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Marshalls Home Goods has great prices and some pretty big rugs. (Like $99-199)


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Google conditioner only washing and also shampoo free washing. With the conditioner only method, you need to use a cheap conditioner like Suave that doesn't have any silicones. I was shampoo free for two years using only baking soda and vinegar and my hair was absolutely gorgeous. I had very oily thin hair before that. Dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of water for the cleanser and a spoonful of vinegar in water for the moisturizer. The baking soda is basic and removes the oils, and the vinegar is acidic and restores the ph and softens.

Just so you know, you can have PCOS and have clockwork periods. I have PCOS and was never overweight, never struggled with body hair or acne, but my periods are all over the place and my doc said my ovaries look like chocolate chip cookies. O_o. I'd definitely see an RE. A little extra money/time spent on the front end can save a ton of money/heartache on the back end. Good luck to you big_smile

Yep! We only tried twice, actually, and then had some long, hard conversations. It's not important to us to have an infant or be biologically related to our kids (since we're 2 women, one of us wouldn't have been genetically related anyway). Last week we sent in an application to adopt from foster care.

For those of you who've had a medicated IUI cycle, how often were you observed to check on follicle growth? There is a RE in my city, but I don't feel comfortable with him or his prices. There are two great clinics 2.5 hours in either direction, but that seems like an awful lot of driving if you have to be checked a lot. I haven't seen a RE yet, but I'm assuming I'd have to be medicated/monitored, as I have PCOS.

Always had super irregular periods, even when thin (like 95 lbs and 5'2" thin). I've gone as long as 70+ days without a period before. About 5 years ago, I weighed about 130, and I had a period that lasted 20 some days, about 5 days of heavy bleeding, spotting, then heavy bleeding again. Went to gyno, they did an ultrasound, and the guy told me my ovaries looked like chocolate chip cookies and the heavy bleeding was because of a thick uterine lining. He also told me that I didn't fit the phenotype of people with PCOS (no body hair, no acne, not really overweight) and to lose some weight and come back to see him. He put me on BC to stop/regulate the period, I never lost weight, and never went back.

Now I am about 170 (I don't know how much of that is lifestyle of being lazy, eating bad food, which I didn't used to do). I had a bout of about 70 days of bleeding with a lot of spotting and huge clots. I kept waiting for the uterine lining to shed on its own, but it didn't, so I went to a new gyno. An ultrasound confirmed PCOS. She gave me progesterone to stop the bleeding. It did for a few days, then I starts spotting again. But then I read about Vitex, and started taking it. It stopped the bleeding immediately. It's only been a month, but I'm really hopeful it can help regulate things for me.


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Onesmallstep, google prop 8.


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It won't hurt it at all if the dewar is operating properly. Also, you can just put a sock on your hand to open it so you don't freeze your hands.


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You should wait. If it's IB, then it will only just now be beginning to build up hCG. I've read that it can be a couple days after implantation for there to be enough to get a bfp, and I think IB shows up about a day after implantation.

I had bleeding/spotting for 20ish days once, went to ob/gyn and was told I probably had PCOS but since I didn't fit the phenotype, he wanted to take a wait and see approach. Was put on BC, it ended it. (I've always had very irregular periods). This March I started bleeding/spotting and I figured it would go away like last time, but after 70 days I gave up and went to an ob/gyn. PCOS was confirmed, along with a very thick uterine lining (even after 70 days, wth). She put me on progesterone for 10 days, which helped at first, but I started having bleeding again at the end of it. Then I read about vitex, and went out and purchased some. It worked immediately to stop the bleeding. I'm hoping things get sorted out.


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I'm so sorry to hear that, but at the same time glad that you've got some answers now and can get back on track.


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Good luck! I'm banned by DP from the speculum (small, metal) I ordered on Amazon. The learning curve isn't forgiving yikes

Anna, I will also say to make a list of your preferred donors, maybe up to 4 or 5. The donor list isn't super up-to-date, and they can often be out of a certain format for a particular donor but not have the list annotated with limited supply even if they're only IVF left or something. I don't think they consider it limited until they're down to like 10 vials total.

Hi everyone,

We were expecting ovulation Friday. Dewar is set for delivery Thursday, but we got a smiley just now!
What to do? Would you send the tank back, or do you think there's a chance it could still work? Not sure when DP ovulates in relation to the smiley. Not sure either when LH surge started, as this is the first time we've tested (we decided not to drive ourselves testing this month, and of course this is what happens!!)


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We tried 2744 once cycle with two vials and didn't get BFP. But I remember searching this forum on his number and finding a woman who'd gotten a BFP on the first try with him and her RE said his numbers were good. Don't know if she carried the baby full term.


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I just went to GNC to get some today. I have PCOS and my cycles are erratic. The uterine lining gets built up so much after awhile that every year or so I end up bleeding for 2 months straight while it sheds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


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Oh goodness! This all sounds so positive smile We'll be TWW buddies--our swim team is scheduled to come on the 14th, expecting ovulation around the 15th. FX!!


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If you use the search function in this forum you should be able to find a lot about preseed


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I'm overweight (about 170 lbs) and 5'2. I have PCOS, but I had it when I was 115 lbs.


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There's also a special right now that if you buy 6 vials, you get two free plus a free year of storage. It's good until the 31st.


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6 seems VERY early. Do you know for a fact that you ovulate very soon after a +OPK?


