger but a really early faint bfp.

Through my recurrent loss testing (2 miscarriages) everything has looked good with the exception of my 12 day follicle study and an ANA+ test. All other clotting stuff was negative. My mature follicle measures a little smaller than they like for day 12. It also was more oval then perfectly round. My doctor wanted me to try 50mg clomid 3-7 for a better follicle. He thought that was why I miscarried that the egg wasn't maturing properly.
I did the clomid and juiced pomegranates in the weeks before my 12 ultrasound to help my lining. The dewar came in 2 days before ultrasound. I did one ICI vial 12 hours before my appointment because it was ICI and I was afraid I might ovulate within 12 hours of the trigger. Might have wasted a vial but maybe there were some survivors who knows!  At my ultrasound my follicle was measuring as it should and perfectly round > than 20mm. He said my uterus and trilaminar and my lining was nice and thick.
They gave me the trigger shot and he said to use my frozen sperm in the next 12-36 hours. All my inseminations I did at home.
I did an IUI @ 11ish hours post trigger but it was really an ICI because I only got it in the cervix.
Next insemination was @ 24 hours post trigger and it was a true IUI in uterus. (If you have ever had an HSG or IUI you get a specific feel when you reach the uterus.)
@33 hours another ICI plain intravaginal insemination.
I had ovulation type cramps starting 12-and then 24 and 30 hoursish. At 36 hours exacty I felt what was that one sided ovulation pain with back pain. I am not sure if that was ovulation (actual moment of egg release) or post ovulation pain.
I tried not to be crazy during tww.
I started progesterone 2dpo per my doctors orders and switched to vaginal progesterone at about 17dpo. I have been on 81mg baby aspirin(he told me to do the baby aspirin even if my clotting stuff was not normal) since the beginning of this cycle and 2.5mg prednisone since 14dpo.
I am 5 weeks today and have an appointment in a little over a week and hopefully will see a healthy heartbeat. I am hoping, praying, and bargaining with the divine that this is my BFP that will result in a healthy term pregnancy with a healthy baby.
I am appreciative for any good vibes and babydust sent my way.


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I have no advice or expertise with this, but I hope this next transfer is the one that works for you.
Praying for this one to be your successful bfp!


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Good to know! Thanks !


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I am not on the FB group. FB itself overwhelms me and gives me unrealistic expectations about how life should be so I am not good about getting on it. Just one of those areas I am giving myself a little grace right now. lol
I like it when the banks put the pics baby pics up there without charging you. Before I found NW cryobank,  I had looked at ones that had the pics.
Definitely including all other options makes sense and if I need to try again I will consider the KD too. Thank you for sharing info.

Thank you for sharing your experience with your KD. Do the KD's let you know if they are CMV+? I had my doctor test me and surprisingly (I used to study this virus in graduate school, and most people have it!) I came up negative and I would like to stay that way due to potential effects on the baby.


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I am so sorry for your experience. I had two vials and I just ate the cost and did the 50% buy back thing. I originally picked NW for their lack of doctor signature. However, my doctor is on board with this and I may move on to another bank later as I am confident he will sign for me. I am also considering the known donor registry with careful safeguards since I have read that other ladies have had luck.
I wouldn't mind knowing the other bank you you are looking in to. Just to broaden options.

Wishing you baby dust and luck. It is a new year after all. May 2018 be our lucky year.


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Based on the chemicals reported by others....I sold my vials back for this donor.  I am sorry you had to go through a chemical. I wonder if that is why this donor is no longer donating. I hope we get bfps soon!


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You are in my thoughts. Hope the next one works out.


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It depends where you are in your cycle.
If you just had a period and you are seeing you lh surge than no you can't be pregnant because you haven't ovulated.  The lh surge only tests that ovulation is about to happen. Doctors aren't even for sure ovulation has happened for you unless they test your progesterone or see it on an ultrasound. Some women have varying amounts (LH)  in their system throughout your cycle. Like women with PCOS. If you are past ovulation in your cycle and are close to your period you might see elevated lh surge because it mimics hcg and the line can appear darker because of early pregnancy.
I would wait until about two weeks after you think you ovulated and test. The best way is to wait until your period is late. ( I am an early tester so that would be hard for me.)
Hope that helps.


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The egg is good for at least 12 hours. Try not to stress. Write down all your notes in case you don't get a BFP and want to try something different next time. I test several times a day to get my surge. I ovulate within 12 hours or so of my surge based on temping so I test with cheap wondfo strips  3x a day close to ovulation and clear blue once a day to see when the beginning of surge is.
You are very wet during ovulation time. I wouldn't worry about leakage.
You can always use a softcup to keep the sperm up closer to cervix.

I would try not to stress and just wait till you know if it is a bfp or not.
Baby dust to you.

