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I have had contact with donor sib families since before my son was born.  I actually enjoy finding the similarities between the kiddos.  I also like that I have basic information about the kids that when/if ever asked about, I can provide by son with.  My wife is more on board with it now than 5 years ago.  We've met 1 family 3 times.  Our kids play really well together.  The other families we keep up with on FB.  No secret group or anything, just the mutual respect that my family is mine and your family is yours.  There are a couple of families that have reached out but generally don't want any contact (they just wanted access to more vials).  However, I'm really glad we've made the connections we have because I feel like I have made friendships as well as my son.


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We didn't do rice cereal, but did sporadically feed oatmeal and barley cereals (mixed with his elemental formula or purées).  We never included it in his bottles to try to make him sleep longer.  He didn't start any solids until 5 months, even though the pedi said to do it at 4.  However, he loved purées!  He ate almost every fruit (hated mango), veggie (with exception of broccoli when mixed with another veggie), and protein.  What happened next was a combination of reflux and texture aversions as he was TERRIBLE at table food.  He gagged and choked whenever the texture was thicker than his cereal/puree mixture.  He didn't take table food (and I use that loosely because we started with organic fruit/veggie/yogurt puffs) until 13 months!!!  Now he is the pickiest eater alive!  We go round and round about getting healthy foods into him.  If we can't hide it in a nugget, nut butter, smoothie, or pasta...he's not eating it!

That just goes to show you that early introduction of food does not lead to less pickiness!  Our guy isn't obese either.

I was taking 2 pills 3x a day.  I heard to know it's effective you need to smell like syrup.


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Shanny I see it with the boy more so than the girl.

I'm really struggling with the thought of expanding our family.  Financial independence is within our fingertips (18 months away), and the idea of "starting over" again literally makes me cringe.  But then my wife, who was not as gung-ho as I was for baby making the first time around, is very much interested in it now.  On top of that our son constantly asks for a brother, and plays so well (gentle and caring...in almost a teaching manner) with little ones we encounter at parks and play spaces.  We have 3 attempts left with our donor and I feel like I owe it to them to try, but I feel like if we try they need to be doc assisted since we blew threw 7 attempts about a year ago with no luck.  Is it bad that I cant decide which scenario I like better???  Having another baby or having an extra $2k a month (the cost of daycare+student loan payments that will end soon).


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My top choice would be Julian/Jude.  I actually don't care for Julian, but love Jude.  My only hesitation with a C name is how you'd feel with the flow of a C McC name.  Paxton just takes me straight to Angelina Jolie in my head, but that's probably because I don't know another Paxton/Pax.


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My son enjoyed these toys that he got on his first birthday: a ball pit, bath toys (especially a starfish that floated and squirted water on it's own), bounce and spin zebra, band in a box, sensory board books (he LOVED the "that's not my..." Series), little people farm.

We did not have any overnight guests.  My family was all local (enough) to make a day trip. However, I didn't much like the constant stream of people that came in my very short 30 hours in the hospital.  I was tired and sore.  Breastfeeding was less than fun.  I'm a shy/modest person so I only felt comfortable around 2-3 people while BFing...so I had to be covered up or ask people to leave a lot.  I didn't want kids at the hospital.  I love that people were thinking of us, but I wish people didn't bring balloons/flowers/gifts to the hospital.  It made for a really packed and somewhat akward drive home (with my wife having to make several trips to the car to pack it up).  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, cuz I appreciate everyone's kindness, but the first few weeks were very rough for me (like the first 8).  If there is a next time, only immediate family will be allowed at the hospital, and one guest/family at a time during the first few days We're at home.  The last thing I want to do is have to worry about my house, dinner, cleaning, etc when a new babe is home.


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I was really disappointed with C's school this year.  For Mother's Day we got a construction paper cutout with "I love you mom" written supposedly by my kid...but it didn't look like his handwriting.  For Father's Day they are having a class party where the dad's are invited and will have snacks and show off their crafts.  The assistant teacher (who we've had issues with before) asked my wife "so is C coming to school on the 19th?"  My wife said probably, and the teacher explained about the party and said "I didn't think he would be attending."  My wife was really flustered by this and has decided to keep him home from school and have a fun skip day.  But I don't get why 1) they're making such a big deal about Father's Day, and 2) why they would single him out like that...I know for a fact that there are at least 2 other kids in his class without fathers.  It's making C feel left out and has made him ask questions about "his dad."  Thanks school.


