Topic: How I Got My Wife Pregnant!

This was our first try with Chandra's belly (tried 8 times with mine). This was also the first time using this donor. We loosely tracked her cycles during the months TTC with my belly. Once we decided to switch, we took a month to seriously track her cycle and see if we were ready. Textbook cycle made predicting O easy. Smiley came right when expected, and cervical mucus and os opening were right in line with smiley. I felt confident that we were ready.

morning of smiley: first AI at 0hrs after-cervix opening wasn't visible, but we already had the vial thawing so we inseminated. used the catheter to coat the cervix. put hips up for 1/2 an hour then inserted instead cup.

24 hours after smiley: cervix opening in view-very open-good cm. used the catheter and inserted the tip into cervix opening. I pushed the goods in very slowly, but it seemed like it all still just oozed out. put hips up before removing speculum. she had to use the bathroom 1/2 hr later, so inserted instead cup, she went to the bathroom, then came back to lay down with hips up for another hour or so.

2dpo: Chandra had sore nipples. Very sore.

3-9dpo: nipples continued to be very sore (and protruding), sore breasts, gassy, tired, irritable!
we kept telling ourselves that it could just be her head messing with her. Finally, I had to admit that her breasts were obviously fuller and her nipples just wouldn't relax! I knew she was pregnant, she knew she was pregnant, and we both knew we could be wrong.

10dpo: I asked her to go pee in a cup. NW freebie had a line so faint it almost didn't qualify as visible, but I knew it was there and she said she saw it too. Digital said "pregnant"!

We finally made it!
                                        Amanda and Chandra

Re: How I Got My Wife Pregnant!

If you don't mind sharing, what donor did you use? Let me know off forum. I'm only asking (IF you want to share) because I have a private FB group for people who have used/are using the donor we used. So if you're open to contact ... : )