Topic: Shunah

Hey, I didn't want to take away projectcouple's post wink

I did at home ici. I tried twice previous to my bfp, timing after a +opk. It didn't work. I got myself a speculum and could actually see my cervix was Soft, High, Open & Wet before I ever got a +opk. So when I compared months  with my temp rise and opks I did some research online. I found out you can ovulate anywhere from +3 or -3 days within your temp rise.

On my last cycle, my bfp, I used 3 vials if ici. The first vial was done 36 hours (at bedtime) before temp rise, the 2nd vial was 12 hours after the first insem (in the late morning), and the 3rd vial 12 hours after the 2nd insem at bedtime. I hope that makes sense for you. You can send me a private message if you'd like...or ask away on here... I don't mind.