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$50?! You don’t happen to be in Northern CA? That’s a deal. I need a midwife like that if I have to try again. Good luck!


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I’d say call them definitely, I know we have to let them know. Ask about the label but from my personal experience, prepaid UPS labels are valid for 30 days so you should be good on that part. Good luck! We almost had to keep ours but that solid smiley finally popped up.


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Thank you! I’m now on day 32 of my cycle... the longest cycle of my life, I’ve never gone this long. Still no truly positive test. Either I’m pregnant and it’s late to show or my body is torturing me, haha.


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Nothing solid yet, I’ve had 2 first response early results show faint lines but a little after the time limit. I think that’s good though because on our last attempt, I never had any hint of a second line. I am terrified I’ll start my period soon, it was due today but no sign of it yet, hoping instead that the line gets darker and more convincing on my next test. My dr ordered a beta but I haven’t been able to make myself go in for it. Thanks for asking, fingers crossed. smile


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I was just grateful to find one under 6’0”, I read one of their requirements for donors on an ad was 6’0” or taller but they clearly made some exceptions. If my shortie wife was carrying, I would have gone with the 6’7” donor to make it more like me.


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@yogibaby Love hearing your story, thank you for sharing! My TWW is killing me, haha, hoping to join the BFP club soon.


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No problem! It was nice to see all his siblings hair and eye color, height, etc. I almost wish I had ordered it before I ordered the vials, as I’m 6’2” and I don’t think a single woman in his family is under 5’8”... but if I have a girl and she is 6 feet tall by 10 years old, we’ll just find her a sport she loves, haha, and a good tailor for her pants. smile


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@heyjudemommy - have you tracked ovulation on other cycles? I had been tracking and my last delivery still scared me a bit because I just happened to ovulate late. Unless you always O early, maybe Wednesday delivery? I think for Monday or Tuesday deliveries, they may ship out on Friday so you could lose some of those 7 days. I wouldn’t do it unless you had to. I was at high fertility for days this last time before my peak. It was very nerve wracking staring at that tank, wondering if I’d have to ship it back. Also, maybe look into preseed or something if using IUI as ICI, just because the swimmers don’t have any protection, the vagina is hostile and you’ll want to make sure as much as possible makes it through your cervix. If you have plenty of cervical mucus, may not be an issue but thought I’d mention it. Good luck!


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Thank you! Good luck to you as well! I definitely feel different this time than I did on our first attempt with a different donor. Got a cruel dye run false positive on an cheap internet pregnancy test a few days ago but then I had the slightest spotting Monday night so fingers crossed it was a little implantation bleed. Positive vibes for sure. smile


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Hey there, we got that profile, currently in TWW. With the exception of a sister with ulcers and some relatives with teenage acne, the few other problems reported are all very late in life (70’s and 80’s) and expected for that age, like high blood pressure, with the exception of a smoker with lung cancer in their 60’s. smile


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WeDaRoyles wrote:

Sad to report, found out today, I had a chemical pregnancy.  Unfortunately, I am at a point where I am fighting time.  We will likely still use this donor again though.  Great #'s!  Good Luck to everyone!

WeDaRoyles wrote:

I am just 4 weeks pregnant with #8843. after 2 IUI's, 1 vial first try, 2 vials 2nd try (12 & 24). Six months ago, I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks with a different donor.  I am hoping this one is a sticky little bean.  I am waiting for my reported pregnancy to be approved then will hopefully be able to connect with others on the sibling registry.  I like hearing about all the healthy pregnancies and babies with this donor though.☺

I’m so sorry for your loss! sad I know it’s too early to test for me but I have a ton of cheap tests and couldn’t help it. I have the faintest blip of a line but I’m not yet convinced I’m seeing what I think. I’ll test again later this week.


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Not dumb at all! It just means cervical mucus. Most women have egg white cervical mucus right before ovulation. It helps to nail down the timing when used with ovulation predictor tests and tracking your temperature.


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Good luck on the next cycle! We’re also on cycle two but in the TWW so I’ll know it my timing was better this time around by the weekend. The first time we did three vials likely all too early. I o’d later than expected and didn’t trust the opk’s. This time, I was patient and did roughly 18 and 36 hours after positive opk. Don’t get too discouraged, I was way too confident the first time around and got so depressed when it didn’t work. We’ll get there! smile


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We just used 8843 IUI vials for unmedicated at home IUI and then ICI... so l can give more info in about 10-12 days. Hoping for a BFP. It’s our second cycle but first with this donor. We picked him purely off reported counts from some posts on here, I’m a little sad he doesn’t look at all like my wife and I’m likely making us a little clone of me but whatever increases our odds. Plus his baby pics are pretty cute. Good luck!


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WeDaRoyles wrote:

Wishes to you of sticky baby dust!! Keep us updated!

Thank you! Same to you. I’ll definitely update in a few weeks.


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I just had an IUI with this donor an hour ago and will do another IUI tomorrow morning. All of these posts make me confident, fingers crossed while I embark on the dreadful TWW. Thank you all for sharing. smile


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I would like to join, our dewar is arriving today for our second attempt to have our first child. Email is meganberna@gmail.com. Thank you.

We just went though our first cycle of trying and are nearing the end of the TWW.

I also had positive OPK’s during AF, I had tested early instead of listening to the instructions. It had me stressed out but it was all fine, it was false and I hit my first flashing smiley several days later, CD 10 or 11, and then solid smiley on CD 13, inseminated that evening and following evening.

We were so nervous that we actually wasted one of our 3 ici vials this month by using one before my surge, thinking I was going to miss it... don’t waste vials, just use cheapie tests twice a day, not with FMU, and your clear blue once a day and you’ll catch it.


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Oh, this is old, oops. smile


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We’re also in our first TWW, it’s torture! Less than a week to go and already peeing on sticks, haha. Overanalyzing every symptom (or making up symptoms in my head). Good luck! You timed very similar to how we did ours.


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This donor doesn’t have any reported pregnancies yet but wondering if anyone else is trying, we’re in our two week wait now and the days are dragging by.


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New-mama? wrote:

Either post or email your email address and an invite will be sent you any member of the group has the ability to invite you. Looking forward to seeing you there

I’d love to join, meganberna@gmail.com. Thank you!