Topic: back on the train, choo-choo

we already have 2 amazing sons and are back on the train getting ready for baby #3.  dp has been charting her cycles since they returned pp in september.  we have had peaks on the cbem the last 2 months. 

we have our first consult with our fab RE in february with a view to having our first try at the end of may/beginning of june.

dp will begin acupuncture and massage again soon.


Re: back on the train, choo-choo

little update.  we met with our re at the end of february still with a view to trying at the end of may/beginning of june.  but then dp decided maybe we could try in march(!!) if all her testing came back ok.  well, her tsh is 1.64, right in range and the saline sonogram showed no polyps or fibroids so we are a GO for the end of march.  yikes

we are on cd14 of this current cycle and have had high fertility the last couple of days.  peak should be tomorrow or wednesday.  i estimate that cd1 of our next cycle will be march 25th.  since we will be on a tight timeline before we head to scotland on april 9 dp will be taking 100mg clomid cd3-7 and having a trigger shot.

dp is also taking: ume plum balls, maca, green tea, folic acid, b12, baby aspirin, synthroid, metformin, multivitamin, calcium and flaxseed oil.  she is having acupuncture appts 2x per week.