Topic: Question for obsessive BBT'ers who got BFPs!

OK, my question is if you temped at other times other than just the morning during your second week of the TWW.

If so- did you run high? I have been running between 98.91-99.41 in the afternoons/evenings for the past 3 days (and this morning at 9am I am 99.41 after BBT of 98.71 at 6am), I am 10 DPO. I have never temped in the afternoon before during my luteal phase so not sure if this is normal or could be indicative of a BFP. I really FEEL PREGNANT, tests say no and as we all know, it could be all in my head!
My morning BBT has also been steadily climbing the past 3 days, but that has happened on previous month charts with a dip on the 4th day (which will be tomorrow so we will see).


-Rebecca (Blessed mom of two beautiful, healthy girls) … 6174_n.jpg