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Lucky one-timers

I am Sarah and my partner (wife in the eyes of God) of 7 years is Lesley. I had a cancer scare over Christmas this past year and we swore to each other that we would start as soon as I was fully recovered. (Had my thyroid removed). Since the thyroid is such an important piece of healthy pregnancy, we thought it best that DW carry first. I am about a year older - me 34 her 33, but we wanted to do what was best for our family. Then if we were successful we would bank some batter for me later.

So after looking at all the banks and pricing, we found this miracle place and I started reading everything I could. DW isn't into all the technical stuff like I am! We knew of no known health issues with her and got a blessing from our OB to try it at home.

So from OPK to my very attractive miners light that we use for camping...we used fertility friend to chart February and then we said...what the hell, let's do it.

Called Zach (LOVE HIM) and got three ICI vials.  Though I had practiced with water and anything else liquid, I was still a nervous wreck when it came time.  We did all two days before OPK+ because DW wanted to, then the other two day of and morning after positive OPK.

Since then my DW has changed DRAMATICALLY - we got rid of all the high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated anything (I still sneak a coke a work!). We are eating fruit and well...lets just say we aren't fast-fooders but not foodies either - yet. And she's cried every morning for no reason, backaches, sleeping 11 hours, headaches, twinges, etc.

Anyhoo...she keeps telling me she just knows. Well I don't get to feel any of that, so I am impatient as can be!  Well after a week of BFNs (because it was way too early) Yesterday and this morning we got BFP's on EPT and First Response early response.

Couldn't be happier. Good luck to everyone and sticky baby dust to all!!

Sarah & Lesley
Nashville, TN

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That is so awesome!! Big congrats to yall!!!

Our worlds collided and together we've been blessed with perfection!

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My partner and I just had DI done on Tuesday (4/5/11)... Me being the one that is carrying. This is the 2nd time we are TTC, and the first time in November was a BFN. However yesterday and today I have felt different... Like tugging, poking feelings that are very few and far between over my left O, and a full feeling over my pelvic bone. I know you aren't suppose to feel anything until 7-10 days after conception.. But like your wife.. I just know... at least I rrreally hope I do smile