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14dpo, bfn


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I test first thing tomorrow morning.  I'm terrified I'm gonna start before I can test, like last time.  AF should be here tomorrow, 14dpo.


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I'm 12dpo, holding out until Wed (14dpo) to test. I tested at 9dpo and got a Bfn and it was soooo discouraging.  AF is due Wed or Thursday, so I'm holding out, hoping I can test then. No symptoms, except bad bad cramps yesterday, horrible backache, and I've peed every hour today.  I'm crossing my fingers!


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I read on MedHelp that its possible for a woman to ovulate twice (how most women conceive fraternal twins) a week apart, so I'm assuming I'm ovulating again, even though I ovulated last week.  Today's OPK was a smiley, too, so I'll just continue the FRER for the next few days.

I almost bought these a few weeks ago, but a random stranger next to me saw how I was deliberating, and she told me she'd used the smileys and recommended I use them, too.  She was holding a baby while she told me, so I said Yes ma'am and took em.  I hear that they are pretty good, though.


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I took a FRER this morning, BFN.  I guess its still too early after all.  My box came with three (evil laugh) so I will test again on Sunday and Monday.


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Just for kicks, I took a CBE digital OPK just now, and it gave me a smiley! I was sure I ovulated 8 days ago... my cervix was high, soft, and extremely open, tons of ewcm, and my temps confirmed ovulation.  Is it possible to surge twice in a month?



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Thanks :-) I'll check out the charts on FF and see how they look.


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My temps were pretty good after ovulation, but this morning at 7dpo my temps dropped way below the coverline.  Does this mean I didn't really ovulate last week, and am ovulating today? Has anyone ever had this happen?


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BeeAndVee, 4dpi


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I added a small amount, so when the swimmers went in, the preseed would be left in the catheter, and not the swimmers.  I didn't add it at the end, just the beginning (I just read my post earlier, my mistake). A small amount may have gone in... thankfully the cramps have died down.


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I have the "big o" right afterwards.


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Hello smile I couldn't find an at home IUI thread, so I'm posting mine here.   My wife and I changed things up this month and did an at home IUI.  We used IUI this time, plus a speculum to check my cervix.  I found a great article from IVP.com that gave step by step instructions, and we followed them to a T.  I made sure to draw up some Preseed before the sperm, then some more preseed afterwards.  We removed the air bubbles before inseminating.  My wife used a small amount of preseed before, then inserted and slowly depressed the syringe, but I still felt some cramps during and afterwards. After about thirty minutes with my legs up, I inserted an instead cup.

I've only ever attempted ICIs, so this was a big change from before.  I've been feeling cramps on and off for four days, and am extremely gassy. I am confident that I timed it well because this time I monitored my cervix, and on the day of the IUI my cervix was high soft and open, plus there was tons and tons of ewcm (some blood tinged).  Today I'm 4dpo (as verfied by FF) and am awaiting the possible symptoms.


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Hello, I'm Bee, of BeeandVee.  I'm 33, TTC #3, and have two daughters from a previous relationship.  My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant since December '08, though we've only had the chance to inseminate 5 times.  As of today, I'm 4dpo with a NWA donor.  We've had 4 unsuccessful at-home ICIs, then switched it up to IUI this month.  We were careful in the process, researched it diligently, and followed the instructions to a T.  I used to have a different username, but once my IRL friends found me, I deleted all my previous posts and created this new name.  I look forward to learning so much from y'all!