Topic: Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

So I just wanted to know if anyone else has used this device.  We bought it (on sale a couple weeks ago hoping we wouldnt need it but AF showe up today and we opened the package.  I read the instructions & it seems pretty accurate to tell you exactly when your PEAK fertility days (hours) are.  I also looked at all of the reviews and so many people have only great things to say about this product.  So many people said that within 1-2 months of using this product they got pregnant!!  The issue that I think works against us is that unlike most of the couples reviewing the product we are a lesbian couple and arent havent sex every waking moment of that PEAK timeframe.  We have 2-3 vials & when they are done they are done.  So I'm hoping someone else out there has used this & has some feedback & of course you know I will keep everyone posted with any info we have.
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