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I would always just call.  Never had to guess and they'd email me a reciept.  Super nice on the phone.


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Way back in 2010 when I ordered 12 of my donor's vials, good ol' Zack informed me I was purchasing the last of his general inventory.  A few weeks after my BFP, another mom who used the same donor purchased the "sibling only vials/final release vials" which were more expensive and only available to those who had reported a pregnancy by him.  Is that not NW practice anymore?  I remember seeing several donors in the catalog (again in 2010) that said "only available for sibling use" directly on the profile.  I wouldn't mind paying a premium for a full sib.  If this is no longer the case, I wonder if we could ask NW why they changed and if they might introduce this again.


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We've always been open and honest about body parts, their names, and allowing our son to express his feelings on such.  So if C chimed up about breasts, it would seem (to us) no different than him commenting on her hair or her voice.  That's just the way we are.

As for sex...we have the time...it's the energy is where we're usually lacking.  I keep "grandma" hours for work so I'm in bed early.  My wife enjoys the evenings to have "her" time and that usually means a good book and hot tea.  The kiddo has karate and gym 2 nights a week, and then we have family night with my extended family once a week, so weekdays are usually a no go.  Our son's gym has parents night out every other week...and we usually choose to have parents night in. 

Showering together is once in a blue moon thing now.  Mostly because he LOVES bath time (along with his hot wheels bath track, squirt toys, tub paint, etc) and his baths last longer than my wife's and mine combined.  But on the rare occasion we're short on time, we'll pop him in with us.  He doesn't comment on anything except to say he'd rather have a bath.  We are pretty open, so he's seen us change many times.  It's just our every day!

We bought the book a few months back via a kickstarter campaign.  It is beautifully illustrated and well written.  My son still doesn't "get" some parts...like the adorable illustrated sperm and egg...but he does enjoy the story.  He smiled with pride when he pointed out Zak had 2 moms just like him.

I went with the evenflo sureride.  I would've bought a radian, because I intend to keep him in a 5 point until he thinks I'm so uncool for doing it...and then some.  He was RF until 3.5.  But the need came at a time where my finances were not all that, so I'm hoping to get at least 2 years out if the seat.  It says it goes to 53 inches/65 pounds.  He has room to grow 11 inches and 20 pounds.

My 4 year old son is 42 inches tall and 45 pounds.  The carseat my mom has on her car has a max weight of 40 pounds, so we need a new 1, but she only uses it maybe 1 time a week so it doesnt need to be fancy.  We want sowmthing that will go up to like 60 pounds.  Looking for under $100, preferably under $80.  Any suggestions?

Before I got preggo, I didn't want any contact. 

After I conceived, our donor was sold out and retired, and I couldn't find his free profile.  So I reached out to another mom who had been somewhat open about their donor number (our donor too).

They supplied me with the info I was looking for but we decided to exchange emails as well.  After my son was born, I joined NW sibling registry and came in contact with 4 other families.  We know of 2 more kiddos by our donor, but their families want no contact.

I am now FB friends with 4 out of the 5 that have made some type of contact.  The mom who I've been emailing since before my son was born, and I are still friends.  We've shared medical info that has been helpful for our kids.  We text regularly and we had a meetup last summer (and another planned for this summer).  It was pretty awesome to see our kids interact.  They each knew a little about the others, although they aren't yet aware of their special connection.  However, her oldest and my son were instant best friends!  It was so dang cute!

So, long story long, join for the information for YOUR child.  Participate and share whatever you're comfortable with  (btw if you're going to join the registry, leave some type of contact info...I never get the point of those who put just the mom's name.  How will anyone share info with you?  How does that help your child in the future?).  But don't be surprised if you find friends in the process.  You already know they have similar taste in donors, you might find that you have other things in common too.


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fisch wrote:

A 10-11 year old eats way more than a 4 year old!

That is so true!  He whined to his mom (the nanny) that we weren't serving pizza, while he proceeded to eat a plate full of tortilla chips and salsa, cheese cubes and pretzels, fruit and veggies with dip, and goldfish!  Then asked for seconds of cake and as previously mentioned drank 6+ juice boxes.  The sad part is I factored 3 juices per kid and we were almost out!


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I get the siblings coming and the reason why.  We don't know these kids from school, other than brief encounters while picking up/dropping off our kiddo.  I had no way to know if they had older or younger siblings, so I guess it would've been nice to get a heads up so we could prepare. 