I understand how you feel. I have had two losses and no children, and the holidays are hard. My brothers are both married with children and others that have not been through this kind of loss don't seem to have the frame of reference to understand. I've stopped explaining to people why I don't go to baby showers.  I hope you feel better soon.
You are in my thoughts.


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I am also a single and 32.  No husband/partner/ etc. My longest relationship was abusive, so I don't see myself ever wanting to be in another one.
I have been pregnant twice. (First time was a miscarriage at 9 weeks I got pregnant from the pull out so I always thought it was the low sperm count I was 29 (sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid )

The second time was intentionally through home insemination with a NW Cryobank donor this past August.
I used preseed. (inserted 1ml  about 10 minutes prior to ICI insemination). I did three ICI vials. I put in a softcup (got from Amazon) as the cervical cap after laying with my hips up for 30 minutes.  Other ladies say they lay there longer I will try that next time. Had an O before insemination. I think one of the times might have done one after. )
My timing was 2hours after +OPK
and 12 hours after + OPK
and then 22 hours after + OPK
I had a BFP 11dpo
Miscarried after seeing the heartbeat(7 weeks)  at D/C at 8 weeks.
I inseminated earlier because it takes 4-6 hours before your urine detects a surge. The literature I read (I used to be in graduate school for molecular biology) says often waiting just for the urine lh surge is risky because there are often false negatives. 
(I was stalking old posts and there was a couple and the wife was a doctor and she was doing at home
12/24/36 hours after trigger I believe with IUI sperm. Another woman says she inseminates 24 and 36 hours after estrogen surge (with ICI sperm) which precedes lh surge on advanced clear blue OPK. Blinking Smiley)  She had a BFP.

I had a recurrent loss work up.
The products of conception: Normal female karyotype it could be my tissue or could be normal female karyotype.
My bloodwork:
FSH- Good right above 6 so egg reserve is good
Estradiol: Tad high
Clotting results aren't all back but looks like I have something autoimmune going on. (ANA +)
Had and HSG- tubes clear, uterus normal
Ultrasound-uterus normal.
Still need progesterone test day 21

12-day follicular study
Dominant follicle looked good but a tad smaller than what they like
Makes sense I am a day 15 ovulator. So a day 12 study might have been early by a day. 

Because of the preliminary data on my blood work my doctor will likely control my next cycle with Clomid. If my progesterone is low on day 21 this month, he will also do progesterone suppositories and then baby aspirin and lovenox injections for my possible autoimmune issues that can affect clotting as an extra safe measure for my history of loss.

On day 12 of this next insemination cycle I will go in for an ultrasound. If my follicle is the right size (and only if) he will give me the trigger shot. From what I have read the trigger shot makes you ovulate 12-36 hours. He wants me to inseminate right away because if I wait for the 12 hours if I ovulate then then it might be too late. He says the new literature likes the sperm to be waiting for the egg.  I am doing the extra inseminations for insurance to cover the window. He wanted me to do ICI sperm again since I get pregnant easily. I'm doing IUI also next time out of limitation of the donors vials and cause IUI with Comid and Trigger from what the other RE doctors say is described as getting the best possible egg and sperm.  ( I have practiced with a speculum got one with a LED light built in and a mirror on the wall I just sit in a chair like I am getting a pap in front of a mirror with legs up just like at the office. Cervix looks like a doughnut you can see the open hole in the middle)

Here is how it goes:

For this next time:
My timing:
After Trigger Shot:
Inseminate with ICI sperm just get it up there with a syringe and lay there with hips up softcup placed there when done and preseed before insemination like before 
at 10 hours post trigger - inseminate with IUI sperm (speculum/ aseptic techique etc) (no preseed)
at 20-22 hours post trigger- inseminate with IUI sperm (speculum/aseptic technique etc) (no preseed)

at 36 post trigger inseminate with ICI sperm. Pray and try not to be neurotic during the wait.

Financially this is a big one. If it is unsuccessful or I miscarry I will wait maybe 6 months before trying again to afford it again not totally sure. I thought about storing some of the vials and then decided against it I will use them all to cover the time window.
I know this is all overwhelming. I am overwhelmed and hard when you want to be a mother so bad.
There are a lot of nice ladies with good advice on here. I didn't realize there was a forum before trying the previous time. But came to the forum with advice after the miscarriage.

I didn't do a work up with my doctor before this last miscarriage. I am thankful my doctor wanted answers as much as I do. He didn't get onto me for doing it without a workup either or for not doing betas when I got the BFP. He has been very kind to me.

I hope this is your cycle! and that some of this helps!


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Hi McJenny,

I have used ICI before first try and gotten a BFP, However it ended in miscarriage. Not with this donor.

