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It's interesting to say the least... … d=10772398

Mommy to Twins plus One - donor 733

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Progesterone therapy and baby aspirin daily

Two miscarriages in between (August 2012 - same donor as Maggie, and December 2014 with husband)

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I find it interesting that he would publically oppose same-sex marriage and secretly help same-sex couples start a family.  All else aside, it makes one think there's hope for right-wing conservatives!

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I think even tho it's sad he decided to lie to his wife, I think she it's dealing with it poorly. I think it's unfortunate that she can't understand his desire to have bio kids but I also think he shouldn't be financially supporting any of the women. I would be uncomfortable with even being asked if I wanted financial support. And the fact that he donates to lesbian couples while opposing same sex marriage is funny to me. What a strange guy but at the same time, he is helping create families legally without being a pervert like many of the internet donors... So I kinda dig this guy. No one is perfect