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Topic: 1st Try BFP!!!!!

7/11/11 ~ A.M. ~ A light line on the OPK. Not quite positive but knew it would be positive soon.

7/12/11 ~ 3 A.M. ~ Some EWCM ~ insemmed 1 vial of ICI (20 mil motility) - it was a first insem so it did not go real smooth but we managed. **wink** After, DP kept hips propped up for 30-45 min and then went to sleep with her hips still propped up a little.

That evening, she was sending me texts while we were at work telling me how she knows she is ovulating. She constantly feels "wet" and is VERY sexually aroused. Those, combined with some pre-ovulation symptoms she'd gotten over the past few days, we knew she was either ovulating or about to!!

7/13/11 ~ 1 A.M. ~ a lot of EWCM! Insemmed 2nd vial of ICI (20 mil motility) - this went MUCH better!! DP kept hips propped for 30 min and then had to pee! She went pee, came back and we went to sleep.

8 P.M. ~ still EWCM but not quite as much. Decided to go ahead and insem 3rd vial of ICI (35 mil motility). This could not have gone more perfect!! **wink** Again, DP kept hips propped for about 30 min but then had to use bathroom. She did, and then after, she came back and laid down with hips up a bit while we watched a movie. After that, we went to bed.

7/15/11 ~ 3/2 DPI ~ DP was feeling bloated, crampy and gassy. At this point, we blew it off as wishful thinking or something she ate.

7/17/11 ~ 5/4 DPI ~ DP's breasts were much more tender than normal and we noticed one or two short blue veins near her areolas.

7/18/11 ~ 6/5 DPI ~ DP had sharp cramping at the top of her uterus for much of the morning. She said it felt like "someone was tweaking something in there". That evening, she experienced a mucus discharge that had a brownish tinge to it. All day, she was still feeling quite bloated and gassy. She said her urine has become very strong smelling!

7/19/11 ~ 7/6 DPI ~ DP had light twinges and cramps all day long. She started having waves of nausea that would hit her. She also started having dizzy and light-headed spells. Her appetite went away. She had no desire to eat a meal; she just wanted to snack. She was also still very gassy and had strong urine smell.

7/20/11 ~ 8/7 DPI ~ in the morning, she was very withdrawn (emotionally) and keeping to herself. She said she was snacky the second she woke up so she made a bag of popcorn. After that was gone, she decided she wanted 'Smores!! We did not have any marshmallows so she had 'Smores minus marshmallows!! Popcorn and 'Smores for breakfast.... lmao

By afternoon, she was very emotional and weepy. One thing - DP is NOT a weepy person! It takes extreme emotion for her to cry. She ended up laying her head on my shoulder and CRYING ... and then telling me how she doesn't know why she's crying!! It was actually humorous to me ... but not to her! It's not logical so it was making her nuts! She ate before work and told me she could vomit. I asked her if she was feeling sick. She said no, but she could easily vomit if she let herself.

That evening, she was texting me telling me she still had no appetite but was horribly thirsty!!!! She was still very bloated and gassy as well - she was getting a bit concerned as to why she was so gassy!!! And she was more and more tired as the days went on. This day, in particular, she was horribly tired.

7/21/11 ~ 9/8 DPI ~ We did an FRER in the morning. It was negative. We were not too surprised since an HPT is almost unheard of to pick up a pregnancy this early. We did ask the dr to do a blood test. He did. It was negative. DP still had dizzy spells all day, very little appetite, gas and her breasts were even more sore! She also said her sex drive had increased! Her urine has not stopped having a very strong odor and brightly colored all the time.

7/22/11 ~ 10/9 DPI ~ FRER with FMU was negative. DP had an overnight turn-around. She went from no appetite to STARVING!!! The girl could not eat enough!!! She was also still near tears all the time and very very gassy!!! Not just gassy but belching as well!!! lol!!!

7/23/11 ~ 11/10 DPI ~ FRER with FMU was neg at 3 min but later it was positive. We don't know when that positive line appeared - after the 10 min mark, making it an evap line?? Or before that 10 min mark, making it a positive test?? Friday's test did not have an evap line. So we decided to test again tonight and see what that FRER says. She spent the day devouring food and telling me how very sore her breasts were!!! I looked at them and they actually looked swollen! I felt them and they felt heavier than normal. She told me her sex drive is still pretty high.

7/24/11 ~ 12/11 DPI ~ 12:30 A.M. ~ FRER got a positive line at 2 min!!!!!!!!!!!

7/24/11 ~ 12/11 DPI ~ 8:30 A.M. ~ 2nd FRER got a positive line at 1 min!!!!! CBE Digital still said not pregnant.

DP's breasts were horribly sore and sensitive!! She complained of them itching. I looked and found new blue veins appearing! She was still quite gassy and her sex drive was still pretty darn high!!!

On top of this, DP always gets a rash on her inner thigh 2-3 days prior to ovulation and 2-3 days prior to her period. Her period's due Tues night/Wed morning (7/26, 7/27). No rash yet!!!!

7/25/11 ~ 13/12 DPI ~ 7:30 A.M. ~ 3rd FRER ~ very positive at less than 1 min and CBE Digital said PREGNANT!!!

8/5/11 ~ 5 Wks 2 Days ~ Heather has continued having many pregnancy symptoms, including her insatiable appetite, frequent urination and a road-map of blue veins popping up on her breasts. Now, yesterday and today, her feet, ankles and lower legs are swelling and hurting. Her blood pressure was slightly raised. We have a call into the dr. Praying our little Tutti is not going to cause a lot of chaos .... but as long as Tutti stays put and continues to grow, we'll deal with chaos!!!

We spoke to our OB nurse and she consulted with the dr. We have an ultrasound scheduled for 8/17. Heather will be 7 wks along to the day.