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IUIs are done. Now we wait.


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Thanks! I’m excited that the Clomid has had some effect on her. Makes me think it might work. I’m sure that sounds silly, but if she had no side effects I wondered if it was working. But the earlier surge makes me feel better.


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She’s been fine! I’m pretty sure the night sweats she was having weren’t even related. She had a sinus infection and they seemed to have stopped shortly after she started feeling better.

She has been testing low on the CB OPK but went straight to peak this morning so we are scheduled for the IUI tonight and tomorrow morning. The earlier surge has to be due to the Clomid. She’s 2 days early.


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@lesrmh: You are definitely supposed to open it and check everything as soon as you receive it.  It is still set to last up to 21 days but only guaranteed 7 after you receive it.  You can keep it past 7 days if you notify NW and pay the additional cost per day.  They just won't guarantee the motility, although many women have had to do this and haven't had any issues.  We actually ordered 4 vials one month, only ended up using 2 so we sent the other 2 back to storage.  They arrived still frozen at NW (we were staying in very close contact with them) and that would've been 9-10 days after we initially received the tank and opened it to inspect the vials.
Good luck with this cycle!! FX for you!


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So Colleen determined that CD1 wasn't a strong enough CD1- so we are counting yesterday as CD1 - she will start Clomid on Saturday night.  I'm stoked to get to try something new... It's almost brought back all of the excitement from our first try again.  It's so easy to get discouraged.  We didn't change up our plan too much for the first 3 attempts.  Then we switched donors for #4.  Went to the Midwife for #5.  And now the Clomid along with 2 IUIs with the midwife.  Really hoping this does it!


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@reednakita She's ordering the Clomid for us now.  No trigger shot though.


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@reednakita Omg no way! My fingers and toes and my hair is all crossed for a boy lol.  But either will work.  First, we need to get pregnant lol.

I guess it sounds like she would do 3-7 as well based on a 27-28 day cycle.  Still no word from the midwife. hmm


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I just emailed our midwife to see if she's comfortable with it for this cycle. Hopefully she will be good with it and write the prescription.  Today is CD2, so she would need to start taking it tomorrow. 

Due to ovulate around the 21st, so around that date.

7 kids? That's impressive!! Hopefully this 4th cycle for you will be the one!


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@yogibaby PM sent.  Thanks!


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Well, she started yesterday. 

We are planning to do 2 IUIs with the midwife this next cycle. 

@yogibaby We haven't talked about Clomid yet.  Is that something we would need to go to an actual doctor for?


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This is true.  I do expect it to come on time (tomorrow) with all of her signs/symptoms but you never know.  I would just be concerned about such a late implantation if that's what's going on with the huge drop. I'll let you know tomorrow though!


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All signs of AF have arrived as of yesterday along with a drop in temp today. hmm  Onto Cycle 6 I believe.

Still nothing from heyjude or myoung, huh?... I'm REALLY hoping they got good news and are just playing it safe and waiting to say anything.


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@reednakita Hi!! She is feeling fine. We just got back from vacation and although it was a little early did a test this morning. Negative, of course. But AF isn’t due until the 7th so there’s still time!


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@yogibaby me too!! I get stationed all over the place so we could possibly be in Texas at some point and able to meet up down the road if it all works out that way!


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Just hit peak this morning.  IUI scheduled for this evening with the midwife.  We will do the Stork tomorrow morning.  I'm feeling really positive this morning.


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@yogibaby Over halfway!! I'm so excited.. I can't wait to know which spermy won! Haha!


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@reednakita  You have to upload it to an image hosting site, like tinypic.com.  It will generate a link for you to post that shows the picture since you can't post an image directly to the forum.


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Yes, thank you.  She just tested High this morning, Peak should be hopefully Thursday or Friday.  We want to do Saturday morning/Saturday night ideally since we are trying to get it timed right to do the IUI with the midwife.  But I'll definitely let you know.

Before your comment earlier, I didn't realize 8843 had less than 12 remaining.. We just got a few more just in case.  Figure we wouldn't have a hard time selling them if we didn't need them and we'd rather have them than not.


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Fingers and toes crossed!


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@reednakita That's nice that you didn't get charged extra!  And I'm glad your dewar made it in time!  Is storage cheaper at the clinic than NW?


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@tealbow -- Update???


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Response from NW:
To answer your question you have 7 days from when you pick up/sign for the package to get returned. I did look into your tracking and I do find it odd that you will be getting it today instead of tomorrow like requested. I am very sorry for this and I will make sure you will not be charged a late Dewar fee. Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.


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So I've done some research, and Signature Release is not offered by FedEx.  So I requested to work from home tomorrow for the scheduled delivery date.  I just got a notification from the FedEx app that the package is out for delivery - today.  If we could sign in advance, this wouldn't be an issue.  Or if we had known and had it delivered to my work address, again it wouldn't be an issue.  But we are both at work, so I guess it will be reattempted tomorrow. 
We are emailing Dani @ NW because this brings up a question for future months. 

If the scheduled delivery date was 5/22 and FedEx decided to deliver 5/21 - when does our 7 days start? Also, 7 days from 5/21 is a holiday, so we intentionally did not choose that delivery date since nothing will be running on 5/28.

Would NW count the 21st as the start of the 7 day rental? I can see issues arising from this if you had planned to have it a few days early, as they recommend, but you don't need to use it until what would be your 6th day (evening) or 7th day (morning) but they delivered it early so now it's technically the 7th day (evening) or 8th day (morning)...