I don't get the nanny's son tho.  We had the party at a bounce warehouse, so here was this big kid jumping and bumping into little 4 year olds.  The nanny never even asked if it was ok for him to participate.  I literally saw him drink 6+ juice boxes...and at one time 2 at a time!

We would have had to pay for extra kids at our venue, but we didn't invite enough to max out our limit.  But if we had invited more kids, and extra showed up, it would've been $10 extra per kid.

I guess a quick note w/ the RSVP ("my younger kiddo" or "my nanny will be bringing my kid, and she has her own child") would've been nice.


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Over this past year my son has been invited to several birthday parties.  We also just celebrated his 4th birthday.  This is the first year we've invited kids from school and other extra-curricular activities. 

I've noticed a trend regarding "uninvited" children participating in the parties.  Many parents brought along siblings (both older and younger) who fully participated in the parties and refreshments. 

To take it a step further, at my son's party, the nanny of one of our guests brought her much older son (average age of invited guest was 4, this child was 10-11) who played all the games, ate snacks and cake, and guzzled juice boxes.  We nearly ran out of snacks/drinks as we had two uninvited guests arrive (the nanny's son and a guest's younger sibling).

Luckily we did not have to pay extra for these children at our party venue, but if we had I would've been very upset.  Is this something that is expected...because I certainly wasn't expecting it?!  What would you do?  Next year I'm thinking about including something on the invite that discourages "uninvited" guests.


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Just wanted to say I love this idea, it really resonated with me, and I'm going to try this with my son!

ETA:  just tried this w/ C and it worked!

Totally backed this!  Can't wait to get our book!


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I made that for my son's first birthday and made them as cupcakes for valentines day.  They taste pretty good and turned out well.  We always knew it as wacky cakes.


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Like the used vial?  If they are used, you keep it or toss it in the trash.  If its unused and you are returning it to be stored, call NW and let them know, then return the vial with the dewar.  But you are charged a fee for that.

Honestly, no.  I'm with all the previous posters that I would never use a known donor in general.  However, I'd also pass on an anonymous donor who had a significant stutter as an adult.  From a quick glance at some peer reviewed research, results are mixed, but all agree that genetics do play a role.  A few I read said on average, people are 3x more likely to stutter if their 1st degree relative (mother/father) has it.  Just my opinion tho.


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My son had tubes placed when he was 9 months old.  They have been a life saver because he had 12 ear infections from age NB to 9 months, and only TWO in the almost 3 years he's had them in.  They work great...but decided to stay around a little too long.  6 months ago our pedi old us that if they hadn't fallen out by now (meaning 6/2014) he'd have to get them removed.  Well, the right fell out but the left is STILL in there. 

So (as soon as we can come up with the deductible...$1250) he will have to have a second minor surgery.  For some reason I was much more calm with 9 month old C having tubes placed, than 3.5 year old C getting them removed.  I don't like the idea of him having anesthesia again.  I don't like the idea of him being scared surrounded by masked strangers.  I don't like the idea of someone sticking my little boy with needles (even though I start IV's all day long).  I'm freaking the f-bomb out!!!

I spoke with anesthesia docs at work, who said they'd prob give him oral versed to keep him calm and then gas him down.  He said an IV may not even be placed, but it could be done while he's sleeping if necessary.  That eases my mind a tiny bit.

How do you handle your baby getting surgery/procedures???  Why is this scaring me so much???  Have any of your kids had to have ear tubes removed???

Thanks for letting me vent!


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It came and went, I cried and worried, I took 3 pills a day until I was 13 weeks...and all is well!


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Most likely it's your progesterone.  I spotted for the first 1-2 weeks and my progesterone was a 10.  Expect for a very exhausted first trimester on progesterone, but the end result is worth it!

Honestly, we can't afford a primrose, though I toured and am in love.  Just a mere $230 a week!  However, it seems worth it.  If we weren't trying to have a second, we'd make it work for our son.  However, I there is a lesbian couple that have both their boys (they used to frequent the boards) and they are in primrose and she said that they've never encountered any issues with the two mom thing, and her boys are thriving.

I'm not super familiar with the clear lake area but I could ask around.  Also my boss is friends with someone who is the director of a daycare in the bellaire area, and she loves that program.  I'll ask her tomorrow.

If you can find a primrose, they have a good reputation and may come out right under $1000.  The way we manage it is that my wife takes him to daycare near where she works, and it's far enough away from the city where the price is much more manageable ($700 for infant, $600 for toddler+).  Maybe try looking where you work since its far enough away from the city.  Also check dfps website for any infractions that the center (or home care) has been cited for.


