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Please? Can we go more private? All the spam posts are getting really old. And google searches coming up with posts are really annoying as well.

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in order for NW to make this a totally private site, they'd have to limit it to NW customers only... and i know we have many women here from other banks (or other donor options) who have a lot of advice, input and support to offer.

it would also require more staffing to maintain the membership and site issues - to validate users.  it's been asked before, and in the end i think it was decided by both them and us to keep it the way it is.  the spammers can be deleted (i believe they can and do delete those accounts), but to close it and make it private would cause us to lose a bunch of wonderful ladies.

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I have to agree that some of the spam is just really wierd. I have a weird post on my thread for home birth about golf shirts! WEIRD!

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Maybe getting rid of the moderators who are not active on the boards and getting new mods who are active will make it easier to monitor and delete those spams.  I would volunteer to be a new moderator.
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