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Topic: BFP details and lifestyle changes

2009: Yes, we want a child. Maybe we should start trying in a year or two.

Summer 2010: Let’s start looking into how to do this! Met with our naturopathic doctor, who has helped many couples conceive. Started prenatals, Pro DHA fish oil.

Fall 2010: Started tracking my cycles. Basal temp, OPKs, charting, CM. Found the NW forum! Met with a lawyer to talk about options for second parent adoption and possible KD contracts. Approached two different KDs. One wanted to donate, but his count and motility made him an unviable candidate. The other decided not to.

January 2011: Laparoscopy to remove endometriosis adhesions and a chromotubation to make sure my tubes were free and clear, given my long-term struggles with painful, but regular, cycles. Given the “all clear” to start TTC.

February 2011: Picked a donor. Bought 12 vials, thinking we are in it for the long haul.

March 2011: Inseminated and got a faint BFP at 10 DPO! Betas were 88 at 11 DPO and 235 at 13 DPO.

Like most of us, I read a ton about health and lifestyle changes that may or may not have had an impact on fertility. I wanted to maximize, as much as possible, our odds of conceiving. I’m not sure how much any of these really impacted my fertility. But I felt like if I tried everything I could try, within reason, we would set ourselves up for the best outcome.

Quit coffee 4 months before insemination. (This was the worst.)
Quit drinking hard alcohol 4 months before insemination, beer and wine 2 months before. (This was not fun either.)
Watched carefully what I ate and reduced treats like cookies and chocolate. (Boo…)
Took prenatals and Pro DHA fish oil for 8 months before insemination.
Weekly acupuncture and daily traditional Chinese medicine (nasty gag-inducing roots, fungus and herbal concoctions) for 3 months leading up to insemination.
Fresh pineapple core-and-all from 2-5 DPO.

Our timing was as follows:
ICI at home at 12 hours after +OPK (smiley)
ICI at home at 26 hours
Naturopath-assisted IUI at her office at 37 hours