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Would anyone be willing to share the out of pocket costs of an HSG?  My insurance may pay for this since its considering diagnostic, but I'm just trying to get a feel for how much to have on hand.  Thanks.


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Perfect sized little peanut!  Exactly the same as my son!   smile


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Probably not trying again until July.


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*virtual jumping up and down while yelling for joy*. Congrats!!!!!

Good luck today!  My thoughts are with you!

I've been avoiding the boards since AF came, but I am so HAPPY for you!!  This was H's donor too, right!?  I'm excited to hear your next beta, because your first sounds amazing!  Congrats!


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Temp tanked below cover line.  Tested BFN.  I'm stopping progesterone...my body wants to have a period.


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Temp tanked this AM. I know I'm out.


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Tested BFN @ 10 dpo.  Why did I do that?


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So I had a dream where I got a positive pregnancy test. I woke up and had elevated temperatures today. Now my mind is reeling with all the possibilities the what-ifs and the maybes.. I literally haven't thought straight since I woke up. My mind is so preoccupied with the chance that I might be pregnant. I hope That I haven't just set myself up for major disappointment. But I can't help but feel excited…


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Academy sports and outdoors has an InSTEP take 2 bike trailer for $90.  It ships for $9.  Max weight is 80 pounds though, if that works for you guys that's the best price I could find!


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Well I'm a little disheartened by this am temp.  It dropped .3 degrees.  Yes, I know that's not a lot and its still above the cover line, but it just looks bad.  The outside temp also took a major nose dive last night and I felt cold when I woke up to take my temp, but even so that won't make up for that much of a drop.  It's too early to be an implantation dip.  I guess it would have just been a lot more reassuring if my temps stayed consistently high.  What can I do about it tho...?


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Well, it's official...I ovulated!  My temps are way up.  FF says I o'd within 24 hours of the insem.  I'm going to start taking progesterone tonight.  I'll probably test on the 25th.  My wife's bday is the 27th.  I'd love to wrap up a positive test!!!


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So my temp shot way up today.  FF says if I continue to have higher temps for next 2 days I will have ovulated within 24 hours of our insem.  First good news I've had in a while!  I guess cross your fingers for more high temps???


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God a temp change would have been reassuring.  No dice.  At least I only had to get my hopes up for about 24 hours!   hmm

I bought 12 vials before TTC my son.  We used 2 the first cycle and it worked, leaving us with 10.  I felt comfortable with that many vials for a full sibling.  Now we're TTC #2 about four years after I conceived my son, and I've blown through almost all of our vials!  We're now discussing which NEW donor to choose if we don't get preggo in the next couple of cycles.  So, I would buy as many as you could possibly afford.  If its just 1 more...that's one more chance.


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Sitting with hips elevated as we speak.  I leave the speculum in during this process to prevent leakage, but I wonder if some take it out?  It was time right around 24 hours past initial positive smiley OPK.  However, I am still getting smileys.  *shrugs*. Gotta throw caution to the wind at this point.  All last night I seemed to have pain on my left side.  I'd describe it as moderate discomfort.  It was worse than I ever remember feeling because I started consulting Dr. google regarding my possible OHSS!  I feel better this AM, but now I'm wondering if I missed my window.  I had less EWCM this am.  So...hopefully preseed will help he out in that dept.  I'm going to put in an instead cup in about 10 min.  Then I have to rush rush rush to get to work.  I made arrangements to arrive late, but I didn't realize the schedule was going to be so heavy so now I feel bad.  If I see a temp rise that looks like confirmation of ovulation I will use my progesterone.  Otherwise I'm not really feeling the point of it.  Is this how people who have been trying for a while feel?  Apathetic?  Pathetic? Afraid to feel too hopeful about any step in the process?  That's where I'm at.  I'm hoping the next insem will include a trigger shot.  We'll see. I think I'm going to lose weight then go see my RE.  So next insem will probably be put off a bit.  Maybe I'll be pregnant by our 11/1 year anniversary in June?!  Here's to hoping!


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Shanny we're getting down to the wire vial wise, so I really hope this works for us too!


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Do you ever test out your LH surge?  If so, if you get multiple smileys when do you time your insem?  From first smiley?  From smiley with boldest/darkest line?  Just wondering, as I've always just stopped testing when I got my first smiley, but this cycle I just did it on a whim and have been getting multiple smileys.