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Hi everyone,

I have PCOS and I went to the ob/gyn today because I've been bleeding for an abnormal amount of time and I wanted to get it regulated and also talk about my odds of conception. It's my first time at this ob since I moved to this town. I was pleased that her practice is GLBT friendly and liked her pretty well. I have a very thick uterine lining, which is something that can happen with PCOS apparently. She did a biopsy to be sure that it wasn't cancerous. She said her approach to my current bleeding depends on my goals. I told her I was ready to TTC now and asked if they did IUIs in their office. She said no ob/gyn in this town does IUIs but it's fine because she can send me to a doctor who does (he is a RE) and she refers all IUI patients to him. She said he would probably want to start me on hormones/meds/whatever to get me ovulating properly. She said she'd call me next week with the results of the biopsy and we'll plan more then.

There is only one fertility center/ RE office in my town, and it has VERY mixed reviews from what I can tell. That's where the dr. she wants to refer me to works. If I lived in a different place with more options, I would never consider going there.  But then again, IUI isn't nearly as complicated as IVF, so maybe my opinion of this place doesn't matter that much.

I have a partner who is willing to carry but who has never had a particular desire to. We tried at home in Oct with two vials and got a BFN. There are no red flags with her--she menstruates almost like clockwork--and it could be that we were just unlucky. She did take one of those FRER fertility tests and it indicated she might have trouble conceiving. I don't know how reliable those things are.

Financially, we'd prefer the cheaper route. If we can get her pregnant at home, that'd be a lot easier than going to the RE.

Have any of you with PCOS conceived via IUI?

You should totally open a store on etsy.com.


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There's just enough for one insemination per vial. You'll be shocked how small it is!!

Yeah, it's down. Also, a good website is www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com    You type in a website and it tells you if it's just your computer or it's down.


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You should google the curly girl method. It's a conditioner-only method of washing curly hair and the results are amazing. It sounds nuts but it works beautifully.

I agree 100% horton. I also read it the same way, as well.


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I absolutely see something on the second line! I have my fingers crossed for you!!

friendamy wrote:

I'm a member of several online communities and this one has the fewest active members and the most drama over seemingly minor things.

Must be all the hormones!!! big_smile

I'm not sure if any of you are interested, but I saw this on NPR's facebook page and thought of our group
Is your family tree complicated? Many families are now blended, involving surrogates and sperm donors. Families are broadening in other ways too. We want to hear your story or any parenting questions you might have. E-mail us at tellmemore@npr.org. We may contact you for an upcoming parenting segment.

Just call and ask for a tracking number. I never got an email, and a lot of other people never get them either.


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I remember your posts about people giving you crap about her name. I've always loved that name and I'm so glad you named her what you wanted to smile What a gorgeous little thing. I adore her toes!


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We used 2 vials of 2744 and did not get pregnant. But we just tried one cycle.


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We had a ton of leakage the first time. Then the second time we used a big syringe and left it in for like 30 min. DP read a book and had the syringe in, and there was hardly any leakage.

Also, there is no such thing as TMI on this forum!!!


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If you use Firefox with an adblock plugin, you won't see any ads. . .

I don't think it was Target. I bought a crapload of OPKs there and haven't seen any pregnancy stuff in the mail.

There's a sticky in the Beyond side for people to post leftover or seeking vials. You might have luck there!

PCOS is very often accompanied by or caused by insulin resistance. Hence the metaformin.


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Episcopal in most places, but it depends on where you live. I'd research the current rift in the Episcopal church and if you're not in the conservative zone, that's be a good bet. UU also. You should be able to get a good feel based on their web sites. I'd just start looking into local churches' web sites and see what they say about non-discrimination/inclusion. Also, if you live somewhere large enough to have a city data forum, I'd make an account and ask locals. They should be able to help.

I second going to Walgreens, just ask at the pharmacy for an oral syringe. They'll give you one free, no questions asked. If you're using preseed, you can get that at Walgreens too (near the OPKs)


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Our first (and only) cycle was a bust too. We had two vials, timed perfectly,and were so sure we'd get our BFP. We got super bummed and are looking into a known donor option now.


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Have you looked at going to Copenhagen? There are some great places there and the travel would be much, much cheaper. I will update later with the info.


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I would definitely go for a vibrator-induced orgasm, but penetrative sex is a bad idea.

My friend who is 37 weeks pregnant wrote this post. It's funny, but intelligent. I thought some of you might enjoy it.
http://liciabobesha.com/2012/01/10-thin … ant-woman/

Oh goodness, what amazing numbers! I am so, so happy for you!!!!


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Ha, my friend walked up to an acquaintance at a party and announced, "i bet we'd make cute babies. Wanna be my sperm donor?" He agreed and she got pregnant on the first try. Insane. The baby is super cute.


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Till they get out of quarantine and are tested to make sure their sperm is disease-free. If you call they can tell you.

You need to do it sloooooooooooooooooooowly. It will just gush right back out of you if you don't. Seriously, like one tiny depression of the syringe every 15-30 seconds. Even then some will come out. (Our second insem, we put a towel under DP's hips.) We actually left the syringe in for an hour or so after we were done. It kept all the goods in.

Some women like to use an instead cup, either depositing the goods in the cup and maneuvering it into place, or putting it into place after the goods are deposited. That way the cup holds the sperm right against your cervix, exactly where you want it to be. But if you're not used to it, you'd want to practice, definitely.

Another thing I don't know if anyone's mentioned is you want to inseminate right away with fresh. I think the sperm starts dying within 10-15 minutes of air contact.

I think most people do two, but some people have gotten pregnant with one.

The vial is about the width of a pencil with about an inch of sperm in it.

I personally would use a fresh syringe. You can get them for free at CVS or Walgreens or any other pharmacy. Just go up to the counter and ask for an oral syringe. They'll hand it over no questions asked. Congrats on going ahead with KD! Keep in mind that fresh sperm live MUCH MUCH longer than frozen. So I'd inseminate close to + OPK. Also, all Walgreens carry preseed now. If you have one where you live, you can find it by the OPKs and pregnancy tests and don't have to order online.