Topic: Adding to the train...

SMBC, 31 years old...
First attempt: June 2011 Got smiley late and insemmed 2 vials approx 15 and 30 hrs past smiley.

Took prenatals for 3 months prior

Had lots of issues on this cycle because the lined opks were not very accurate, and the smiley was on CD 18, much later than other cycles. Was not confident on this one....BFN

Second attempt: Also June 2011 (june is a long month?)
Went with RE to help pinpoint ovulation (very expensive! ugh!)
Blood tests show everything is good except thyroid issue, diagnosed with hypothryoidism and given medication for it. Notice increase in energy after 2 weeks on meds.

Ultrasound also showed a small cyst on the left ovary :-( and possible /probably endometrosis

Did 1 vial IUI anyway, after trigger shot, approx 24 hrs after positive lined opk. (did not use smiley this time)


Third Attempt!: July 2011
Ovulated early, CD 12, lined opks got suddenly dark and a smiley on CD12. Had dewar overnighted and insemmed as soon as I could at 19 hrs past positive opk and later that night at 31 hrs past.

Lots of ewcm this cycle...also several sexual dreams prior to ovulation and cervix was high soft and open on CD 12 :-)

Waiting to see what happens! Will post either way!

Re: Adding to the train...

July cycle/August 2011 at 11dpo, nada on wondofo hcg pregnancy test. Nothing there, no line, nada.

Will keep testing until AF shows up. Usually I have a 13 day lp, so we will see. Some symptoms this time around early on, but since 7 dpo not much going on....

have money to do one more round then will hvae to take a break...