For at home ICI is the easiest. Just watch for timing, thaw, and add a soft cup after you are finished. Lay with hips elevated for at least 20 minutes to an hour.

For IUI, if you have a partner( or yourself)  and they are comfortable with:
a) finding your cervix with a speculum
b) basic aseptic technique. Keeping the end(of the catheter)  that will go in your cervix sterile without touching anything else and weaving it in your cervix. (Here's a description of the process http://theivp.com/ladybusiness/?p=12  and there are youtube videos to help you get comfortable using the speculum. )
IUI will have less and will have a shorter life span but will be inserted into your uterus or close to. IUI from what I have read are best done 6 hours before or at ovulation. Due to their lifespan.

You can also use IUI with ICI procedure meaning just get it close to your cervix. ICI sperm will have higher counts and longer life span (~12-24hrs) . However they(sperm) have to be filtered by cervical mucus and make it to the journey up your Fallopian tubes.
Many women without fertility issues use ICI vials at home.
Many women get comfortable with the IUI procedure and speculum and do that at home. Some women if they still want to do an IUI at home find a local midwife to help.

My next insemination (hopefully in early January) will probably be:
After +OPK
12 hours ICI insemination
24 hours ICI insemination
~36 hours IUI with IUI washed sperm. ( I may chicken out and just do the ICI procedure with IUI sperm still haven't completely decided) I just ordered a package of speculums to practice with.
All inseminations at home, Possibly medicated(clomid) depending on my tests results and follicular study that will be done next week. 

Hope that helps.


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Thank you ashley21,
I hope it goes well too and the babydust makes for a sticky baby. My testing of hormone levels, antibodies, and genetics starts this Tuesday. Here's hoping. :-)
Keep us updated on your pregnancy especially the gender. Super exciting.


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Thanks for the good vibes and info.  You give me hope!!! :-)


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Hi @ashley21
I had a miscarriage with another donor. Karyotype on the loss came back as inconclusive. For my peace of mind I am changing donors. I am hoping to try 8843 in early January's ovulation time after all my testing assuming I don't have major issues (testing starts next week wish me luck! ).
I am also considering another donor too but am leaning more towards trying with 8843 next.
I like that 8843 has positives for pregnancies, high sperm counts, and a successful term baby.
I am open to the idea of donor siblings as I am hoping to be a SMBC.

What made you decide on 8843?


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@ashley21 Congrats!

@cata888 Did you do ICI or IUI for conceiving your son with Donor 8843?


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Oh yeah. That makes sense. lol.


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Are you willing to sell individually or did you want them to all go together?


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Thanks for replying.

Hope it is successful for you the next try.  I will try in a few months when my doctor clears me ( I am still getting tests run) . I had a miscarriage with my last ICI attempt after 6 weeks so (different donor than 241R) I feel like changing the donor would be better for my peace of mind. I like this donor too!

Keep me posted on your status hope all goes well for you.



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Anyone had any success (like a term healthy pregnancy) with Donor 241R?


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I got pregnant the first try with this donor. I miscarried at 6weeks. I saw a heartbeat first but it was low in the 80s. A week later the baby was gone.
I couldn't find anyone else on here with a healthy pregnancy with this donor. 

On the bright side I got pregnant the first try with him an at home ICI.

My pathology came back normal. The karyotype on the embryo came back normal but may been my own tissue because the genetics came back as a female. They said there is still a possibility there are genetic issues. The karyotype only shows obvious abnormalities and the actual cell division could create issues.

I am thinking of switching donors for my own piece of mind since I can't find where anyone has had a healthy baby or pregnancy reported from this donor. (Some people choose not to disclose this information) .
Hopefully this donor works out for you. My doctor is still doing my miscarriage workup on my part (hormones, immuneissues, clotting disorder still on the board)  so the sperm might not be the issue.

I hope you get a healthy baby from this donor. Let me know if you do. I really like everything about this donor. The kind of guy I would fall in love with in real life. lol. I am hoping to become a single mother by choice.


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Did you end up getting a successful pregnancy with 1586?


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Thank you for your kind words.  I probably will switch donors as well.

How many vials did you use with your son? or any other tips if you did a home insemination. I did use the softcups and and elevated hips. One vial about 12, 24, and 36 hours post LH surge.


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I am about to miscarry from my first ICI attempt. It was a BFP, but at my 6wk6day appt the baby was measuring behind and the heart rate was too low (in the 80s). My hcg is dropping and my progesterone is low.
There have been no known pregnancies with Donor 410z, the one I used. I wonder when I recover months down the road if I should move on to another donor. Is it better to choose a donor with reported pregnancies? I probably will get some genetic testing for myself but I feel like maybe it just wasn't strong enough sperm to make the ICI journey. I'd like to try one more ICI before saving for IUI or IVF.

I am 32, regular cycles, no known fertility issues.