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@reednakita Thank you and best of luck to you! When are you expecting to insem in July? Can't wait to see how it turns out for you!! Think positive!

Also, I'm hoping the radio silence from myoung96 and heyjudemommy is a good sign.. You haven't heard from either of them have you?


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Apparently NW has switched from UPS to FedEx.  With UPS, I could sign in advance on the app.  So far, with the FedEx app, it is not allowing me to do so.  I'm hoping that will change by Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning as the delivery is scheduled for Tuesday.  We didn't know about the change or I would've had the tank delivered to my work address. 

Has anyone been able to sign in advance for the FedEx delivery yet?


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So we are in Cycle 5 now.  Our tank is supposed to ship today for delivery on Tuesday.  Assuming the timing of ovulation works out, we are doing an IUI with a midwife this month and doing our other vial with a Stork.  We leave for vacation 3 days after C is supposed to ovulate, so fingers crossed! We had contemplated sitting this cycle out because of the short timeframe we have, but we really don't want to miss a chance at conception.
Last month was a complete bust with timing and the usual signs she gets on her BBT chart, but her temps spiked at the end and AF was a few days late.  I think we somehow ALMOST got it right? Lol
Hopefully this month we can be more comfortable with the timing and get it all the way right!


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Big drop this morning... AF should show anytime.  Didn't bother testing this morning with the temp drop.

@yogibaby: I would imagine that would be a bit strange to have to do, as you definitely don't want to jinx anything.  Keep us posted after the scan!


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Thanks yogibaby. How’s your pregnancy treating you?
We did FRER yesterday, with no luck. Maybe try again in the morning if her temp is still up.


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@heyjudemommy - you used 8843 as well, right? If so, yes.  We did use the same donor. Good luck! Hoping that line gets darker for you!

@reednakita - we did it at home.  This is our 4th cycle, all at home.  We had thought about switching and going the Doctor route, but changed donors instead.  Wanting to try this a few more times if need be and then reconsider.


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@snazzy: I haven't received anything yet either.  If you find someone, I'd love to be added as well.


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14DPO, AF was due this morning which generally means she would've been spotting yesterday.  No spotting, and no AF as of yet.  But also, no BFP either.  Temp is continuing to rise.





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Updates on this past cycle?


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No BFP with FMU either. But her temp went up more today. AF is due tomorrow, guess we will see.
Anyone hear from myoung96?


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12dpo, BFN as of this evening. We just got back from out of town so we actually waited until today to test.


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@yogibaby: we have progesterone tests but haven’t really needed to use them because all signs were clear before. This month we will test and see. 
Her temp spiked today and FF decided to put the crosshairs back on the original day that it detected O.
Only time will tell.


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@heyjudemommy: How do you feel about your first cycle?


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So here is a look at this month's chart.  Today is the disconnected dot because we were trying to see what the coverline was before she put in today's temps. Once she put today in, it removed the crosshairs and said FF cannot determine when ovulation occurred.

Can you have Peak testing and not ovulate?


And then, a look at the 3 previous cycles + this one on an overlay.  You can see how different this month has been.. This month is the orange line.



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@yogibaby: We did our second vial during the O pains as soon as she got home from work.


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Man, oh, man. I've never been so happy for a cycle to be over.  We are in the TWW - for whatever that's worth this month.  Her cycle was all over the place as she only really had a period for 3 days and it was very light for her, her temps were very different than all previous months of tracking, she hit peak at night for the first time, she actually had what we believe to be ovulation pains last night and has never had that before, and we only used 2 of the 4 vials.  We are returning the other 2 to use next month when we are back to a regular cycle (hopefully).  We will still test in 2 weeks, but I'm not over the moon confident by any means.


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Usually, the day after she tests "Peak" she dips.  But this one has been different.  We decided not to inseminate this morning, but we will do it tonight, tomorrow morning, and tomorrow around 1 or 2 PM before we ship the tank back.
I just felt it would be a waste to do any this morning, if she isn't going to ovulate until tomorrow that would be too soon.  So, I feel like the one we did last night was probably not the most useful. We will chalk that one up as the "free" one we got with the Spring Sale.


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No dip this morning though.. so now I’m back on the fence. We did 1 last night, planned to do 1 this morning, 1 tonight and 1 more tomorrow morning but now I’m not so certain... her cycle is killing me this month! Lol


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Hit peak tonight so we won’t be needing to keep it past Friday morning, luckily.
Now, fingers crossed these little men do their job.


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Has anyone had to keep the tank longer than 7 days?
If so, how exactly does it work? I.e. - would I need to call/email them? Is our shipping label still good or would we have to pay a separate return shipping?

We should've had a peak either yesterday or today (most likely today) but so far, she's still testing High.  We have 4 vials this month and don't want to waste any or be rushed to use them.  We are doing 0/12/24/36 hours past peak so if she doesn't hit Peak tonight, we won't be able to return the tank on Friday like we need to.

Any advice or past experiences would be helpful to know how to proceed.


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smile So glad you are doing well!!


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@myoung96 - We have our fingers crossed for you as well!! Definitely will be looking for an update!


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@Snazzy Hi! And welcome!! Best of luck on your journey!!


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Oh wow.  That's tall.  I do wish there were more short donors.. My wife and I are 5'3 and 5'1(ish) so a shorter donor would've been nice.  But then, our child would have a harder time if he or she chose to play sports, lol.


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What day do you usually ovulate? I generally try to stay away from the weekend deliveries, since the tank is just sitting there.  But sometimes it's not possible to avoid.