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*I'm re-posting my BFP info since my original username was inadvertently banned with the website upgrades and I'm afraid my info will disappear.*

I tracked my cycle (using OPK's and checking CP and CM) for one month prior to starting the TTC process. I started temping the same cycle we planned to TTC. We ordered 2 vials (one ICI and one IUI) and had them arrive on Thursday 11/4. I got my smiley Monday 11/8 at 5am. Monday afternoon, I came to the sudden realization that my luteal phase was only 8 days long. I was 90% convinced that there was no way my body would be able to conceive with such a short luteal phase, so I called my OB/GYN office that afternoon in a panic. They set me up with a consultation with the OB for that Friday 11/12.

We went ahead and inseminated the ICI vial Monday night (really Tuesday morning as it was 1:00am) at 20 hours past +OPK. We sucked up a little preseed, then the sperm, then a smidge more preseed. We inseminated with the tip of the syringe directly into the OS very slowly. Stayed with my hips elevated for 30 minutes or so, then rolled over and went to sleep. We sent the IUI vial back to NW.

Met with the OB  that Friday and she agreed that I had a luteal phase defect. I was now 110% sure that our practice round hadn't worked....DP wasn't as convinced. I had blood work the following Tuesday 11/16 (7DPO) to test FSH/LH, fasting glucose, fasting insulin, prolactin, progesterone, and thyroid. Everything came back normal except my progesterone was 6 and what they said was "borderline low". They told me to call them next cycle to come back in at 7DPO to retest my progesterone and we'd move forward from there.

AF was due to arrive Thursday 11/18. Woke up Wed 11/17 with cramps and was convinced she'd be waiting for me when I went to the bathroom. False alarm. BFN @ 9DPO. Mild cramps on and off but still no sign of AF. Woke up again Thursday with cramps again and thought surely AF had arrived. Not so much! Same story Friday...BFN the morning of 10DPO. I was confused because I was sure that AF would arrive before I left work for the day, but nope! I tested again when I got home with 2 types of tests...one from NW and another that came with my internet cheapy OPK's (Wondfo brand). The internet cheapy showed an extremely faint line, but I disregarded it. It looked just like the faint line that I'd gotten on the OPK's, so I chalked it up to an evap line. Took three tests (NW, internet cheapie, and a random no-name test I had on hand) the next morning and all three of them had faint lines...the NW was the faintest, and the internet cheapy and random test were both a bit darker. We posted a picture of the NW and random test side by side and everyone on the forum said "a line is a line"....we had a BFP! I was shocked...could NOT believe it! DP said she had a good feeling about it all along but didn't want to say anything to jinx it.

I called the OB office first thing Monday (13DPO) morning and gave them the update. At first they didn't want to see me until mid-late December, but I explained the low progesterone to the receptionist and she transferred me to the nurse. They had me come in that day to draw blood to test HCG and progesterone. HCG was 133 and progesterone was 16. Had a repeat blood draw that Wed. (15DPO) and HCG was up to 299 and progesterone was 15.5.

We go in for our first exam and ultrasound on Tuesday, Dec. 14th. It still hasn't really sunk in yet, so I'm hoping the ultrasound makes this seem more real!


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Response I received from Tammy:
Good Afternoon Kelly,

Thank you for your message.  Well I have searched all over the forum and
cannot find your original username.  I'm not sure what may have happened
and I don't have a good answer for you.  I'm glad you created a new
username as that appears to be the only solution.  I apologize for the
inconvenience.  I don't really know what to say...

I am not sure why she couldn't find my name as I can still see my old posts and they all show up when I search my original username (thank goodness!). I sent her another email with a link to one of my posts so she could see that it's still there. I asked if they were still looking into this issue and if they might be able to un-ban my email address. I had to create my new username under my work email address, which is really not ideal but it's the only other email address that I have that I check on a regular basis. Will update again if there is anything further to report.

That really sucks, but like Zen was saying, maybe you can take care of the paperwork now? I'm glad this info surfaced because I fear we would have made the exact same mistake next year.

How exciting, congrats!!


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Yikes! I'm glad you both made it through....but what a scary ordeal! She's an absolute doll baby!! Congrats!

You're getting so close!! How Exciting  :-)
In regards to the disposables, we tried 6 different kinds (they were all shower gifts): Kirkland (Costco brand), Huggies, Pampers, Walmart brand, Target brand, and Food Lion Brand. Kirkland and Huggies were my favorite because they fit the best for the size and shape of G. I can see how people could take a preference to another brand depending on the size/shape of their baby. G was 7lbs 5oz and pretty long and thin, so the diapers that were wider didn't fit him as well as the more narrow ones. I've heard of the Pamper DRY MAX diapers causing rashes and irritations, but you can get Pampers without the dry max. I personally think the Pampers smell extra perfumey but I just may be more sensitive snouted. We also planned to cloth diaper but didn't really start until G was closer to size 2 diapers because the cloth was just SO BIG on him when he was really little. The diapers with the little pocket on the back elastic were decent for catching loose poo and keeping it from going up the back, but you still have lots of messes with teeny ones. We use Kirkland brand sposies to this day (he uses them when he's at daycare or when we go on a trip). All disposables we've used suck at containing messes compared to the cloth, as we rarely have any leakage with cloth and NEVER a blowout (knock on wood).


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We have the opposite problem! We have had so many people ask us when we're going to have another one and G is only 5 months old. haha! We had originally planned to start TTC #2 in May 2012, but I think that's going to get pushed to 2013 because of the whole pregnancy being a "pre-existing condition" thing. ugh!

Congrats! I agree, that was a very fast pregnancy.


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We did the same as Goobie. Neither of us wanted to give up or change our names, so we will be giving all of our kids a double barreled last name with just a space rather than a hyphen. At the doctor G goes by his first name and my last name (which is the second half of his last name). His name IS a mouthful, however, it fits him and we wouldn't have it any other way. :-)


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I didn't have many symptoms to speak of until I went into labor. CONGRATS!


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oh yeah!!! I totally didn't think about that, but it happened BOTH times about a week or so before my period started. Stupid period!


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That's strange...I haven't touched the time on this computer since we got it a few months ago.


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We use the Chicco infant carrier....It's done the job. It has good safety ratings and is easy to use and clean. I'm not sure how it compares to other seats, but it seems heavy. I no longer use it to carry G because it's far too heavy with him (at 17 lbs) in it. We're switching to the convertables this week.

(I like my new title on my old screen name. I went from "member" to "banned"....what BS!!)


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I have this same problen from time to time. LC said it was probably due to the increase in the acidity of G's saliva (happens during teething) and that was irritating my nipples. I quadruple the nipple shield reccomendation. You can also try rinsing your nipples with water after every feeding to remove baby's saliva.


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This happened to me too (between about 10am yesterday and 10am today). I sent an email to Tammy to ask what the deal was. I'm pretty upset also...mostly because all my BFP information is gone and I had documented my progeterone issues on there.  sad

ETA: so I just checked and all of my posts still appear, however my title changed from "member" to "banned". Hopefully I'll hear back from Tammy in a few days and see about reinstating my account back to "member" again. Hoping it's possible!