All our kids are teens or preteens at this point, was wondering how the kids are.


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I purchased vials for donor 141P and I thought I had saved his profile with all of his background. I’ve tried looking for him on the catalog and can’t find him. Does anyone have his information and is willing to share it? TIA

You mean this guy?

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To access the community forum, you simply need to report the pregnancy via your online account.  Once it is approved you are able to access the sibling registry.  Not all of the NW Cryobank users chose to use the sibling registry.  I highly suggest it to all clients, for it is a fun way to share pictures and meet other mothers with children from the same donor.  It is possible that no one else has signed up for the sibling registry for that particular donor.

Thanks, Brittany

I've made multiple requests to get access to the sibling registry via phone and email over the years because the web thing doesn't work for me to reset the password and never get a response. I would like to connect to others who used donor 026. I know you have a verified pregnancy for us because we've talked many times over the years due to medical issues in my child.


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I haven't gotten access to the nw sibling registry yet- should have later today.  They had to research my pregnancy report since my son is 9 years old.  I know there is one sibling registered on the paid sibling registry.  I also remember several pregnancies and births with my donor when I was pregnant.  I saw photos on the old website- people could post pictures in a photo section. I think my son favors my older children and myself especially my oldest son.  Yet when I see the pictures of the donor siblings it is amazing how much they look alike.  I would like my son to have the option to make these connections later if he is interested.  I have come across children over the years that make me wonder if they could be donor siblings or relatives of the donor.  One in google images while looking at a tourist attraction we were going to visit.  The little boy looked so much like my son that he pointed at the picture and said that's me. The boy had two siblings with some of my son's features and they were from Spokane.  The other is a little boy that one of my college roommates adopted from foster care.  She posted their pictures together and pointed out that they could be twins.  I know that not everyone that looks like him is going to be a donor sibling. I have seen people with uncanny similarities.  My point is that if I wonder if they could be donor siblings and I'm curious I know that he may be too and I'd like to have a few answers for him.

This is an old post but you got my attention, we used 026 and I know there is a donor sib boy in Spokane but his mother passed away shortly after posting here near as I can tell. I'm wondering if our kids are sibs?

My 11yo has been bugging me to get passports so we can cross up into Canada (we live near the border and have wanted to vacation there) and the paperwork says the father must appear and the Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances form doesn't seem to apply to DC children.


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Hello my name is Becky I am 42 yrs old with a handsome 7 year old son, I am new to this site and just would like to know how it all works and what can I do to find a picture of my donor we cant even remember our donor number we believe it is 126 026 or 020.
Calel is the best and he is asking questions about his dad can anybody help me with a answer I tell him he has me but he is getting bigger and already very smart but as a parent I just want to be able to tell him something and to even re-insure him that he has one and give him the details later. Besides all of that we are very happy and he doesn't seem to mind because he is the only guy in school who has a Becky he likes that so do I.

Based on your other posts the donor is likely 026 which is our donor. I am very open to donor sibs:) Calel would make the 14th child from this donor that I am aware of. I'd love to exchange info on the kids if you ever want to. My daughter turns 12 this summer.


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Its going to vary, I did 2 ICI cycles at home and had 2 BFP, the first ended in a m/c at 8 weeks due to dehydration (I had severe HG) and the 2nd is now 7YO (I knew to go to the ER the day it started and had a PICC line a week later). I was fertile myrtle though, I'm thinking about one last baby and wondering what my chances now at 38.

They gave them the option yes but the new law seems kinda of pointless unless they are just trying to force the banks to offer it.

btw, your daughter is adorable! Last I visited the boards you will still TTC:)

This came across the DSR yahoogroup today, its in the current issue of TIME.

Traditionally, the identities of egg and sperm donors have been tightly guarded secrets, numbers with no names attached, making it difficult for their biological offspring to ever make contact. Today, that changes as Washington becomes the first state to chip away at that anonymity, with a controversial new law that guarantees children conceived with gametes from Washington sperm banks and egg donation agencies access -- when they're 18 -- to their donors' medical histories and their full names— unless the donors specifically opt out of being identified.

The rest of the article can be found in TIME or on the DSR yahoogroup.

I'm kinda scratching my head on this one, the law seems pointless if the donor can opt out of it.  I'm also wondering if its retroactive, anyone heard anything on this?


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They are both beautiful:) Do they have the same donor? Just curious, does Kate's hair part naturally like that on the side? Lilly's does, same hair type it looks like too:) (I have wavy/curly hair so figure her hair came from the donor:)