Topic: Florida residents with sunpass violations?!?

I'm having to fight 12 different violations in 3 different counties (that I don't even live in) because I had one day of a faulty sunpass during a trip from Orlando to Miami. I never received anything in the mail from sunpass, nor did I receive any tickets in the mail from the 3 different counties. I only found our because I got some advertisements in the mail from traffic lawyers, and called them out of curiosity to see why. My license was only a week away from being suspended! Now, I'm fighting for $1500 worth of tickets, so many points that my license will be suspended anyway if I don't fight them, and I'm having to take time off from work and school to go to 3 different court dates if 3 different counties! I want to know how many people are having this problem, because I've read on the internet that it's become big. Also, if you fought it in court, did you win?

For anyone who has s sunpass, better call and check your account. I'm never using my sunpass again!