Topic: Slightly different BFP

Not sure if I should post this here or not, but for those who have used NW in the past and have the option to use a known donor, this is what I did my BFP cycle.

After 4 failed attempts, I knew pretty well when I would O after +opk.  I also learned that I ovulate to the full moon, which was Feb 18th this year.  However, I started getting high, soft and somewhat open cervix, along with EWCM on the 13th of Feb.  not wanting to cramp KD and his wife for Valentines day, we worked out a different schedule this time.  We did insems (all around 9:30pm) on the 13th, 15th and 17th.  That whole week I was getting EWCM and ovary twinges.  Temp dipped on the 16th and then PLUNGED on the 17th, then shot WAY WAY up on the 18th.  I had O pains all day the 17th on the right, then all day on the 18th on the left.  Got my smiley on the morning of the 17th, which is late for me, but I think it may have been there if I had remembered to test on the 16th evening.  Because we were doing so many insems this month, I was very relaxed about it all.

Foodwise:  I did nothing different.  I ate what everyone else ate, when I wanted to.   I did not drink in this TWW... I don't think... may have had a beer one night, can't remember now!  Lots of water, which is normal for me.

Excersise: nothing different.  I walk a fair amount each day, and running a daycare means I chase wee ones around, but nothing special.

Suppliments:  Prenatals, B6 (100mg a day) and baby asprin.

Holistic:  This cycle we went all out with the Wiccan gear... Tim posted fertility prayers (Wiccan, Celtic and Christian) above the bed, and made me read then nightly.  He bought me a silver fertility goddess to wear on a chain around my neck (and I will not take her off till 2nd tri).  We got fertility rocks/stones and Tim blessed them with a fertility blessing, then put them between the mattress and boxspring.  I prayed to the Goddess of Fertility every day.  I stayed positive, and considered myself "pregnant until proven otherwise".  I asked my brother and Tims dad to pull strings for us if they could!

The whole cycle was just different, it just felt different.  About 6DPO while praying, I slipped and instead of saying "please let this be my month" I said "keep the baby safe", and I think then I was pretty sure.  by 10DPO I was so freaked out that this was NOT it for me, and here I just "Knew" I was pregnant, but what if I wasn't?!?  I posted on here and was pressured into peeing on things.  I am SO GLAD I did, BFP on four different brands that day!  That was Feb 28th, what would have been Tims parents anniversary (his father passed in 2007), and wonderful news to share right before his mom remarried.

Hope this can be helpful for anyone else blessed with having a known donor as awesome as ours was!  And if the mods here want to delete this because we used a KD, I totally understand.

Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013.  6th baby, so much love!